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    The Town of Light cover

    the town of light interiorsIt is not easy for an Italian indie videogame gain a foothold in the market, still less developing a release playable with the Oculus Rift 3D  viewers.

    It has succeeded there The Town of Light, a horror survival videogame launched February 26, 2016 wich it’s inspired to real stories happened inside one of the greatest psychiatric hospitals in Europe, the Volterra asylum, used as set for The Town of Light by Lka, independent studios of 3D animation and modeling lead by founder and owner Luca Dalcò, already lecturer at the Architectur faculty of Florence University.

    Renèe, the main character The Town of Light

    In The Town of Light the player controls Renèe, a schizophrenic girl 16 years old hospitalized  in the Volterra asylum before the Second World War, usy trying to put again together her personality with reoccurring flashbacks, that will drive the player up to two possible endings, because of the choices made.  If you are curious to know better the history, here is a short trailer:

    Considered by some a real artwork, The Town of Light is promoted both on Steam both on The Humble Store from 9th to 16th May with a 25% discount at 14,24 dollars instead of 18,89 dollars (regular price), while if you have already purchased the videogame the update for the VR mode it’s free. Already winner of many awards, The Town of Light it promises to be even more charming and immersive thanks to the VR.

    Simple but of artistic quality video game

    the town of light renèe diaryFor the “pure strong” players who are not interested to the graphic-artistic aspects, we must stay that The Town of Light is a simple game, with mechanics of game that might seem unfunny and with a duration of only a few hours.

    But if you get to go over the “pure” game, you will realize to be inside a real interactive film, of a story to interpret in first person. The type of contents, in short, of which virtual reality needs to make taking on the mass and ‘m happy that for once you deal with an Italian project.

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      Minecraft Story Mode 5 cover

      Minecraft Story Mode 5Time flies: in September 2015 on Mondivirtuali.it we talked about Minecraft Story Mode, a videogame developed by TellTale Games in partnership with Mojang based on characters as Jessie characterizable by the player whose appearance is quite similar to that of the characters of Minecraft.

      It seemed difficult if not impossible to combine a linear narrative as essentially is a video game, with a virtual world like Minecraft but TellTale Games seems to have succeeded rather well since that after only six months it has already reached the fifth episode, called “Order Upoutgoing on March 29 for Pc, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as for mobile devices iOS and Android.

      Minecraft Story Mode 5Not only during 2016 will be posted at least three more episodes, in add onmode then purchased only by those who are already in possession of at least the first episode of Minecraft Story Mode. The story of this fifth chapter takes place on the sky blocks (ie the flying islands reminiscent of the game Skylanders).

      Waiting to hear your opinions on the game, here’s a trailer of the fifth episode of Minecraft Story Mode. Enjoy it and if you want to know how it will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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        virtual reality mass cover

        Mobile phones of the eightiesThere is much talk of virtual reality, virtual worlds and second lives, but despite all efforts it seems that the pioneering phase of similar technologies is bound to last for some (many?) years. It is not just a technology problem, although we’re probably still at a stage comparable to that experienced at the time of the Wright bros compared to current commercial jets, or as the first “mobile phone” seen in the eighties compared to modern smartphones.

        The real problem is that the mass is too committed to improving its first life, its reality, to heal more than casually virtual. As long as in emerging countries the income will be a fraction of that in developed countries, and so long as in these last people will have the fear of losing their standard of living due to the economic crisis, to work that is hard to find (especially if you are young and you live in the countries of southern Europe such as Spain, Greece or Italy), to migrants emergency, enthusiasm and be able to devote to the virtual reality will be in market niches.

        Virtual reality: the problem of compelling contents

        Second Life 2016

        The problem is that as long as it will be niche markets, there will be no content that’s compelling, which involve high costs and are justified only by the possibility of being enjoyed by millions of users. But without really interesting contents once exhausted the media hype numbers will risk to remain modest as have always remained in the case of platforms such as Second Life, that beyond twelve years since the launch is not able to stably attract even a million active users (despite having been tested at least once by more than 40 million users).

        The solution for many appears to be address during the launch phase of the platforms and virtual reality devices to heavy gamers. But if you take a look at Reddit, the site by far most popular with this type of users (and not only them), while Gaming subreddit has over 9.8 million users, Oculus Rift does not reach the 70 thousand, Htc Vive is just over 19,000, PlayStation VR is around 2,700 users, SecondLife stops under 2,600 subscribers.

        Palmer start to throw water on the fire

        Palmer LuckeyDo not be a coincidence that now that Oculus Rift, Htc Vive e Sony PlayStation VR gave away to pre-orders Palmer Luckey, the “lucky boy” founder of Oculus Rift who was able to be bought for $ 2 billion from Facebook, has started to throw water on the fire, explaining that it will take years before devices for VR can become a mass market, that the same GoPro took five years and two models before being able to sell more than 1 million pieces. Before you have in your pocket or wearing a virtual reality device as we do today with smartphones will need to do a lot of education, proposing contents, use, user modes that can be interesting and useful in everyday life, not just beautiful.

        virtual reality Bic LazioI would have liked to explain in the interesting meeting in RL / SL mode that Marina Bellini (aka Mexi Lane in Second Life) held at the Bic Lazio last week, unfortunately the audio betrayed me, will be for the next time. There will ultimately be a lot to talk about on Mondivirtuali.it, so if you want to know how it will end, stay tuned even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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          PlayStation VR pre order cover

          Sony PlayStation VR launch bundleFollowing Oculus Rift and Valve even Sony enters the arena of virtual realityPlayStation VR visor will be available at retail outlets from October, with a suggested price of $ 399 (549 Canadian dollars). By that date the more than 230 developers working for months to adapt to virtual reality dozens of video game titles should make available at least 50 games, but the number of available titles will grow over time, if the VR mode will get the favor of the world public.

          Waiting to see it in the shops, PlayStation VR an already be pre-ordered even in Europa through online retailers like Amazon UK  (with deliveries not only in Great Britain but also in other countries such as Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Italy), although with a single copy per customer limit because of the limited number of copies initially available, at 349,99 pounds each. Since the initial stock sold out in a few hours is not guaranteed at the time the delivery date, although Amazon UK is committed to send an email a few days before shipment to alert you of the expected delivery date.

          Sony PlayStation VR bundleFrom Tuesday, March 22, 2016 will finally be possible to pre-order directly to Sony launch an expanded bundle that includes in addition to the PlayStation VR viewer, the respective connection and power cables,  stereo headphones and a cd-demo for PlayStation VR (i.e. the core bundle) even the PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and a cd PlayStation VR Worlds for 499,99 Us dollars (699,99 Canadian dollars).

          The price lower than their rivals Oculus Rift and Valve and a worldwide audience of PlayStatoin 4 users which has already exceeded 36 million installed consoles (but throughout its lifecycle the PS4 should get to 100 million consoles sold) could give Sony the right push to win the challenge to grab the lion’s share of the rising market of virtual reality, Microsoft (which should start distributing in late March the first units of HoloLens Development Edition VR) allowing.

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          Improbable SpatialOS cover

          Improbable SpatialOS developer programImprobable, British startup which in March 2015 raised 20 million dollars from venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz to develop a platform (SpatialOS) that makes it possible to create virtual worlds on a large scale, returns to be talked about with the launch of the new Development Partner Program.

          Give the option for developers to use Spatial is interesting, because only entering the platform and starting to use it each content creator can understand if the environment is a good resource for their game. SpatialOS it is not a virtual world, but an operating system that allows you to create online persistent massively games and in this sense it seems much more similar to Project Sansar rather than to the “oldSecond Life, in which the contents could only be created, modified and distributed within the same platform.

          SpatialOS has instead given rise to a multitude of virtual worlds and video games of which the most famous is perhaps Worlds Adrift (you can see below a video trailer), developed by Bossa Studios (already famous for having created Surgeon Simulator), whose studio chief, Henrique Oilifiers, told to Gamasutra that the development of this product would not have been possible without the use of SpatialOS.

          Improbable now leveraging this success invites developers using the Unity platform and with an “ambitious game design” to request access to Development Partner Program so to be able to try SpatialOS understanding the advantages. A strategy that maybe Linden Lab should learn to follow if it wants to avoid that Project Sansar remains a niche product, eve if profitable, as happened to Second Life.

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            Unreal Engine VR cover

            What is the biggest problem for a developer of videogames and movies in virtual reality format? Apart tell if there will be such a market to justify the investment in the training, equipment and software the problem is probably the need to get used to the new medium, checking each time the correct proportion of the avatars, of the setting and the other content of the products, the fluidity of the movement, the similarity of the lights to those of reality.

            Before you can get to build a world in the way Bruce Branit imagined it will still take years, but today, thanks to the new version, the fourth, the graphics engine Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, already used for dozens of successful video games including Eve Online, it is possible for a creative dive into virtual reality and create its content using one of the most popular graphics editors in the world directly with devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Playstation VR.

            Unreal Engine VRWith Unreal Engine 4 a creative can therefore enter his virtual world, choose the scale, the lighting, varying textures, adding details, try poses and animations and view them exactly how will the player or movie viewer once the product. But wait, where it was already possible to do all this?

            In Second Life, where, in fact, creative people have given birth to a full market of user-generated contents, whether it was the avatars, outfits and accessories for the same, both of buildings or entire sets with which to set up the single sim. In some ways Linden Lab focusing on the development and exploitation of its proprietary platform did not understand that itcould (and perhaps should) bet to create a standard and to make it usable by everyone, becoming itself an Epic Games and offer its graphics engine for game developers and 3D movies in VR, as was done with Unreal Engine 4, rather than withdraw into their own little niche market.

            Unreal Engine VR A niche which actually represented an impasse in evolutionary terms for the virtual reality industry, but that was able to profoundly influence the protagonists of what a few years after would have been the new” virtual reality. A legacy that may seem more “philosophical” than in terms of licenses (think also about how the idea of cryptocurrencies like the bitcoins is linked to virtual currencies like the Linden dollars), but that is undeniable and is likely to produce more long-term developments.

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              Minecraft update cover

              Minecraft City by BlueBlankeyChristmas gift in advance for all the fans of Minecraft, the popular sand box game developed by Mojang in which players can create objects and landscape of every kind (we already reported some of the best months ago), even thanks to many mods. So far, the virtual world of Mojang saw the PC release a cut above the console release, but the 1.8.8 update of the release for Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 e Playstation 4 (the update for the Playstation Vita should came in a few days, that for the Win U will be released in 2016, as reported by the developers) should practically eliminate the gap.

              The official blog of Mojang presents in detail the bugs fixed and more features added, the various new items, blocks and biomes (environments of various types, in which there are often some of the rarest materials in the game, such as emeralds, and fulfilling the characteristics of real environments that they go to recreate). The number of elements introduced both for the creative mode is for all other modes is really high so I recommend to read the full list on the blog; to visually see what changes here’s a video trailer.

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              crowdfunding death of dragons cover

              crowdfunding death of dragonsIt’s again crowdfunding time for virtual reality applied to the video game industry, which seems to be one of the first and most interesting areas where such technology could find a large number of users, as well as that of the indoor sports (do you remember of Widerun, the Trieste startup of which Mondivirtuali.it spoke a few months ago?).

              For the moment, however, venture capitalists and ideas accelerators as the Italian SeedUp, currently in the process of selection of the first projects that can be accelerated, (pending the launch of an event which we will talk about in 2016) preferred to focus on development of hardware and software rather than contents, even videogames.

              Thus many startups trying to launch their own project through crowdfunding platforms: the latest in chronological order is Incendiary Games, a San Francisco startup which aims to start producing video games for virtual reality, which has just launched its campaign on Kickstarter (you can follow through this link) to finance the development of Death of Dragons, an action role playing in third person inspired by famous franchisee as Path of Exile, Diablo and Zelda. The crowdfunding campaign target of Incendiary Games is to raise 50 thousand dollars by January 8, 2016; at the moment they have already collected donations for 3,255 dollars from 34 backers.

              The plot of the game is in full fantasy style: dragons, creatures once feared and respected, returned to Earth searching for an artifact so powerful that should it fell into the wrong hands could mean the death of all the existing dragons. If you want to see at what level of development the Incendiary Games guys have achieved so far and what does it mean play a video game wearing a 3D viewer for virtual reality, take a look at the video below.

              Virtual reality, as well as adding immersion to the  experience, lets use the head tracking in a new way: Death of Dragons use head tracking to target monsters or specific body parts on boss monsters. For instance, you can point to the wing of a dragon and shoot it in the sky. But Incendiary Games is also developing a new system to distribute rewards among players wich will be very “VR friendlyand generally more innovative uses of VR technology applied to videogames.

              crowdfunding death of dragonsWhile we suggest you go and read the complete description of Death of Dragons on the crowdfunding campaign page of Incentiary Games on Kickstarter, we have also to remember how other developers who tried Oculus Rift and other 3D viewers have discovered that they can give rise to some sharing problems (trivially: many people do not like having to wear something on their face worn by others), which is likely to greatly limit the application of virtual reality condemning this technology for a personal use only that on exhaustion of the “wow effectcould lead the players to put viewers and VR in the corner to go back to using the classic, but shareable, game console and its controllers.

              In the era of sharing this seems a limit to be reckoned with. If you want to know how it will end the Incendiary Games crowdfunding campaign for Death of Dragons and overall keep updated about the latest news on virtual worlds, videogames, virtual and augmented reality, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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              SL Fallout 4 cover

              SL Fallout4If you like post atomic landscape like that of Fallout 4, the popular post atomic video game of Bethesda which meanwhile saw its 1.2.37 release (with the launch of some patches, especially for the PC version, which correct bugs noticed immediately after the launch on November 10 and improve the stability and performances of the game), Second Life still has some surprises to offer, confirming to be a very versatile platform for those who love to develop graphical content.

              SL Fallout4 bisLet’s go to visit Virtual Decay: you will be in a decaying urban environment, where the wreckage of cars and military vehicles (even a helicopter) rust melancholy, while shops and diners, now spectral, fill with dust. A set suitable for the setting picture of your avatar in a Mad Max style or, exactly, in Fallout 4 style, but also suitable for role-playing games themed post-atomic. What a pity that Second Life has not had as mass market successfully as was hoped at its debut, in 2006, because it shows to have still much to offer after over nine years of life (a record for any software).

              SL Fallout4 terBut you press the teleport button below and visit the Virtual Decay sim: as you can already see from the pictures that we show you (without any processing other than those allowed by the graphical editor of SL), you will not regret it. If you wish to stay up to date not only about Second Life but on virtual worlds, virtual and augmented reality and technology in general, you just have to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

              Teleport button

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              five nights at freddys cover

              There is a time when a boy goes from playing reassuring video games like Super Mario to something darker like the indie video game Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf) and tells you that not only there are already four chapters (the latest being distributed from August 8 2015), playable on PC and smartphone / tablet iOS and Android of this survival-horror game developed by Scott Cawthon and published for the first time on Dasura August 8, 2014, but also that Warner Bros has picked up the rights for a movie adaptation which will be produced by Roy Lee, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg.

              five nights at freddys Fnaf movie set

              Fnaf will be a Warner Bros movie

              The news about the movie actually dates back to early April this year, but so far there were a few more informations. First of all, Gil Kenan (who previously directed “Monster House”, produced in 2006 by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, and the less lucky “City of Ember” in 2008), who is busy these months also filming the remake of “Poltergeist”, has been chosen as director.

              five nights at freddys (Fnaf)  movie animatronics
              It would seem that Kenan wants to use as little as possible the CGI animation and collaborate with Cawthon to create a film that Seth Grahame-Smith would like to be “insane, terrifying and weirdly adorable”, suitable for everyone and not only to fans of the horror genre.

              For now on Kenan’s Twitter and Instagram account (in July and August) appeared the first pictures of the props and the set of the Five Nights at Freddy’s pizza (that you see reproduced in this article) and a little more.

              Cawthon at work on the fifth chapter of Fnaf

              Kenan has however assured fans that the film will be faithful to the game (although it is unclear whether all four chapters of the franchisee will be cited or if the plot will revolve around only one of them) while not yet known nor the actors or more trailers.

              five nights at freddys movie location - Fnaf
              In return Cawthon is already working on the fifth installment of the video game that will be released in 2016 and apparently will be quite different from the previous ones, so far with the scary animatronic that they will look nice passing by a “point and click” mechanism to a role playing game.

              Since we still aren’t able to offer you a teaser of the movie, we think of doing something pleasing to show the trailer of the fifth installment of the video game, called “Sister Location”.

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