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    Can a video game with a graphics totally inspired to ’30s of last century, full of quotations and references to cartoon and comics characters but also to American movie and music icons of the beginnings of 20th century, turn into a resounding success eighty years later? Yes, it can and is just happened with CupHead.

    CupHead over a million units sold

    CupHead is the first video game developed by MDHR Studio which last October 13, after just a couple of weeks from its launch, sold already over 1 million copies, wich means grossed over 20 million dollars: for an indie developer is a good start, all the more so since a long gestation (the first trailer of the video game was already shown at E3 2014).

    The game is described by its own creators as a “classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles”, whose graphics was created with the same techniques of ’30s, i.e. through “traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings”. The result is nothing short of spectacular, according to our trusted tester, David Progamer. cuphead sketch

    A lot of quotations in the game

    Among the explicit quotations in the game, the crew of MDHR Studio (independent video games developer funded by brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, debuting with CupHead, a project whose development has hocked a team of 19 people) refer Gunstar Heroes (Seven Force!), Contra III, Contra Hard Corps, Super Mario World, and Thunderforce and Street Fighter III series.

    But also to the least experienced eye won’t pass unnoticed quotations of characters ad Popeye, Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse. cuphead screenshot The boss King Dice is a tribute to Cab Calloway, the famous jazz singer of Minnie the Moocher, the Inkwell Isles are a clear reference to the Inkwell Studios of Fleischer brothers (who created Betty Boop, Popey, Superman and Koko the Clown, who was the first quotation of Cab Calloway).

    If you succeed in spotting other quotations hidden in the plot and among characters, report them to us and we will add, of course!

    Don’t lose your patience too often!

    CupHead is therefore a game or a cultural project? The answer is both, so you can enjoy it for a long time, with a note: win the boss battles is not so easy as it seems especially since it is not so clear where you have to hit the bosses and where exactly are hitboxes of bullets and enemies. Which means wasting times, concentration and… lives! cuphead screenshot So try not to cast your controller against the screen too often and follow David Progamer advice: when you just can’t overcome a level, shut down and go out for a walk with your friends, talking of tricks and secrets.

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      Halloween 2017 cover

      Halloween seems to be the most valued holiday by producers and users of video games and virtual worlds: each year, already in the weeks priort to the holiday, whereas into houses, particularly in America, pop up decorations and carving pumpkins (if you like, in this gallery you can find some cool ideas) on Second Life, Sansar and High Fidelity it’s a rush to create events, contests and dark and creepy locations.

      Pianeta Segreto Halloween 2017

      Pianeta Segreto offers you a castle

      Is no exception to the rule even Pianeta Segreto (if you don’t know how Pianeta Segreto works, let’s we explain to you), which has scheduled in the main square, decorated for the occation with pumpkins and skulls, a themed party with zaby prizes, clothes, 500 rays at stake and the presentation of new Halloween themed objects, that will be addet to the panel, and of the new game “Scassa & Vinci”.

      Like this is not enough, on Pianeta Segreto launched two special contests (Mad Scientist Labor and Mad Scientist Outfit) for designers and stylists: at stake an “horror” castle for which you won’t have to pay rent.

      Horror movies and dances on High Fidelity

      On High Fidelity, where recently textures and meshes compression has impruved, cutting significantly the waiting time to load the scenes (on average from 21 to 7 seconds), first you will be able to watch an horror movie (from 4 to 5:30 pm PDT), then to dance in the virtual ballroom Spookytown (from 5:30 to 8 pm PDT).

      Halloween Town

      Contest and themed lands in Second Life

      We already told you about Sansar (which these days decided to extend to next January, 31, the free Creator test subscription) and its many themed locations and Halloween contest. We could also talk for a while about Second Life, because of the many themed contests and parties organized by the same users and creatives who for years drive Linden Lab’s virtual world.

      Btw, we just point out that also this year Halloween Town is brightest than ever and that you can join a decoration contesta based on pumpkins with 4 thousand linden dollars (about 15 US dollars) prizes. If you love horror, you should also visit Caderu and join the mini-game set up in the land or the photographic contest.

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        Linden Lab invests on Second Life cover

        Linden Lab won’t abandon Second Life, on the contrary, after celebrating SL 14th anniversary and after officially open the new immersive virtual reality platform, Sansar, a message from the Ceo Ebbe Altberg (aka Ebbe Linden) to the “residents” of the metaverse promised further investments for “many millions (USD, not L$…)“.

        Upgrading infrastructure, moving to the cloud

        First of all, Linden Lab is already “at work upgrading all of the Second Life infrastructure and moving it to the cloud“, so to make the platform more performant for users across the world and to “introduce new products with more flexible pricing“. Particularly, Linden Lab is at work to give Premium members a series of advantages, as already did gaving priority access to near-full events “in world“.

        Second Life airport 2017

        News coming in for Windlight

        Further, “a series of great extensions to Windlight (code name: EEP!)” are under development, which will give “value, flexibility, and new marketability to land” in Second Life, making Windlight settings tradeable assets. We will see what does it really means, and if this will offer advantages for creatives (for instance for digital photographers who, with their images taken in Second Life, drive many social network communities like our group on Flickr).

        Linden Lab focus on gaming

        Linden Lab seems increasingly focusing on the “gaming” side, heralding “an exciting new grid-wide gaming experience“. Details will be known in a few days and will precede the launch of this year’s Halloween Haunted Tour (Halloween seems to be one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life). We could note that if for over 14 years Second Life has never had too much success as a gaming platform, must be a reason (we talked about many times), but let’s see what happens.

        Second Life ghost train

        Linden Lab already looks at SL15B

        The whole thing, remembers Ebbe, waiting to celebrate SL15B, i.e. the 15th birthday of the platform, which still keeps to draw thousand users from all over the world, 24/7, despite the most reckless disregard of mainstream world press, the same which in 2006-2007 seemed “go mad” for the possibility, never materialised, that the whole web chould change in a giant Second Life.

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          Fnaf 6 cover

          If you think the criticism that raises you about social when you try to advertise an article in your blog, or an app you developed or even a videogame you like are overwhelming, you have to know that Scott Cawthon, famous American indipendent game developer author of Five Night At Freddy’s (Fnaf) series has been repeatedly victim of such negativity, so that he was about to give up developing further games just before launching the first chapter of Fnaf and that maybe for this reason he could never complete the development of the expected sixth chapter.

          Scott Cawthon

          Too much negativity, stop to Fnaf 6 developmen

          Cawthon, who months ago revealed as well as the project of a movie based on the characters from the Fnaf saga was essentially back to square one, had already been subjected to very heavy criticism following the launch, last year, of Fnaf World, considered an incomplete game, not horror and “guilty” to be a spin-off of the main saga. Over the last few weeks, Scott had made the intention to launch a new chapter of the series, Fnaf 6, but in the end admitted to having given up, without specifying why but implying that it was due to the increasing pressure which he had to face during the development of each new chapter.

          Fnaf 6

          Better enjoy life and develop other projects

          Too many criticisms, too many expectations, too much tension: at the end Cawthon, who from Fnaf earns about 2,500 dollars a day and should have earned $ 60 – $100 million in all his career, preferred to renounce a new chapter of the game to avoid putting at riskother aspects of my life in an effort to keep up with these growing expectations”. Cawthon also pointed out that “this does not mean he wanna cease the development of games” nor even of the Fnaf franchisee, but asked all those involved in the development of the series not to disclose any kind of detail.

          Fnaf movie Blumhouse

          Movie, books and a VR release

          So at the end Fnaf 6 could only be postponed, or perhaps be preceded by the development of Foxy Fighters (currently a mini game that is a spin-off of the main series), so that it becomes a well-developed game. By the way the developer will not get bored and his fans either: the movie, which is now working on the horror film maker Blumhouse Productions, should debut sooner or later at the theatres, furthermore Cawthon plans to publish in the coming months a new books and maybe a VR mode chapter of its saga.

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            Middle Earth cover

            If you are fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, can memorize Peter Jackson‘s movies about The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit and you love videogames, the latest San Diego Comic Con has some great news for you. From October 10th Middle-Earth: Shadow of Warwill be available, a new episode of the Middle-Earth franchisee developed by Monolith and published by Warner Bros inspired by the fantastic universe of J. R. R. Tolkien of which at the San Diego Comic Con the second trailer was shown, dedicated to Shelob, that you can see below.

            Monolith and the Middle-Earth series

            The series, available for Playstation and Xbox, started in 2012 with Guardians of Middle-Earth, a typical Moba (multiplayer online battle arena) in which up to 10 players can play divided into two team choosing between 36 different characters, including Gandalf, Radagas and Sauron.

            In 2014 followed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, playable even on pc as well as on consoles. The player impersonates Talion, a ranger who leads a handful of Gondor soldiers guard of the Black Gate of Mordor.

            Killed by the Black Hand of Sauron, while his spirit is wandering between the world of the living and the dead meets the spirit of Celebrimbor, the best elf smith, maker of power rings, killed in turn by Sauron and seeking revenge. Together the man and the spirit will seek revenge, but first they will have to contend even with Gollum, to stun the plots of Saruman and overcome a series of clashes.

            Middle Earth Shelob

            New challenges for Talion and Celebrimbor

            In this new episode Talion and Celebrimbor, who forged a new ring of power, will try to defeat Sauron and his Nazgul, but to succeed in doing so will first have to confront with opponents such as Bruz the orc and the mother of the great spiders, Shelob. The first trailer was already launched at the beginnigns of July, you can see it below.

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              Atari Box cover

              Video games fans have long known that “retro gaming” market is growing, so much that even SeedUp recently has been able to evaluate some projects of “mini-business” participating in the Campania regional final of JA – Junior Achievment 2017 which proposed just to build ex novo arcade console replicas of the Eighties. Atari

              The Atari story

              But no one expected that Atari, an icon of the Seventies which helped to make the video game home consoles marke became a mass market but then, saturing the market with hundreds of low quality games, ended up going out (the last Atari console, Jaguar, launched in 1993 and withdrawn in 1995, just sold 125 thousand units, versus over 50 million of Super Nintendo), could announce its return. Atari Box

              Chesnais bets on Atari Box

              Instead, it happened: Fred Chesnais, who bought Atari brand in 2013 from bankruptcy and brought the company into profit specializing in the development of mobile games, just announced in an interview on GameBeats that he want to launch on the market a new console, the Atari Box, of which for now we know a little if not that it will be based on a pc-tecnology and that design is still to be defined.

              Console, an overcrowded market

              Waiting to see if Atari Box will succeed in the miracle of allowing Atari to cut a slice in the already overcrowded consoles market, dominated by group like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, if you wanna know more you can take a look at this very short video of the new Atari’s product.

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              Half Life 2 VR cover

              For the few who didn’t know, Half-Life 2 is a “first person shooter” (Fps) sci-fi videogame developed by Valve Software Corporation launched in November 16, 2004 (several months in advance because of the hacking of source codes), lucky follow-up of Half-Life, launched in 1998 and followed by two expansions (Half-Life: Opposing Force and Half-Life: Blue Shift).

              Like its predecessor Half-Life 2 received two subsequent expansions (Episode One, in 2006, and Episode Two, in 2007) which sold so far over 12 million copies. Half-Life 2 VR preview

              Half-Life 2, graphics and flexibility

              Strengh in the game, which see Gordon Freeman as the main character, besides the excellent graphics (Half-Life was based on a heavy modified version of Quake Engine, Half-Life 2 on Source Engine, whose quality was so better that it was used also for the remake of Half-Life), was the flexibility which lead to the birth of a series of mods and expansions like Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (which introduced the multiplayer mode), Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (additional level published in  2005 after being initially rejected for the basic release), Half-Life 2: Survivor (arcade version) and Half-Life 2: CTF (inspired by multiplayer games of the “capture the flag” kind, with new weapons and “power up”). Half-Life 2 preview 2

               Half-Life 2, nuova mod VR

              Since the beginnigs Half-Life series received a fervent support by independent game developer, encouraged by Valve Software, who developed a development software kit ad hoc, so to develop new mods both in single player both in multiplayer mode.

              Now, after and independent remake ofHalf-Life (Black Mesa) a new modder group announced on Stream to be developing a mod to play Half-Life 2 and its two expansions even in VR mode.

              The new mod will be free and could be e a nice bonus for VR viewers like Oculus Rift, even if it’s not clear when it will be availabl (“soon” is the only indication). If you wanna know how it will go to end, follow Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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              Fnaf movie 2017 cover

              Scott Cawthon is good as his word: indie horror video game Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf) creator promised some news about the movie from almost two years Warner Bros would have had to begin to produce based on his creation by end of january and january 31 he posted on Stream to point out how in 2016 there were “several delays and roadblocks, some involving problems within the movie industry as a whole” adding that as a result “the movie is back at square one”.

              News and doubts about Fnaf the movie

              Fnaf movie animatronic 2016This means that we don’t see a trailer anytime soon and that maybe Warner Bros won’t be the producer and Gil Kenan (already director of Poltergeist movie remake) won’t direct it, but at least development is ongoing so far.

              What’s more: Scott, who at the beginning seemed not interested in being involved in the movie the creative process, now stated he want that “this movie to be something that I’m excited for the fanbase to see”.

              Some specialized sites wonder nevertheless if the movie will release at all, since in these cases even recently (Uncharted, which would have had to go out in the theatres this year while has again been postponed and perhaps cancelled) it’s not unusual for Hollywood to continue to postpone a movie production up to the point not to be interested anymore to produce it, especially when it comes to titles drawn up by video games.

              Movie from video games, good record

              Gil Kenan Fnaf movie 2016Yet some movies drawn by videogames recently have shown to be able to gross well, like Warcraft, which worlwide grossed about 434 million dollars (the 17th best box office in 2016), The Angry Birds Movie, which worth about 350 million dollars, or Assassin’s Creed, which debuted a few days befor Christmas and has exceed 209 million dollars despite the strong competition of Rogue One, which debuted 5 days befor and has already grossed over a billion dollar.

              So at the end fans hope that the delay can allow Hollywood to find the right creative mix to produce a movie which preserves the original atmosphere of Fnaf series (the movie should concern the first three titles) and still be able please a worlwide audice. Because at the end, guys, are the money that makes the world go round, especially if you talk with Hollywood producers.

              What do you think about these news?

              Fnaf fan costumeWhat do you think about the news related to the movie that should be drawn by Fnaf, do you liked this article or would you have wanted to know more or other?

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              super mario run cover

              2016 has been definitely a challenging year for Nintendo, who found out at its own expence  how apps market is a higly competitive market with no regard for “big names” if they can’t propose the right content for the right price.

              Super Mario Run slowing down its run

              App AnnieAs was the case with Pokemon Go, also the success of Super Mario Run seems likely to fade away quickly, since despite the game, distributed from December 15 in iOS devices release, immediatly became the most downloaded and most profitable app, already from December 24 and 25 was not the most grossed app in every country according to the number of App Annie.

              Nintendo’s difficulties

              Looking only to free downloads (that however let you play just the first three levels, after you should pay 10 dollars) Super Mario Run, with over 50 million downloads, was still ahed in 68 countries in the world, a number once again far away from the peak of 138 countries in the worldd touched last December 17.

              This is the second time in a few month that Nintendo shows to have difficulties in setting properly a price and to make attractive enough some of its “historic” titles tailored for mobile (and in the case of Pokemon Go of augmented reality).

              What would have been the fair price?

              Super Mario RunIt’s a market where usually games are totally free but players are then incentivised to spend for purchasing tools to be used in the game in order to be able to overcome more quickly the different obstacles.

              A pattern that seems to be working better than that of Nintendo, given that so far only between 1% and 2% of those who have downloaded Super Mario Run decided then to pay.

              A lower price would have helped only partially, according to App Annie’s estimates, by which if it cost not 10 but 2 dollars, about 10% of users would have switched to the Super Mario Run full version and this would generated possibly 50 million dollars revenues, instead of 30 million that the game is foresee to collect.

              We need new characters and games

              We should then wonder if it’s not the case, for Nintendo, to bet on new characters and game mechanisms specifically designed for mobile (or augmented reality/virtual reality). The efforts made so far by the group seems still very shy and do not allow to give an answer, but I doubt that by continuing on these path Nintendo will ever be able to encore its historic successes in consoles and personal computers mode.

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              vr surveys cover

              Internet users never shown a great interest in virtual worlds and this is likely to continue even if now virtual reality (VR) itself looks very promising.

              Disappointing surveys for virtual reality games

              smartphone virtual reality and videogamesAccording to a survey conducted by Sequence brand agency on more than 1,000 US internet users regarding their gaming habits, 27% answered to primarly play through smartphones, 18% through desktops and laptops and only 12% through classic video game consoles.

              Out of those who said they play video games, 42% said not to be really interested in trying VR devices, with a light prevalence of women and of internet users over the age of 60 among those who don’t like VR, vs men and boys ages 18 to 29 among those who like VR.

              To be true, from survey it seems to emerge as there is not such a great knowledge nor sympathy yet regarding VR: more than a third of respondents said maybe they would be interested in trying devices for VR games, but less than a quarter said they definitely were interested.

              Little interest in VR headsets

              virtual reality gamerOne of the problems seems indeed to be virtual reality headsets, which still show a modest appeal for the general audience: according to another survey, conducted by Gamer-Network site, 59,5% of worldwide internet users said they’re not interested in buying one, while just 14,9% said they were definitely interested.

              By the way, nobody has asked the most obvious thing untill now: how much could internet users be ready to spend in order to buy a VR headset, so to be able to play video games in virtual reality mode.

              My suspicion is that, both in terms of consoles (Sony PlaystationVR), both in terms of devices to connect to computers (Oculus Rift and Htc Vive), headsets and hand controls prices are still too high.

              A key issue is whether Samsung, suffering problems that lead to the withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7, or Google, which a few days ago launched its new Daydream, will be able to create a customer base large enough to breach among all those people who use smartphones (rather than consoles or computers) to play.

              Will it be another Second Life case?

              SL 2016 virtual realityIf so, and if the many low cost clones upcoming from China will prove to be of a sufficient qualities not to deter the consumers once fades the “wow effect”, VR could overcome the distrust of internet users; otherwise it could be another “Second Life case”, with a niche market for a few fans that would not be able to create a mass market, quickly extinguishing the interest of startups and firms which in these months are trying to create ad hoc content for VR.

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