News coming with the latest Sansar release, while to worthily celebrate Halloween Linden Lab launched two other contests for builders and avatar props creators
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Ebbe Altberg dispells fears that Sansar opening could prelude an abandon of Second Life by its creator. Linden Lab, instead, announced a set of new investments.
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Vive Standalone is not the VR viewer Htc pre-announced last year, but a new product specifically designed for the chinese market. Still unknown the selling price.
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One of the first experiences that you can already try in Sansar, the new Linden Lab's virtual reality platform, is an ancient Egyptian tomb. These are our very first impressions.
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Sansar is opening these days its beta creators, as expected. But there won't be any boom, at least for now, due to minimal both technical both economic requirements.
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According to a recent report of CB Insight, Rothemberg Ventures, BoostVC and Vive X are the three accelerators which bet the most on virtual reality startups.
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15 years ago Minority Report the movie debuted in Usa. In few years many of the technologies imagined have become real, with a wider impact than those of virtual worlds like Second Life.

With a lot of delay compared to the initial forecasts, Sansar, the new Linden Lab's virtual world, should open this summer for the first creatives.
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Virtual and augmented reality project and platforms are under development all around the world, with the goal to improve counterterrorism training...

Virtual reality and augmented reality market in the long term could reach or surpass the size of that of smartphone, entering in fields such as education and commerce.

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The deadline of April 19 is approaching: this is the last day to join the contest Virtual Diversity (more informations here) organized by of Pieluigi Casolari in collaboration with...
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