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virtual second night cover

Consistently, without much ado, Edmose Group achieved another important mileston: the June issue of Virtual Second Night, distributed both inside the busiest virtual reality platform to date, Second Life, both on the web through Issu, at this link, is the number 50, an issue significantly summer-style and for those who like the sea, as you can discover flipping through it.

50 happy returns of Virtual Second Night

virtual second night magazine coverTaking care of this issue the guest editor Carmy Sonata, with Nimoe Constantine as art director and responsable for the cover, a wide virtual newsroom made up of Mafalda Diesel, Zly Resident, Violetta Inglewood, Mystery Hifeng and the Edmose Group’s “patron” himself, Edwardi Mosely.

As alwas the pictures are well gloomed, with the magazine which is not proposing a monograph issue, but ranges even this time, as usual, from fashion to art, from the most intriguing Second Life’s locations to the most interesting events’ calendar scheduled in the coming weeks on the Linden Lab platform.

A virtual women’s magazine

Without loosing any more time, I suggest you to thumb through this Issue of Virtual Second Night in the same way you would thumb a women’s magazine: to relax, out of curiosity, to find out so many details that you still don’t know about a virtual world that in recent weeks celebrated its 13 years of online activity, as even Mondivirtuali told you, devoting a huge gallery to SL13B fair.

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    Fabfree prudence rexroth cover

    Cherlindea LamontFabolously Free in SL, or Fabfree in SL, the blog but even in world group and Flickr group created by Cherlindrea Lamont in September 2007 then managed by Renee Lowenhart from September 2008, by Love Trill from December 2012 and by Prudence Rexroth, is NOT closing its doors at the end of October 2015, after living a long and successful season in Second Life and on the web pointing out the bestfreebies” (or avatar clothes and items for which the price was less than 75 linden dollars) that you could find in the virtual world of Linden Lab.

    Renee LowenhartAfter that Prudence Rexroth announced the closing, due to other commitments in real life, Love Trill and the “Fabfree team” (Prudence, Love and Julianna Seriman) changed idea and announced that Fabfree is not closing the blog, which in these eight years registered over 12 million pageviews, but give up the in world headquarters and the management of the list of designers that rolling sending gifts to the group of Fabfree. Even the Fabfree group on Flickr remains open and will be managed by Julianna.

    But why FabFree had threatened to close its doors? It was the same Pru to explain in comments to the post (stressing “FabFree will be no more”: maybe Pru is a fan of Doctor Who?) with which she had initially announced the farewell: “FabFree is closing because it requires such a tremendous amount of work and dedication that I am unable to give it, even with a team of wonderful and supportive people” and since “such a huge undertaking could not be handed over lightly nor would it be easy to find someone who could truly be dedicated and devoted to running Fab Free on a volunteer basis” Pru thought it was better “be remembered fondly and end on a good note, rather than have it slowly decline or become something completely different”.

    Love TrillDecision but later revised that brought back to mind that of Bettina Tizzy, whom some years ago preferred to stop posting on Npirl – Not possibile in RL, probably the best blog dedicated to the production of artistic content in the metaverse because of the commitments RL Bettina but I leave everything that had been published online.

    We shall see, therefore, how goes on, always on a voluntary basis, the management of Fabfree: those interested in the news of virtual worlds and virtual fashion, art or digital, only has to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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      Miss Azul 2015 cover

      Azul, Japanese virtual fashion brand created by Mami Jewell, is one of the best known and famous brand of Second Life, known for an elegant style, suitable for galas, for wedding dresses and Goreans costumes as well as themed fantasy roleplaying in general. In real life Mami is a Japanese girl who lives in Shinjuku and studied graphic design at the Musashino Art University of Kodaira (west of Tokyo).

      Ellendir Khandr for Miss Azul 2015Azul was created in 2007 and then sponsored a few virtual fashion contests to select a Miss Azulwhich acted as the official model and brand ambassador.

      In 2010 the winner was Tania Tebaldi, in 2011 was Ponchituti Boucher: now the contest to select Mizz Azul 2015 is at its final and among the finalists who have passed the selections of April and June and will be voted untill Septembr 22 there are 13 among the most famous “virtual model” (and fashion blogger) of the virtual world of Linden Lab contending a prize pool worth more than 280 thousand linden dollars (about one thousand euro) including cash, clothing and accessories for virtual avatars, as well as good visibility.

      Ellendir Khandr for Miss Azul 2015Among them Mondivirtuali.it admits to having a crush on Ellendir Khandr, avatar of an Italian girl “born” in Second Life in June 2008 already known for having being, among other things, finalist for Miss Mundo Virtual and Miss Bliss Couture in 2012, winner of Miss Costa Rica and of the contest Femme Fatale The Fashion Teller in the same year. Ellendir was also the owner of fashion agencies Solo2 from 2008 to 2010 and of Solo Evane from 2010 to 2014; this year is Versus Models Coo andMiss Spain 2016 Ceo.

      So good luck to Ellendir (but also to all other finalist of Miss Azul 2015), but if want to keep in touch about the virtual fashion in Second Life, you just have to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      Belleza Dmca bis Cover

      Belleza MainstoreNew but untill now nebulous  developments in the story of the complaint under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) against Belleza, famous brand of Tricky Boucher which markets in Second Life mesh avatars of which we recently talked. I

      n an update note  published on the group site December 11, 2014, Tricky Boucher himself, his virtual partner Shyla Diggs and the brand manager Felicity Blumenthal announce new developments after receiving a notification last December 1 from Linden Lab of a complaint for Copyright infringement, in particular with regard to the hands of the avatar, a complaint that the Belleza team rejects the sender, again reiterating that the hands in question were designed in an original way by Tricky Boucher.

      Belleza then hired an attorney who on December 9 sent to Linden Lab a counter-notification under Dmca stating that “the material identified above (the hands, LmS) was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled”. After receiving counter-notification Linden Lab sent to Belleza a copy of the original Dmca notification filed against so to review.

      After contacting the complainant (a person  who was “not a Second Life user and was impersonated”) it was discovered that the same was unaware of the complaint and it is assumed, therefore, that we can deal with a case of forgery of identity.

      Belleza Mainstore Second LifeFor these reasons, we believe that not only was the Dmca notification incorrect, the notification was fraudulent and the claimant had impersonated the person named in the notification” itself.

      At the moment “is currently in the process of speaking with Linden Lab regarding how we can proceed to quickly have the Venus body (i.e. the mesh avatar the sale of which had been blocked by Linden Lab, LmS) placed back in-world for sale”.

      Contacted by Mondivirtuali.it for a commenton the matter, Massimo Melica, Supreme Court lawyer of the Court of Milan, Managing Partner of Studio legale Melica, Scandelin & Partners specialized in law applied to new technologies, which has known for work “the worst of the web”, after reading the press release said that it looks as if at the time “no one has a clear idea”.

      That said, Melica stressed that in these cases should always “verify the reliability of the notification” and “convincing themselves that protection of the right takes place in areas analog and digital”.

      Hard to blame him, and if you are interested in the matter of copyright in virtual worlds or you want to follow the developments of this story, we suggest you to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li, as well as on Youtube).

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      I must admit, I’m not a fashion victim in Second life. But when I read the article by Luciana Pinazzo about Bouquet Babii’s brand Vero Modero, I was curious because even I have heard “in world” of it, so at the earliest opportunity I went to visit her mainstore.

      Vero Modero fabolous fashion gifts

      Vero Modero virtual fashionHere I discovered not only that there are always one or two people of the customer service staff ready to help you and that the directions to move around in (more than adequate) space of the store are very visible and easy to follow, with plenty of comfortable tp that allow you to move from one section of the store to another quickly and many descriptions that let you always understand what kind of merchandise is  exposed in that part of the store (I know, these should be trivial things but often I happened to get lost in huge shops, filled with hundreds of vendor sarranged along the walls and very little guidance on how to orient). I discovered that there are some fabulous gifts for those who joined the group Vero Modero (whose membership is free).

      For “fabulous gifts” I do not mean a dress or two, or maybe a set of hair, or eyes, or any accessories, not. I mean fabolous gifts: are still available (and every month new ones are added) gifts ranging from  pairs of shoes (sculted) for special occasions like Halloween to whole costumes, from the latest fashion outfits that have nothing to envy the Vero Modero models for sale or of the most famous fashion brands in Second Life, to full avatars.

      Not just outfits, but full free avatars

      Vero Modero virtual fashion giftsYes, you have got it right: among the gifts that you can take free (there aren’t limitations even in the number of gifts that you can take away whenever) there are boxes with full avatars: shape, skins, eyes, hairs and of course outfits and accessories (including shoes). In some cases, even with objects to set up scenes if you like photography (for example, a box provides a complete female avatar… plus a phone booth included in gift!).

      OK, I know that many of these gifts have been reported in gifts and tributes blogs such as FabFree or similar. But I had to report it to all readers of Mondivirtuali.it who still believe that Second Life should only be an expensive hobby, or that you can not customize your avatar so good if you do not have large budgets. Vero Modero shows the opposite: in SL you can create very well graphically cared characters without spending a linden dollar (one linden worth less than half a  euro cent).

      Except maybe discover that spending some linden dollars (though at lower prices to those who you agree to pay to go grab a pizza and a beer with your friends) you can really create “unique” characters, worthy of being the subject of your roleplay, or of your digital images or simply to relax, making you be for a few hours a week what you can not be every day. So, good (and cheap) second life to all and follow us even on the group on Facebook to keep abreast of the latest news from virtual worlds!

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      Contest Donna Flora
      It happens in life, to have moments when you have less free time than usual for many reasons: job, family, home, too much things to do… happen to me a few months a number of reasons that prevent me from being present as once in Second Life.
      I do not make a drama, virtual worlds area very interesting, with strong social and artistic potential, to meet interesting people, chat, play, dream, or experience, visiting “places” and admiring what content creators of all the world have been able to achieve, whether they are “professionals” already famous in their field (I think to people like Luca LisciMarina Bellini or Mario Gerosa for the Italians), emerging young (as the artist Nur Moo from Parma) or enthusiasts who have found through these platforms a new way to express their latent potential (and here the list would be way too long).

      Contest Donna FloraIn the few time that I can dedicate at the moment to the SL (or some other platform like Inworldz or Stardoll) I tend to favor activities that I can follow even “out” from the platform through the use of other media, from Facebook’s pages to my column on Mondivirtuali, from the community of digital graphics art lovers of Koinup.com to that of Flickr.

      Precisely through this platform, for example, I had to learn about the Donna Flora Style contest organized by my “virtual sister” Mimmi Boa together with SoloEvane Model Agency, Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy, Bestyle Magazine, Bestyle District Model Agency and Elegancia Passion, whose “digital models” have unleashed to create images of very pretty dresses designed in recent years by Squinternet Larnia (if you want you can see my picture on Flickr and on Koinup).

      Why do you speak if the contest ended on March 10? First, because I met Squinternet (in RL an Italian girl named Giulia) years ago working at Best of Italian and I always felt she is very creative, then because as already Cajsa Lilliehook was able to tell, Giulia is fighting a disease that took her to the hospital for two months and although she is now at home the recovery is still slow and she needs manifestations of esteem and affection (and in that Second Life is a tool as good as or even more than others to offer support to people in difficulty, as demonstrated by their recent event “Save Lapsus” organized by Alice Mastroianni, Tani Thor, Magicflute Oh and many others Italians in favor of Lapsus Weinstein, aka Danilo Curci).

      Last but not least reason why I speak of how I used the little time I can devote this time to my presence in SL is due to the fact that I was aware of a fact, perhaps the most obvious but so far I underestimated: Second Life, they say, is a platform too “sophisticated” to enjoy the favors of an audience of hundreds of millions of users. Probably it is true, but in some cases the blame is also the “experts” users who do not do enough to make SL intuitive to use.

      Let me explain: to find clothes, jewelry and accessories that I used for the photo I have a list of possible alternatives. Well, or better bad, since Squinternet has created so much in recent years and quite all exhibited in her shops “inworld” (I avoided using Marketplace because I am loyal to the “virtual shopping” in 3D), so to find some of the alternatives, not all of them, I spent a few hours (about 4 total).

      Contest Donna FloraSure, I lost a little habit, but those entering for the first time certainly did not take me less time to orient. The problem is not Squinternet of course, but the fact that almost all the virtual “shops” are still organized as they were in 2005, with few clear indications and tens or hundreds of contents next one to another without any particular categories (if not very basic: man/woman outfits, short/long hairs, light/dark skins), exposed in locations where often the decorative element weighs more information useful to search for a specific item (I mean literally: there are too many prims spent on decorations, creating lag, and too little invested in signboards). But you try to look for, say, by the style of hair cut, or dresses by the year of creation/collection, or skins based on age or Gorean costumes representing the basis of caste or role, etc., it will seem a difficult task.

      And while I still wanted to find specific objects, a novice user who only has a vague idea of what they like and do not think it is trying willing to invest as much time, especially when the alternatives (from television to video games from other 3D platforms to the most popular social networks on the web) are so readily at hand or a click away, not to mention the competition from the “first life” as well as pleasant alternatives continues to propose commitments and obstacles of every kind, as it is obvious.

      So dear users, if you find Second Life difficult, why do not try to use the many tools available to make it more accessible and “plain vanilla“? Maybe you’ll have more fun,less stress and getting more satisfaction (maybe even economic, for those interested), or not?