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Mixer Twitch Youtube cover

If you are a fan of video games and you are under 25 years old, it is likely that you spend more time seeing other players play than the time you spend for playing. At least think so more and more companies that are attacking YouTube, once the undisputed realm of gameplay videos but for some time undermined by Twitch and not only.

Following Youtube and Twitch here is Mixer

Behind Youtube and Twitch stand two of the biggest US groups, i.e. Alphabet (parent company of Google) and Amazon. Now, however, the struggle to become the reference platform for video game fans and video gameplay streamers could get really hot, since sta a third formidable competitor like Microsoft (Xbox console producer among other things) is taking the field with the new streaming platform Mixer (not to mention the interest already shown by Facebook with Facebook Live).

Mixer can be enjoyed both through an Xbox and a device that uses Windows as an operating system and these days is launching a series of new options including a greater number of international currencies that can be used as a means of payment and different ways in which users can remunerate their favourite streamers”.

Mixer Microsoft

Microsoft focus on video gameplay

In an interview to Bloomberg Chad Gibson, Mixer general manager, explained that they “see game video as this huge medium”. According to Gibson, “the portion of game watching where they are not playing is much higher”, which explains Microsoft’s interest in investing in Mixer, which already today offers the possibility for multiple players to create streams simultaneously.

In addition there is a channel of Mixer, HypeZone, that uses artificial intelligence to scan matches of last-man-standing games, as ithe well known Fortnite, showing game final stages to thousands of viewers in streaming.


You spend more time watching than playing

Just 18 months after its release, Mixer attracts 20 million users a month. At the moment these kinds of platforms are drawing $500 million a year in ad revenue (with Twitch alone making up $300 million) according to Bloomberg which point out as Mixer at the moment is way behind, but the market is so small that they may have a chance to close the gap.

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Fnaf news Cawthon 2018 cover

If you love Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf) franchisee, be aware: a lot of intriguing news are coming both for the videogame, both for Scott Cawthon‘s novel series and for the long awaited movie.

Fnaf, Custom Night is coming by the end of the month

Regarding videogame, June 29 should be launched the Custom Night for Fnaf 6, anannounced, cancelled but finally launched by Cawthon at the end of 2017 (as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator), also knowns as Ultimate Custom Night or Ultimate Fnaf Mashup. Thanks to it each player can select 50 different animatronics covering all the titles of the series, in addition to being able to select a custom difficulty setting for each one.

If you manage to complete the Custom Night you will unlock the skin for the office of watchmen and even music videos based on cut scene. Since it could be the last Five Nights at Freddy’s developed by Scott Cawthon alone, there may be secret stories hidden in the plot of this non-canonical finale of a series that redefined the horror-game genre.

Fnaf ultimate custom night

Cawthon completes the literary trilogy

But Cawthon also recently finished his fifth book, after the Fnaf survival longbook the Freddy Files and the first two chapter of his trilogy, The Silver Eyes and The Twisted Ones. The last chapter is called The Fourth Closet, is already sold on Amazon both in paper and for Kindle and it explains what really happened to Charlie.

Last but not least news, the Fnaf movie, which since 2015 it would have to be realized by Warner Bros, with Gil Kenan as director but which last year, as Cawthon revealed, had returned to thestarting poing”, will be produced instead by Blumhouse Productions (that in addition to having produced low budget horror movies like The Purge, Get Out and Split produced also the blockbuster Whiplash).

Fnaf movie Christopher Columbus

Blumhouse takes over from Warner for the movie

Blumhouse itself on Twitter last February welcomed, as director, Chris Columbus, known for directing the first two titles of the Harry Potter franchisee rather than Mrs. Doubtfire, Mom I Missed the Plane, Bicentennial Man and Pixels, but also for having been the screenwriter of Gremlins and the co-writer of The Goonies and Young Sherlock Holmes. Just the date in which the movie will finally be released in theatres has not yet been announced.

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    With the debut of Ready Player One in theaters worldwide (with a budget of 175 million dollars, the movie grossed about 525 million dollars till now), mainstream media came back to take an interest in virtual reality.  Btw, a few of them went to visit the homonymous virtual installation in Sansar, and it’s a pity. Ready Player One in Sansar

    Immersive visit to the Ready Player One set

    After having visited, in recent months, another virtual installation in Sansar dedicated to an Hollywood blockbuster (Star Wars: the Last Jedi, we talked about here) through a traditional pc, this time we took the opportunity given by a visit to an old acquaintance of Mondivirtuali.it, the Second Life and Sansar builder Colpo Wrexler, to try an immersive experience through an Htc Vive VR viewer.

    Enter the Aech (one of the “High Five” of Steven Spielberg movie) garage is exciting: your brain knows that you are standing in a room with a visor on your face. But if you turn your head too quickly while you are on a flight of stairs you may feel dizzy and if you stay immersedtoo long you may feel a sense of nausea. At least it happened to me. Ready Player One in Sansar

    Will Sansar become a VR games platform?

    Beyond the fatigue and the sense of fascination for how digital reproduction is realistic, what’s left of a visit to the Ready Player One set in Sansar? As for other virtual location (for instance che Egyptian tomb of wich we already talked) there is certainly a “photographic” interest, to which it is added in this case some initial hint of interactivity that, if developed, could allow Sansar to go from being a collection of digital sets to a hyper-realistic videogames platform.

    Going around the garage of Aech, in fact, you will find many quotes from other films and TV series, from the Iron Giant, which dominates the garage itself with its shape, to Galactica, of which you can admire a Viper fighter and a silon fighter (but also look for the model of the same Battlestar Galactica), from Doctor Who (try to find the Tardis), to 2001 Space Odissy, most of which are accompanied by a short vocal description. Ready Player One in Sansar

    Many references and a little interactivity

    Sure, you can not yet enter the Tardis or drive Cameron Frye‘s daddy red sports car in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but the feeling that this could happen is tangible. As well as the sense of fatigue, while “walking” around the virtual garage of Ready Player One, so for this time  let’s unplug the viewer and be back to reality to greet you.

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      Bendy and the Ink Machine cover

      Bendy and the Ink Machine, 4th chapter is coming

      Bendy and the Ink Machine is continuing to make the news: waiting for the launch of the 4th chapter, announced days ago by an official trailer (you can watch it at the end of this articl), TheMeatly Games, developer of the now famous firt person puzzle action horror video game (if you like, you can also buy a lot of gadgets in the official store) presented several updates regarding the previous chapters.

      First chapter remastered

      First chapter, that you can download for free from Steam (here) for a few more days, will be subjected to a “gigantic remaster”, available at the same time as the lauch of the 4th chapter. Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter 1

      Huge refresh of the second chapter

      Not satisfied, TheMeatly Games announced also a huge refresh of the second chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine, that will make it “broader and better”. Like the first, the original second chapter of the video game is still downloadable at low cost from Steam (here). Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter 2

      Also the third chapter will be expanded

      Could a surprise miss also for the third chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine? Of course not, so TheMeatly Games announced also enhancements for that, as for the previous chapters of the video game, will be released at the same time as the 4th chapter. If you want to download at low cost from Steam the original third chapter, you can find it for a few days more (here). Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter 3

      Bendy and the Ink Machine: the new trailer

      By reminding you that recently is available also an adventure of Bendy and the Ink Machine developed to be played on your smartphone or tablet (Bendy in Nightmare Run), we suggest you to download the first three chapters of the video game from Stream before they are removed with the lauch of the fourth chapter. Meanwhile, here is the trailer of the fourth chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine all for you.

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      minecraft story mode season 2 finale cover

      Minecrat Story Mode, a good mix

      Do you remember Minecraft Story Mode (MCSM), the episodic adventure game published by Telltate Games in partnership with Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, sold to Microsof (despite some doubts) for 2.5 billion dollars?

      We talked about at its launch and when the last chapter (the fifth of the series) of the first season was published, pointing out how MCSM was a good mix between game and linear storytelling, an “hybrid” between television and virtual worlds model.

      3 adds on after season one

      To be true, as already discovered video gamers, after the first season (“Season Pass”) Jesse and his friends lived three more adventure during 2016, published like “adds on” of Season One (episode 6, “A Portal to Mistery”, episode 7, “Access Denied” and episode 8, “A Journeys’ End?”).

      These three episodes, as a whole known as “Adventure Pass”, concluded indeed the first season and it seemed they could conclude the whole series.

      Will this season be the last one?

      But not: this year were published other 4 episodes of the second season (until now known just as “Season 2”), which chronologically is set up around 5-7 years after the adventures of the first season, “Hero in Residence”, “Giant Consequences”, “Jainhouse Block” and “Below the Bedrock”, as always beginning from just before the summer.

      These days even the second season ends with a fifth episode, “Above and Beyond”. Waiting for you to be able to find it in the shops, here is is the teaser of the fifth episode, Season Two, of Minecraft Story Mode.

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      Video games are just entertainment or can even be an interesting sector in wich to invest, also following Social responsable investment (SRI) criteria? Degroof Petercam AM experts recently pointed out the significant difference between gamble, in which the management company does not invest, and video games, in which it invest having a positive view of tha gaming sector.

      Digital revolution changes the view on the sector

      First, pointed out experts, the view according to video games developers have business models inherently unpredictable, with volatile earnings, is becoming obsolete.

      Sector not only consolidated over the years, but it become less dependent on a few titles and a lot of the games has an earning cycle much longer than before (this is clear when you think about main virtual worlds like Second Life, World of Warcraft or Minecraft, but not only, ed).

      Second, digital sales increase margins dramatically for video games developers and this is even more positive for the companies owing consoles (i.e. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony). video games investments and vr Moreover, an increasing volume of revenue comes from the purchase of items freed up inside the game’s experience, available for purchase thanks to the switch to digital platform. Last, according to the experts there is a vi è una great opportunity related to the so called “eSport” and to advertising.

      The eSport overwhelming growth

      Imagine that every city of your country, beside the traditional footbal team, has a genuine team playing a specific video game”, add Degroof Petercam AM experts. “These players, as well as their football counterparts, are stars of their own, earning more than most of the ordinary people, and are involved in weekly matches against other teams followed by thousands of people”.

      Wouldn’t you believe? Than know that world championship’s final of the online game “League of Legends” involved 43 million viewers, more than for Nba final and for the majority of other large sport final.

      So, it’s not surprising that Bbc just announced that will bring to 4 hours the live coverage of eSport every weekend for the next six weeks, following the Belgian Sports Eleven decided to live broadcasting 6 hours of eSport every week.

      Video games increasingly important

      Sure, there is a huge diversity in the video games sector and is difficult rush to conclusion on individual securities, there are different kind of games, which can be played in a cooperative or competitive manner, online and offline, with friends or alone. video games investments and trading Any way you’re thinking, gaming is thus destined to become a piece ever more important of our lives, experts concluded, reiterating that is important discern between a controversial sector like gambling and the one of gaming, that instead was able to develop a number of different approaches, such as educational or cooperative focus.

      Research is still in its infancy, but there are video games’ positive impacts not to be neglected: “We acknoledge the potential risks, we therefore support video game developers so that they actively endeavour in a socially responsible manner” draw up Degroof Petercam AM asset managers.

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