Virtuix, in partnership with Funavation, is launching a brand new virtual reality e-sports arena: VR Arena, a futuristic-looking arena features four individual VR set-ups each of which equipped with four Omni platforms

The first L.E.A.P. developers' conference offered the chance to check out a myriad of upcoming experiences and updates for the Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset. Here are some of the best and brightest.

Facebook's users can now create and share in ther news feed 3D photos using dual lens iPhones. But there are still some technical limitations.

Coca-Cola teams with NASCAR to offer an interactive experience that racing fans which will allow them to be able to sit in the front row, access additional stats on players at any time.

The Wild finally opened the gates to its cloud platform for collaborative 3D design across VR and AR. It is an ideational tool for spatial designers which works much like Google Docs.
BeatReality Vive Focus

Beat Reality is an app developed for Vive Focus, so far available only for the Chinese market, but could soon be accessible to western audiences. It turns your living room into a dance floor, litterally.

The new virtual reality viewer Oculus Quest will be portable like the Go but more performing, approaching, even as price, to the Rift. The compromise might please many users.
Capgemini AR VR cover

According to Capgemini within 3-5 years, VR / AR technologies will have a broad adoption among companies. Those who have already tried refer benefits exceeding expectations.

Nickelodeon, so far known for its productions for kids, is at work on Meet the Voxels, animated sitcom in virtual reality focused on a family of video game characters.

Virtual worlds remain unknown to the public, despite 15 years of Second Life commercial successes and millions of dollars raised for the development of new platforms such as High Fidelity and Sansar.

I più letti ultima settimana / Most read last 7 days launches a new contest for fans of graphics that use virtual worlds as an editor for their works: Virtual Diversity. Here how to apply.