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Art & Poetry

Art & Poetry CoverDuring these last weeks started the latest project of Roxelo Babenco (aka Rosanna Galvani), i.e.“Art&Poetry” project, which aim to bring together the “painted poems” of Margye Ryba (aka Carmen Auletta), in Neapolitan, and the interpretation that some artists will like (and be able) to give with their works. The project, which want to “create a dialogue between the two genres“, Neapolitan poetry and media art, is divided into two parts: An exhibition of Carmen’s poems and associated works in Opensim Craft by the gallery of Museo del Metaverso and in Second Life by Pyramid Cafè and related show, involving dynamic artwork inspired by Carmen’s poems and that will be traveling to various venues across the grid (always in Second Life) hosted by Italians and foreign lands sensitive to culture and art (at the moment there are yet seven lands or galleries which joined the project).

The exhibition will begin officially September 22 with a closing date which is for now February 5, 2012 (except  for possible extensions). Regarding the traveling show, every land will host the exhibition for 4 days, with 6 artists who will show their works inspired to the poems of Margye/Carmen. On Museo del Metaverso site are publishing the selected 20 Neapolitan poems of Margye/Carman and their translations in English. There will be 120 artist that will be invited to show their works in 20 weeks (one different poem for every week), selected by those who will send to museodelmetaverso(at)gmail.com an image of their work, or a link to their own site where an image of the work can be find, by the deadline of August 31, 2011.

Any other informations and every news can be found on the project’s blog and on the pages dedicated to the project on the site of Museo del Metaverso or on the group created on Flickr, where at the moment there are about 40 artists, and of course on the group on Koinup.com, where there are over 100 artist yet, or, finally, on the group on Facebook, where you can find at the moment about 130 artists registered.

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virtual diversity
virtual diversityDouble opening of the exhibition of the works created by the winner (Senban Babii) and the top twenty runners up of the contest Virtual Diversity organized by Koinup.com, works that remain on display these days both at the Diabolicus Art Space gallery of Laszlo Oerdoegh (aka Velasquaez Bonetto) and Josina Den Burger (aka Josina Burges) in Second Life (here the video of the opening) and at the Museo del Metaverso art gallery of Roxelo Babenco (aka Rosanna Galvani) in Craft (a video of the opening can be seen here).
virtual diversityAn exhibition space relatively “classic” although with some pleasant changes the first, more dynamic the second, for which Roxelo could rely on the cooperation of Nicola Reinerman (builder), Luce Laval (ideator and scripter photos setting), Oberon Onmura (scripting of the texts), Velazquez Bonetto himself (scripting and supervision) and Rumegusc Altamura (calibration).
Both events have attracted the attention of many avatars in their platforms, further evidence of the interest aroused by the theme of the contest and the works that have taken part. An interest that even Mondivirtuali.it can confirm since the four articles on contest’s opening, the deadline nearing and most of all the results and the winner’s interview not only have been read to date over a thousand unique visitors overall, but showed increasing rates of reading.
virtual diversityThen we can only congratulate one last time with the winner of Virtual Diversity, Senban Babii, the almost ex-equo Frieda Korda and all the other artists who took part in the challenge by proposing works very different but all equally interesting and that we will probably meet again in the coming weeks always on the pages of Mondivirtuali.it, and invite you to visit the two exhibitions in Second Life and Craft.

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    Senban Babii

    Senban Babii The jury of Virtual Diversity (the contest launched on Koinup.com to reward avatars’ originality), composed by Arco Rosca (aka Paolo Valente), Roxelo Babenco (aka Rosanna Galvani) and Lukemary Slade (aka Luca Spoldi), respectively the founders of Sabv.eu of Museo del Metaverso and of Mondivirtuali.it / SLnn.it, delivered its verdict awarded as overall winner Senban Babii for the work Senban (EVE Online) image that seemed to deserve a mention of the overall winner, as best expressed the theme of virtual diversity that can exist in different virtual worlds, and that the artist has illustrated with a short but nice text: “Born in Second Life, as Senban Babii grew older she went off-world and found her place among the stars of New Eden. One day she might return home but then what is there to go home for?”.

    Almost an exequo , but the rules of the contest was not possible to explicitly declare the winning images that contain “even mild nude“, for  Frieda Korda, with The Model, who is the “first among the equal” of the twenty runners up that Koinup.com and the jury above mentioned have considered worthy of reporting and I remember also to be: bobby with dome-3, Paola Mills with Onirix dream, Crystalship Rehula with OnyxChris Tower with Me, Soror Nishi with graphic skin finishedSteviec with Eastern Elegance……, Loquacia Loon with Lag, Mistero Hifeng with Il Matto, Qatesh Denja with DarkSide, CapCat with MarianaVenK with Supernatural Blues, BotGirl with Brandification, Baroque with Madre Natura (Mother Nature), Harbor Galaxy with The Harpy, Aelin Quan with Chloe GauntleyShmoo Snook with Virtual Diversity, Vero1324 with Veronica, The Avatar, Nnoanna with Archlord/Terranoa and Lillian Shippe with Black Khepri with Butterfly.

    Frieda KordaThe winner and the twenty runners up will see their works displayed in an exhibition that will be held in Second Life at the sim Benvolio by the art gallery Diabolicus Art Space of Laszlo Oerdoegh (aka Velasquaez Bonetto) and Josina Den Burger (aka Josina Burges), event that thanks to Stefano Lazzari (aka Stex Auer) will be broadcast in live streaming at NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, during the presentation of the project 2Lifecast and its associates, only to be revived even at head quarter of Museo del Metaverso in Craft. Congratulations to everyone (we are pleased to note that many of the selected works belong to artists also reported  by our Luciana Pinazzo on Mondivirtuali pages) and see you always on the pages of Mondivirtuali.it for an interview with the winner of the contest, Senban Babii.

    I più letti ultima settimana / Most read last 7 days

    Koinup.com launches a new contest for fans of graphics that use virtual worlds as an editor for their works: Virtual Diversity. Here how to apply.