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    Bryn Oh what the orphans saw cover

    OMG, how long I have not been back in Second Life to visit a virtual artistic exhibition! his time the opportunity was offered to me by Bryn Oh (Canadian artist active in the Linden Lab virtual world

    of whom Mondivirtuali.it talked about on several occasions) exhibition entitled “What the Orphans Sawhosted as always at Immersiva.

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw

    What the orphans saw

    That the orphans of Bryn see are paintings, rides, unicorns fighting with clouds and cats and strange animals that look like a cross between giraffes and Salvador Dalì‘s elephants with very thin legs.

    If you go to see the show, be careful: Bryn set the environment so that you are at twilight, with very little light available.

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw little secrets

    Darkness holds little secrets

    Serve, this poor light, to encourage an orphans game of hide-and-seek, to make their presence and their secrets more intimate, to make their imagination fly outside the physical limits of the orphanage and their condition.

    This at least is what I saw there, you go to see and tell me what feelings has caused you.

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw little orphans

    15 years of Second Life have not passed in vain

    It is a pleasure to see that despite 15 years of activity and despite the hype for Second Life has died and buried long ago, Linden Lab’s platform is still a prolific environment in terms of the creativity of its most active users. So another 15 of these years, Second Life (and congratulations to Bryn Oh, as always).

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw the way

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    With 15 years of activity behind it, Second Life, la first generation virtual reality platform developed by Californian company Linden Lab (which later developed also Sansar, designed to be fully compatible with VR technology right from the start), remains the largest commercial success of the virtual worlds industry. Yet find some echo of it in the mainstream media (which, however, in 2007 contributed to theboom” of Second Life) it is now a rarer event than a lottery win.

    Media have no interest in virtual worlds

    The confirmation of the fact that the virtual worlds (and virtual reality technology generally speaking) still are not yet interesting for the mass market and therefore are not covered, if at all occasionally, by the mainstream media (do some reseach on Google Trends for confirmation, if you want) is due to the fact that the same difficulties are also recorded by Sansar and High Fidelity, the platform developed by the former “daddy” of Second Life, Philip Rosedale.

    Rosedale if nothing else, has not lost his ability to attract investors, having obtained 35 million dollars from a group of investors including Galaxy Digital and Blockchain Capital among other things to adopt blockchain technology for virtual currencies, asset exchanges and digital identity in High Fidelity. Rosedale High Fidelity

    Ryan Schultz: is it the fault of the echo effect?

    Of all this, namely of Second Life 15th anniversary, of the new funding obtained by High Fidelity, of the developments of Sansar, there is little or no talk on the mainstream media. Ryan Schultz, one of the most appreciated blogger interested in virtual worlds, tried to suggest the reason why.

    According to Schultz it could depend on an “echo effect”: in essence the community of virtual world enthusiasts could continue to talk a lot about it, being substantially closed to any dialogue with the outside. This would explain why Second Life has never seen, in the last decade, more than 500-600 thousand active users worldwide, although every month, tens of thousands of new users continue to register.

    mondi virtuali utenti

    Is one million users the maximum limit?

    Could it be, assumes Schultz, that the worldwide audience interested in virtual worlds is just over one million active users, coincidentally, the maximum touched by Second Life during its first years of life, in full media hype? And in this case what development will the sector have, if after 15 years more than half of them continue to prefer Second Life to any other platform, despite now virtual worlds there are at least fifty (VR mode or not)?

    Schultz’s hypotheses are the same that you have been reading for years on Mondivirtuali.it, where we tried to explain how this could be due to a mix of factors: an unhappynaming”, the idea that what is virtual it’s not as desirable as what is real, the lack of interest from videogames fans, a tecnologhy still too little developed and/or expensive, the attitude of mass markets to reward applications and technology whose use is as simple as possible.

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      Halloween 2017 cover

      Halloween seems to be the most valued holiday by producers and users of video games and virtual worlds: each year, already in the weeks priort to the holiday, whereas into houses, particularly in America, pop up decorations and carving pumpkins (if you like, in this gallery you can find some cool ideas) on Second Life, Sansar and High Fidelity it’s a rush to create events, contests and dark and creepy locations.

      Pianeta Segreto Halloween 2017

      Pianeta Segreto offers you a castle

      Is no exception to the rule even Pianeta Segreto (if you don’t know how Pianeta Segreto works, let’s we explain to you), which has scheduled in the main square, decorated for the occation with pumpkins and skulls, a themed party with zaby prizes, clothes, 500 rays at stake and the presentation of new Halloween themed objects, that will be addet to the panel, and of the new game “Scassa & Vinci”.

      Like this is not enough, on Pianeta Segreto launched two special contests (Mad Scientist Labor and Mad Scientist Outfit) for designers and stylists: at stake an “horror” castle for which you won’t have to pay rent.

      Horror movies and dances on High Fidelity

      On High Fidelity, where recently textures and meshes compression has impruved, cutting significantly the waiting time to load the scenes (on average from 21 to 7 seconds), first you will be able to watch an horror movie (from 4 to 5:30 pm PDT), then to dance in the virtual ballroom Spookytown (from 5:30 to 8 pm PDT).

      Halloween Town

      Contest and themed lands in Second Life

      We already told you about Sansar (which these days decided to extend to next January, 31, the free Creator test subscription) and its many themed locations and Halloween contest. We could also talk for a while about Second Life, because of the many themed contests and parties organized by the same users and creatives who for years drive Linden Lab’s virtual world.

      Btw, we just point out that also this year Halloween Town is brightest than ever and that you can join a decoration contesta based on pumpkins with 4 thousand linden dollars (about 15 US dollars) prizes. If you love horror, you should also visit Caderu and join the mini-game set up in the land or the photographic contest.

      Hoping that these “scary” news intrigued you, we suggest to visit by yourself the mentioned platforms and to participate in the activities. Then, if you wanna know how virtual reality and other geek technologies will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      Linden Lab invests on Second Life cover

      Linden Lab won’t abandon Second Life, on the contrary, after celebrating SL 14th anniversary and after officially open the new immersive virtual reality platform, Sansar, a message from the Ceo Ebbe Altberg (aka Ebbe Linden) to the “residents” of the metaverse promised further investments for “many millions (USD, not L$…)“.

      Upgrading infrastructure, moving to the cloud

      First of all, Linden Lab is already “at work upgrading all of the Second Life infrastructure and moving it to the cloud“, so to make the platform more performant for users across the world and to “introduce new products with more flexible pricing“. Particularly, Linden Lab is at work to give Premium members a series of advantages, as already did gaving priority access to near-full events “in world“.

      Second Life airport 2017

      News coming in for Windlight

      Further, “a series of great extensions to Windlight (code name: EEP!)” are under development, which will give “value, flexibility, and new marketability to land” in Second Life, making Windlight settings tradeable assets. We will see what does it really means, and if this will offer advantages for creatives (for instance for digital photographers who, with their images taken in Second Life, drive many social network communities like our group on Flickr).

      Linden Lab focus on gaming

      Linden Lab seems increasingly focusing on the “gaming” side, heralding “an exciting new grid-wide gaming experience“. Details will be known in a few days and will precede the launch of this year’s Halloween Haunted Tour (Halloween seems to be one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life). We could note that if for over 14 years Second Life has never had too much success as a gaming platform, must be a reason (we talked about many times), but let’s see what happens.

      Second Life ghost train

      Linden Lab already looks at SL15B

      The whole thing, remembers Ebbe, waiting to celebrate SL15B, i.e. the 15th birthday of the platform, which still keeps to draw thousand users from all over the world, 24/7, despite the most reckless disregard of mainstream world press, the same which in 2006-2007 seemed “go mad” for the possibility, never materialised, that the whole web chould change in a giant Second Life.

      Long life to Second Life, then, and if you wanna know how it will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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        Sansar cover

        Sansar, the new virtual reality platform developed by Linden Lab actually in “creative beta“, has already over 270 virtual “experiences” loaded into its atlas, from simple “sand boxes (literally made like a sandy desert) to simple work plans, up to good quality installations, some of which created by Italian users like Colpo Wrexler or Christower Dae, known names to the Italian community which used and still use Second Life. egyptian tomb Sansar Studios

        Sansar, first impressions

        The “first 30 seconds impression” (after a couple of minutes of waiting needed to load the scene) is positive: the avatars to chooose to start having your own digital identity in the new Linden Lab‘s virtual world are not very dissimilar to the Second Life basic avatars, but they are already quite customizable enough since you can vary the parameters for yours shape and anatomical details (eyes, hair, mouth, nose etc), as well as your clothing (certainly we are far from Second Life’s fashion virtuale fantasy, but give time to the platform to grow and you will see that we could get to similar or superior levels). Sansar tomba egizia ingresso

        Sansar can also be used without VR devices

        Browsing (we tried the platform in worst-case conditions, ie through a portable PC, a couple of years old, connected through wi-fi, with features barely in line with the minimum recommended requirements) is sufficiently fluid, even if not available at the time of testing a VR viewer and its controllers and having decided to try a minimal configuration, even without a mouse, it was not always easy to move the avatar inside closed environments. Very nice the sounds and the lights (and their shadows).Sansar tomba egizia prima stanza

        The Egyptian tomb is perfect

        For this very first “immersion” in Sansar I choose, through the proposed scenes, an ancient Etyptian tomb, carefully reconstructed thanks to a partnership with the Sorbonne University and with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities (as already revealed by Inara Pey) very pleasant to visit, albeit relatively modest. I can not comment for now about the larger dimensions that will characterize each individual “experience” compared to Second Life’s sims, but if you think about how SL was in its early stages, before 2007 (and how it has basically remained Opensim), the passing of a decade is evident and in favor of Sansar, as obvious as it is. Sansar tomba egizia seconda stanza

        No: Sansar won’t be SL 2

        For those who are asking for it, no: Sansar won’t ever be a “new” Second Life (platform designed to stay online for many years), but it could become a platform robust and flexible enough to be used, along with other programs, for the development of virtual video games or movies, or simulation experiences that might be applied both in the field of education both in the professional field (for instance for staff training). Sansar tomba egizia uscita These first impressions live from Sansar end here, also because the California company is asking not to divulge too much information about it, but if you wanna know how this will end continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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        Sansar cover

        Here we are: sthese day Sansar is sending the confirmation to access requests for its online virtual reality platform to all those who have asked to be able to access through www.sansar.com site. Technically is the awaitedopen creator beta”, in fact it could be a real pre-opening to the public, given the criteria for selection seem to have been much wider compared to last year when a few hundred creatives had been able to access to start testing the system (still in development: at this time, for example, the alpha channel is missing, as well as dynamic textures, Which means in the new Linden Lab‘s virtual world there is no way to recreate water).

        Sansar loginSansar’s system requirements

        Probably the requirements for accessing the new platform will do the selection: a user who connects via a pc“regular” pc desktop needs to have at least a 64 bits operative system (Windows 7 SP1 or newer), DirectX 11, Cpu Intel Core i3-2100 or Amd Phenom II X4 945, at least 4 GB RAM, at least 3G free space on disk, a video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 450, or Amd R9 280, or Intel HD Graphics 5500 with at least 2GB dedicated video memory.

        Recommended bandwith is at least 10 Mbps the minimum 5 Mbps, optional, but recommended a microphone for voice chat and high-quality headphones recommended for an immersive spatial audio experience and Xbox One or Xbox 360 game controllers (but if you don’t have them you can use the mouse to controll your avatar). By the way, if you really want to “live” Sansar in virtual reality mode, the stalk rises and minimum requirements are: Cpu Intel i5-4590 or equivalent, at leat 8 GB RAM, at least Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent video card, while everything else remains the same.

        Sansar sandboxSansar and Second Life are really different

        The VR option is actually one of the cards on witch Linden Lab focus to make Sansar “the” the new generatin reference platform for virtual worlds fans, a platform which for many years will live with the “oldSecond Life but which will have many differences both in the business model (it will cost much less to rent the new “scenes” in confront to the old sims, also having much more space available, but Linden Lab will apply a sort of “consumption tax”, ie a commission on every transaction between users, the Sansar dollars will also worth around triple than Linden dollars, since the first listing should be 1 US dollar for 100 Sansar dollars) as well obviousley as it is concerned the technical and “immersion” characteristics.

        The problem upstream, which seems to have curbed Linden Lab so far, is that the sales of VR viewers and controllers for now I have grown so much less explosive than forecasted, due to very high costs of the devices. Some recent signals show the availability by the manufacturers (like Facebook, which owns Oculus Rift) to reduce the price of devices, but for now some consulting firm like eMarketer forecast that 10,7 million VR users (ie who used at least once a month a VR device of any kind) present in the US at the end of 2016 won’t exceed 22.4 million at the end of the year, and then climb to 36.7 million next year and to 49.2 million at the end of 2019, also thanks to the spread of lso thanks to the spread of VR videos.

        Virtual reality, no boom for now

        Encouraging numbers, but they represent only between 3% and 5% of the US population and yet it is not clear if on other markets (Asia?) sales may be better, or slower. Moral of the story: for now, if you want, try to ask for access to Sansar, begin to get used to its scenes, if you are creatives try to make some content (which must be created externally using programs like Unreal Engine or Unity and then imported in Sansar).

        But do not wait a boom like that of Second Life in 2007: that will eventually arrive in two or three years if the VR and the AR have really got their feet around the world. If you wanna know how this will end continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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          Dee Dee Deepdene Cover

          Sometimes looking at the over 69,000 images of virtual realities in the Flickr group Mondi Virtuali – Virtual Worlds I’m struck by the style of a specific artist. It is the case of Dee Dee Deepdene, who has always been one of my favourite “graphic dreamer”, an artist able to create really sexy but never crude images.

          Dee Dee, sexy artist never crude

          Dee Dee created hundreds of images for tens of albums on Flickr, most of which devoted to her electronic alter ego, a “perky” blondie, but even to some of the most iconic locations among those created in these years on Second Life platform, such as Kowloon or Midian City.

          Dee Dee Deepdene

          10 years of images and poses in Second Life

          After having created images for over 10 years using Second Life’s editor, Dee Dee has opened some times ago a little store to sell poses with the brand DeePosed (you can visit it in world or on the Second Life Marketplace), so you can buy her over 700 poses, used to create her stunning images.

          Dee Dee Deepdene dances alone

          By the way: Dee Dee, as herself has explained so many times, is not a “professional” photographer, therefore she doesn’t realize images on commission, she doesn’t collaborate with other artists, she doesn’t use model if not herself. Without further ado: enjoy a little sample of the wide production of Dee Dee thanks to our gallery.

          If you like these images and you would like to see more, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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          World of details cover

          Melusina Parkin get back to exhibt in Second Life some of its shots, at Time Portal, with A World of Details exhibition. I’ve known Melusina Parkin for many years in Second Life, since she was the general manager of the virtual fashion brand MEB Fashion. World of details by Melusina ParkinWorld of details by Melusina Parkin

          Melusina Parking, art photos and furniture

          Melusina always had a good taste, a passion for details, for furniture (she is also the owner of MeluDeco), for art photography. She can capture and recreate the very best of what she sees in Linden Lab‘s virtual world no less than draw lesson from real world, especially regarding art decò style of the beginning of twentieth century. World of details by Melusina Parkin

          Time Portal’s exhibition

          I found since the beginning her landing on Time Portal a “natural” choice for Melusina, who unfortunately, like all of us, has less and less time to devote to virtual worlds and the art of photography due to her busy schedule in real life.

          Go and see the exhibition is definetly a good idea both for graphic art both for virtual worlds fans for that too, so just push the “teleport” button below and have a nice trip, with a hint of imagination too. For all of you, meanwhile, a sneak peek thanks to the gallery that you can see above. Have fun!



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            Long Journey cover

            It happens to read about interesting locations on Second Life, Linden Lab‘s 3D social online platform. Recently Inara Pey talked about a small virtual location, Long Journey, just 7 thousand square meters where Yang (brand owned by the builder Sun2idea) recreated a small coffee-house, a railways platform, a cute old house-boat and many other creations some of which you can find on sale on Second Life Marketplace.

            Long Journey Second Life

            Visit Long Journey in Second Life

            I decided to make a visit to Long Journey and I must say I’m happy that I did it, even just to take some snapshots of the nice location that Sun2idea was able to set up.

            Second Life Long Journey - 2

            I hope that you like them and that they will lead you to visit Long Journey of your own, since as Inara Pey says, “creativity in Second Life doesn’t always require an entire region – Full or Homestead – in order to be realised”.

            Long Journey Second Life - 3

            I couldn’t agree more, therefore I reiterate the call to visit Long Journey in Second Life. By the way, you can even look up many of its details on its Flickr’sgroup.

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            Time Portal Meludeco Cover

            Tardis near Melu Deco shop at Time PortalSome days ago I heard that a friend of mine, Melusina Parkin, had reopened a Melu Deco store in Second Life so I have gone to make a visit.

            The sim where she reopened her lovely vintage furniture store is Time Portal, owned by Jo Yardley, well known to all Linden Lab virtual world’s fans for having already realized Berlin 1920.

            Time Portal, for time travellers

            Time PortalTime Portal is a location thought for history fans and all those who love time travelling (it is no coincidence that near Melu Deco store there is even a blue blox that Doctor Who fans, who are numerous even in Second Life, immediately will recognize to be a Tardis) and according to me is worth a visit a even if you just wanna take some virtual photos or, even better, to buy some vintage andretrò items with which you’ll be able to set up your own “old timely” photographic set.

            Information on Time Portal and Melusina Parkin

            If you wanna know what can you find in Time Portal I suggest you to visit the Flickr’s group dedicated to it, then if you want to better know Melusina Parkin, who besides recreating vintage furnittures is even a appreciated virtual photographer, you can look up her images on Flickr or directly on her Facebook profile.

            And you don’t now waste time anymore, go to visit Time Portal and if you passed by Melu Deco you can tell that you discover it on Mondivirtuali.it and greet Melusina Parkin on m y behalf! Cya!

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