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    Despite the limited enthusiasm with which the mass market has so far accepted virtual reality and its viewers, Facebook does not seem to want to slow down, indeed: in the latest Oculus Connect (OC5) a new version of the viewer has been announced, intermediate between the mobile Oculs Go and the top of the range Oculus Rift.

    Oculus Quest will cost 399 dollars

    Oculus Quest, this is the name of the new viewer, will be available from spring 2019 at the price of $ 399 in America (the price and release date in Italy must still be announced), that is $ 50 less than the Rift plus the Touch controller. If Rift requires a wired connection to a PC, Quest will be without cables, even if this led to choose the Snapdragon 835 as Cpu.Oculus Quest

    50 games ready for the launch

    Facebook promised that the contents available for the Rift will all have aporting” on Quest and that at the time of launch will be available over 50 video game titles including somebest sellers” like Robo Recall, The Climb and Moss.

    Among the new titles was announced Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, which will be developed on three episodes (the first already available at the launch of the Quest) and which will tell a storyuntold” from Star Wars series, which confirms itself among the most appreciated franchisees by companies engaged in the VR sector (as we already saw with Sansar).

    A good compromise between Go and Rift

    Compared to Oculus Go (currently on sale from 219 euros in Italy), Oculus Quest can be considered an enhanced version, since it preserves the design but uses a more versatile processor (Go uses the Snapdragon 821) and, ensuring the taking over of the user’s position in a space, is able to offer more satisfying immersive experiences.

    How Htc will react?

    In short: Oculus Quest fills a commercial void and could help expand the audience of virtual reality devices users. Now the competition moves are expected, starting from Htc.

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      Oculus Go sales cover

      Last May 1st saw the debut on the market of the awaited Oculus Go, the “standalone” (i.e. which does not require the use of connection cables to a PC or a smartphone to be used) virtual reality diplay of the company which is part of the Facebook group.

      Affordable prices for Oculus Go

      Since the device has a more than affordable cost (in Italy 219 eurs for the 32 GB memory version, 269 euros for the 64 GB one, in Usa prices starts from 199,99 dollars), using a  Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Cpu and a Lcd 5.5-inch display with WQHD (2.560×1.440 pixel) resolution, many have wondered if this device could represent a turning point for virtual reality. Oculus Go sales Well, despite the hopes in this regard and rather comforting estimates made by analysts like Superdata (that talked of 1.8 million units sold by year end), for now the sales do not seem so resounding, even if you surely can not say that Oculus Go is a failure.

      Will Oculus Go hit sales estimates?

      Based on the download progress of the Oculus Go app for Android (still in the “over 50 thousand downloads” class), also assuming a similar trend in the downloads of the Oculus Go app for iPhone the number of Oculus Go sold it should be at most between 100 and 200 thousand units in the first month of sale. Oculus Go sales bis Assuming that the correct number is around 150 thousand units and that this figure remains constant until the Christmas season, this means that at the end of November about 1-1.1 million will have been sold in all and then or under Christmas, over half a million will be sold (about three times as much as sales these days) or  the goal of 1.8 million sold by the end of the year will be largely missed.

      Virtual reality is not yet a mass technology

      This would be the umpteenth confirmation that for now the technology of virtual reality it is still too sour to have amass” attraction, despite the efforts, including advertising, of large industrial groups and web giants like Facebook, after that already others like Google had to put similar dreams in the drawer for augmented reality.

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        Oculus Go cover

        October brings many news for Oculus Rift, subsidiary of Facebook committed to developing virtual reality devices. At Oculus Connect 4, a few days ago, in his opening speech Mark Zuckerberg revealed the first “standalone” VR headset, Oculus Go, which has clearly the ambition to make sure that app developers working on Samsung Gear VR can tailor their offer also to the new Oculus Rift headset. Oculus Go 199 $

        Oculus Go will cost 199 dollars

        Oculus Go, by the way, will be de facto a mobile computer “all in one”, which means not just that it won’t need cables, but also smartphones in order to be able to work as a gaming peripheral.

        Available from next year (official launch date hasn’t been revealed until now, but from November will start the early shipment of the developer kits), Oculus Go will cost only 199 dollars. If you want to start knowing this new headest, take a look at this video introduction.

        With Oculus Go and the other devices which will be developed by Oculus Rift, Zuckerberg has set the goal of being able to virtually connect at least 1 billion users all around the world in the coming years, i.e. about half the number of Facebook monthly users.

        But surprises have not ended up here: Santa Cruz controllers, whose prototype was presented last year, will be updated so to allow more natural and less restrictive movements. Oculus Rift Touch 399

        Oculus Rift and Touch price drops

        Last but not less interesting news, the cost of the “bundle” consisting of the Oculus Rift headset and two Touch controllers (besides two sensors and six free apps) was cut permanently to 399 dollars, i.e. 200 dollars less than the cost of rival Htc Vive VR.

        This is not an absolute novelty, since already in the summer for six weeks the price of the “bundle” was cut to 399 dollars, after that, though, was upped again to 499 dollars. Now the summer promotional discount becomes permanent, in time to try to support Christmas salse, which will also see an updated and with a slightely revised design version of the Sony PlayStation VR.

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        Htc Vive Black Friday cover

        Black Friday, November’s last Friday which traditionally opens the Chrismas shopping season in the Usa, is coming and brings discounts and deals even to virtual reality games fans, although prices the prices remain rather high, considering necessity to link viewers to top quality computers and consoles and to to equip them with controllers  and cameras.

        Htc Vive at $699 from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

        Htc Vive discount Black FridayMonday Htc announced that from Friday 25th to Monday 28th October (Cyber Monday) virtual reality viewer Htc Vive will be $100 lowered, at $699 for everyone will buy it on the Htc online store or on online shops like that of Microsoft, Amazon and Newegg.

        Plus, who will buy on Htc store 30 dollars or more of contents different from virtual reality games, will receive further $10 discount on additional purchase; lastly some VR apps like The Grand Canyon VR Experience (normally for sale at $4,99), Star Chart (normally for sale at  $9,99) and World of Diving (normally for sale at $19,99), will be 50% off these four days.

        Also Oculus $100 discounted for four days

        Oculus Rift discount Black FridayEven for those who will buy an Oculus Rift VR viewer on the Microsoft online store there will be $100 discount, so the price in these four days will be just $499 insted $599.

        The one who has withstood for now the temptation to offer Black Friday discounts is Sony: if you wanna buy a Playstation VR for Chrystmas you’ll have to spend 399,99 euros.

        On the other hand the PlayStation VR bundle includes a demo disk, which offers the possibility to play first virtual reality games titles (Rigs Mechanized Combat League, PlayStation VR Worlds, Tumble VR, Driveclub VR, Battlezone, Eve: Valkyrie, Headmaster and Wayward Sky). If you were thinking about giving you or to make you give a VR viewer, maybe you should take profit of the deals valid from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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          virtual reality mass cover

          Mobile phones of the eightiesThere is much talk of virtual reality, virtual worlds and second lives, but despite all efforts it seems that the pioneering phase of similar technologies is bound to last for some (many?) years. It is not just a technology problem, although we’re probably still at a stage comparable to that experienced at the time of the Wright bros compared to current commercial jets, or as the first “mobile phone” seen in the eighties compared to modern smartphones.

          The real problem is that the mass is too committed to improving its first life, its reality, to heal more than casually virtual. As long as in emerging countries the income will be a fraction of that in developed countries, and so long as in these last people will have the fear of losing their standard of living due to the economic crisis, to work that is hard to find (especially if you are young and you live in the countries of southern Europe such as Spain, Greece or Italy), to migrants emergency, enthusiasm and be able to devote to the virtual reality will be in market niches.

          Virtual reality: the problem of compelling contents

          Second Life 2016

          The problem is that as long as it will be niche markets, there will be no content that’s compelling, which involve high costs and are justified only by the possibility of being enjoyed by millions of users. But without really interesting contents once exhausted the media hype numbers will risk to remain modest as have always remained in the case of platforms such as Second Life, that beyond twelve years since the launch is not able to stably attract even a million active users (despite having been tested at least once by more than 40 million users).

          The solution for many appears to be address during the launch phase of the platforms and virtual reality devices to heavy gamers. But if you take a look at Reddit, the site by far most popular with this type of users (and not only them), while Gaming subreddit has over 9.8 million users, Oculus Rift does not reach the 70 thousand, Htc Vive is just over 19,000, PlayStation VR is around 2,700 users, SecondLife stops under 2,600 subscribers.

          Palmer start to throw water on the fire

          Palmer LuckeyDo not be a coincidence that now that Oculus Rift, Htc Vive e Sony PlayStation VR gave away to pre-orders Palmer Luckey, the “lucky boy” founder of Oculus Rift who was able to be bought for $ 2 billion from Facebook, has started to throw water on the fire, explaining that it will take years before devices for VR can become a mass market, that the same GoPro took five years and two models before being able to sell more than 1 million pieces. Before you have in your pocket or wearing a virtual reality device as we do today with smartphones will need to do a lot of education, proposing contents, use, user modes that can be interesting and useful in everyday life, not just beautiful.

          virtual reality Bic LazioI would have liked to explain in the interesting meeting in RL / SL mode that Marina Bellini (aka Mexi Lane in Second Life) held at the Bic Lazio last week, unfortunately the audio betrayed me, will be for the next time. There will ultimately be a lot to talk about on Mondivirtuali.it, so if you want to know how it will end, stay tuned even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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          Google Cardboard

          The expected boom in use of the devices for virtual reality  (VR) and augmented reality (AR) could not be tied to expensive 3D viewers, but to simple devices of cardboard (or plastic) and apps able to use your smartphone to navigate in VR mode.

          Google Cardboard instructionsIt is Google Cardboard, just a viewer that could be obtained from a sheet of cardboard cut and folded (if you prefer an already finished product in a more durable material such as plastic you can opt for the Samsung Gear), that thanks to the use of two bifocal lenses, of two magnets, a rubber band and some strips of Velcro allows you housing on your smartphone, with the appropriate app, and use it as a very cheap virtual reality viewer (less of 20 euros for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear currently is given for free to those who buy the new Samsung 6).

          Since high performance viewers as Oculus Rift will cost at least initially several hundred euros, the fact that the Google Cardboard numbers are already impressive is not surprising: in a year and a half have been shipped over 5 million devices, branded Google as well as Visa, Lowe’s, SyFy Channel, The New York Times, Star Wars and much more. The corresponding app has been downloaded 25 million times from Google Play, with 10 million downloads just from November to December.

          Even more interesting, there are already a number of apps for Google Cardboard in addition to the official one which already allows a number of different experiences: Tour Guide, to virtually visit Versailles, Exhibit, to see an exhibition of masks in 3D, Windy Day, a short interactive cartoon, Earth, i.e. the VR release of Google Earth, My Video, to transform your photo gallery in a multi-screen cinema, Photo Sphere, to admire the photo sphere created by Google Camera.

          Chair in a RoomFrom horror videogame A Chair in a Room (the most downloaded third party app) to Vrse (allowing you to see a series of short” in VR created in collaboration with publishers such as The New York Times and NBC), from VR Roller Coaster to Jurassic VR, there are so many apps that you can already use. And if you use regularly Youtube be aware that have already been uploaded more than 350,000 hours of footage at 360 degrees that can be viewed, if you wear Cardboard Google or Samsung Gear, simply turning your head and… looking around.

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          Oculus Rift pre orders cover

          Oculus Rift pre ordersAs announced, Oculus Rift opened January 6, during Ces 2016 its pre-orders of the first consumer release of its 3D viewers, but at a price much higher than the expected 350-400 dollars: 599 dollars (although they include two games: Eve Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale), to which you risk having to add at least other 949 dollars to have a computer able to take full advantage of the 3D viewers, which moreover ideally should be used with touch controllers and ad hoc headphones.

          Now: 1,548 dollars or more may seem like a relatively modest investment if you think that after 12 years Linden Lab can still draw $ 195 per month for those who rent an entire sim in Second Life (look at the pricing), which means, been eight months since been pay you a sim on the virtual world of the Californian company, you will begin to have spent more money than that to buy yourself 3D viewers and brand new computer.

          second lifeBut high costs were one of the causes, if not the main reason of Second Life fiasco at least as mass product which it seemed to want to and be able to become the first years of life and that instead it never became, remaining a platform for a niche, albeit wide and rich, particularly creative of users around the world.

          Thus, with these prices, is hard to believe that, at least for now, virtual reality promised in recent years by Palmer Luckey, who for his part he stressed that a year ago the price seemed destined to remain around 1,500 dollarsadmitting he shootthe price of 350 dollars in an interview just to make it clear that it would be lower than that figure, can become a mass phenomenon nor that Oculus Rift visors can become a commonly used device.

          To reinforce this impression, that the day after the announcement has already caused the decline in stock prices of Facebook, Oculus Rift parent company, is the fact that contrary to the expectations Sony has not taken advantage of Ces 2016 to launch the preorders of its Playstation VR, whose launch is confirmed for nowin the first half of 2016” (meanwhile shipping of first Oculus Rift in the 20 initial launch countries including Italy has already been postponed from March to June).

          playstation vrThis seems to indicate that the Japanese group wants to go with leaden feet and understand what, if any exist at the time the market for these devices, even if someone is already talk of a price of $ 800 (indiscretion immediately denied by the Japanese group).

          The situation in the field of virtual reality seems therefore at a critical turning point: expectations have grown both by application developers and content providers and users, now companies will have to make decisions on which it depends how big the market will be and how large and vital will be the competition. If you want to see how it turns out, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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          Pixar Animation VR cover

          Palmer Luckey Oculus VRPalmer Luckey, Oculus VR founder, recently expressed his doubts about the real interest of Second Life and virtual worlds users regarding virtual reality, but now Edwin Catmull, president and co-founder of Pixar Animation, seems to think the same of virtual reality and animation movies.

          Virtual worlds are one thing, virtual reality another according to Luckey and the fact that Second Life has been able to involve many creatives and technicasl which have become enthusiastic pioneers of virtual reality does not mean that users of this platform can really be enthusiasts of the VR themselves.

          A curiously similar reasoning is now being applied by Ed Catmull (who was also one of the software architect of RenderMan) to the idea, carried out by the same Luckey, that virtual reality can have big implications for the animation movies.

          Virtual reality won’t be a revolution in storytelling

          According to the Pixar Animation guru, who recently took part in the Dublin Web Summit conference (as the Oculus VR founder and dozens of other speakers, find the list here), virtual reality would be that revolution in storytelling that they would like herevangelists” (as Luckey himself).

          Pixar Animation Ed CatmullIn an interview to the Guardian Catmull also stated that his prudence present on the real possibilities of virtual reality does not mean that this technology can not have an outlet for art, but that, for now, the most promising sector seems that of gaming, an art form in itself but this is not the same as a linear narrative like cinema.

          Linear narrative is an artfully-directed telling of a story, where the lighting and the sound is all for a very clear purpose. You’re not just wandering around in the world”; people have been talking about virtual reality for 40 years.

          There have been experiments around of people trying to do that, and always excited about it, added Pixar Animation president, who think that with Oculus is not much different: “all that the new virtual-reality stuff did was they removed the time-lag, because it was the time-lag that made you feel that you weren’t in the environmen”. A good step forward, but certainly not a revolution in narrative terms.

          Changing technolgy doesn’t change the game

          Virtual reality cinemaThe fact that you’ve changed the technology, and people are excited about it, doesn’t change the underlying difficulty of the compelling narrative story. Just like books aren’t the same things as movies. They don’t have to be”.

          I know there’s talk of it, added Catmull, “but I don’t think it (the ability to tell a story so compelling, ed) is actually based on our way of connecting with each other. Having said that, I think they should keep running the experiments. But the fact that we should run the experiments and the fact that the technology has changed doesn’t mean that it’s going to end up where they (virtual reality evangelists) think it is”.

          An important opinion, that comes from Catmull’s long career in the field of computer graphics and animation. If you want to know how it will end as far as virtual reality and its uses, even within the narrative and cinematic, you just have to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).