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apex legends cover

The battle between streaming gameplay platforms as Youtube (Google), Twitch (Amazon) and Mixer (Microsoft), rises in tone. Those are platforms, of which Mondivirtuali.it already talked to you, which are ready to share the rich market of video game enthusiasts, more and more interested in looking at the gameplays of other playe

One million dollars for Ninja’s streamings

A confirmation comes from a news released by Reuters: the streamer Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, with over 13 million followers on Twitch, would have received a million dollars from Respawn (Electronic Arts) to promote the brand new battle royal free video game Apex Legends.

Blevins declined to comment on the news, which by the way testifies to how streaming can be a profitable business for some content creators. Electronic Arts instead confirmed that it was hired without providing the amount paid: “We wanted a launch day when you couldn’t escape Apex if you were interested in video games“.

stremer ninja

Streamers from all over the world for Apex Legend

Blevins was not the only streamer to have been hired: We had streamers from all over the world, Europe, North America, Korea, Japan, to make sure that anyone noticed the game,” explained the Respawn spokesmen and the strategy seems to have worked. In one month since its launch, Apex Legends has exceeded 50 million players.

The success of Twitch and its most famous streamer is evident, so much so that more and more youtuber are facing the big step. These include some Italian historic names such as Capo Bastone, which became famous for its griefing videos in Minecraft on Yuotube.

Even Capo Bastone tries Apex Legends

Capo Bastone has already opened its own channel on Twitch for more than a year (while keeping the Youtube channel active) and, as it happens, has offered Apex Legends streamings in recent weeks.

Will we all convert to Twitch, as Capo Bastone suggests, or will each platform find a business model that will allow the platform itself and its content creators to flourish, as happened in part with Second Life in recent years?

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VRTube cover

According to Ela Darling the potential for “adult contents” creators in terms of emotional growth and personal counseling has so far been overshadowed by the perceived poverty and immediacy of the content itself, but with the spread of virtual reality things are bound to change radically and for the better.

Ela Darling career

Ela Darling, who you can follow even on Twitter, in RL is a slender and attractive Texan blonde who turns 30 on July 23 next year, who already at 19 he started working first as a model when she was a sophomore in college (meanwhile she got a bachelor’s degree, or Bachelor in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Texas at Dallas and a Master in Library and Information Science), before becoming a performer in adult films.

This year with the developer James Ashfield she co-founded explicit contents site VRTube, that since last July 28 lets users watch performances for adults using 3D viewers to virtual reality. Ela Darling VRTube

A new way to enjoy adult content

A new way of anjoying such contents which, according to the Texan actress, thanks to VR technology will become a more and more intimate and kind as to lay bare not only the performers but also to turn the fantasies of the spectators.

After all more than thespicy” side often is the desire for companionship and intimacy to motivate human consumption of adult content, but to date this aspect has been underestimated.

VRTube offers tailored experiences

Ela Darling VRTube

While the classical “hot” sites offer content designed for the mass market, VRTube aims to offer tailored experiences on the desires, the needs of individual users and ended up also offer them the opportunity for real personal counseling sessions.

Darling, who started years ago to experience the interactivity of the web through adult shows on Skype, she said that most of his fans really just want to talk and I can easily believe that: the same thing happened to me when I played the role of avirtualescort” in Second Life.

VRTube, according to its cofounder, allows users to get this in a way that they feel is real and that therefore anything but alienating as many fear could be in the future virtual reality and services developed around it.

I’m still a little bit in awe today that people will take me into a private room for two hours, paying $6 to $10 a minute, to talk about comic books, their dogs, how shitty their bosses are” explained the actress in a recent interview on Inverse.

Pinazzo VR SecondLife

Adult content as a way of freedom

I can understand her (adding to the list the utterances of the frustrations that some feel in comparison to their partners, whose career is perhaps continuing better than their own) but it is certainly surprising to think that perhaps technology can transform the oldest profession in the world into something much towards and much more like therapy sessions.

Who knows that, in a world that seems to be afraid of technology and where extremist groups want to impose on women returning to a state of total submission and prohibit, also by bloody attacks, every freedom that is not conforming to the dictates of religious codes, the distribution of contents and services such as those that VRTube promises can not set up a way of freedom.

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    Paris burns cover

    Paris burns, victim of a night of terror in which eight terrorists opened fire and dropping bombs in restaurants, theaters and close to the Stade de France where the same Francoise Hollande was attending the friendly match FranceGermany. The count the following morning is 128 dead (including 8 terrorists) and 192 injured (2 Italians, fortunately slightly) including eighty in serious condition.

    The most serious act of violence took place in Bataclan, a theater in the eleventh arrondissement (the same where is the headquarters Charlie Ebdo, already the subject of an attack last January) where was playing the Californian group Eagles Of Death Metal, miraculously saved, unlike around seventy some 100 hostages initially captured by terrorists. Paris burns

    Other attacks have hit a restaurant cambodian the tenth arrondissement, Les Halles and precisely the Stade de France. The response of the French government was immediate, it has closed the borders and declared a state of emergency indefinitely, which allows to suspend certain civil rights and give off a manhunt in the suburbs where it is suspected that the eight bombers may have found accomplices and bases.

    We do not believe they serve sentences, hymns hatred or recriminations to comment on this very serious fact that it has already targeted a first target: to pick up again the tension in Europe and the expected return trip of Iranian President Hassan Rohani in Europe, whose first steps would be today in Rome and Paris on 16 and 17.

    We notice reather a thing: virtual worlds millions of people have learned to live together, create together, enjoy together artistic works and talent of one another (like that of Helhis Sorensen, author of To all our friends around the world, merci that we wanted to use as the image of this article). The effort of all must be to be able toinfect” also the real world with this same ability to share and use a single common good.

    After all we live on the same blue planet, we do not need divisions of race, sex, wealth, religion, language, ideology or nationality, we need the ability to enjoy all of the tangible and intangible resources that should be used to ensure a good life to anyone on the Earth. It is so difficoult to understand? So it seems.

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    Howold Lukemary cover

    Strawberry Singh 2015Meme what a passion, but at least try to be careful. That meme work, fans of Strawberry Singh, who has repeatedly proposed very nice ones on her blog about Second Life, know very well but if anyone doubts it would be enough to remember the memethe dress” which between 26 and 27 February 2015 surpassed 25 million likes/tweets/followers/plus on major social media. But before throwing yourself headlong into the next meme, read the warnings in small print.

    So if you‘re having fun with “how-old.net” (also known as Howoldthe app of the homonymous website that allows you to assign an age to the picture of a face (no matter if real or vitual, as we already Howold Nunzia Mayosaid), it is good to know that the site is owned by Microsoft and that posting or by uploading a picture ownersare granting Microsoft, its affiliated companies, and necessary sublicensees permission to use your submission in connection with the operation of their Internet businesses”.

    In your granting it is inclueded rights to “copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, editand to transfer these rights to others. Nothing serious, according to some, since virtually every online servicewhether it’s Second Life rather than Facebook, we are already warned by Tos, which no one reads any longer, that by placing our content we lose the exclusive right to the same (while remaining responsible in case such content offensive or found to behave of indictable offenses).

    howold Lukemary SladeBut it’s always good to know that if tomorrow you were to see your photos in some banner ad for a product or service that maybe you do not even know it has not been a theft but your permission to use your photo inserted perhaps precisely on How-old.net (which has behind it a very interesting story). All in all if it bothers you, do like us and only upload theface” of your avatar, to get an idea of how old or young may seem.

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