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    10 most read articles 2015 cover

    Do you wanna know which were the 10 most read articles on Mondivirtuali.it in 2015? We please you right away, but first of all we wanna poin out as the international traffic on the site grew significantly last year, so that seven on ten most read articla on the site are in English vs three in Italian, the seven English articles having also gathered 63.45% of the total page views of the 10 most read articles (while the three Italian article gathered 36.55% of the total page views). The most widely read of all is, however, an Italian article, which means that even in Italy virtual worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality, creativity and technology are topics that can attract readers.

    10 most read articles

    10 splendide costruzioni in Minecraft City Building Projet MinecraftRosedale I was wrong with Second Life Philip Rosedale Altberg presents Project Sansar Project Sansar Divine Tokyoska advanced avatars divine tokyoska Mister G I suppose Mister G Pianeta Segreto, ecco come funziona Pianeta SegretoAltberg presenta Project Sansar Project Sansar Cosplay for all cosplay-sexy-coverVirtual and augmented reality even Apple comes into play Apple Faceshift Minecraft che passione Minecraft City by BlueBlankey

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      2016 new year cover

      2015 just ended and balance for Mondivirtuali.it is certainly positive, but already 2016 promises new stimulus, starting with the agreement with the community of Green Geeks that allows us to offer to all of you, thanks to a brand new newsletter, informations, analysis and advices about the best use of what tecbnolog will offer us to transform the virtual and the dream into reality. So long, 2016 times Happy New Year to all and cya soon with more news and surprises!

      P.S. Images you see in this article are taken from the group Mondi Virtuali – Virtual Worlds on Flickr. Why don’t you add yourself and insert images taken from your favourite virtual world? They’ll be featured on Mondivirtuali.it homepage along with those of other 600 digital artists whom has already added almost 40,000 stunning images like these. 2016 happy new year by SeleneDark Sexlmus happy 2016 by lolita paragon happy 2016 by aloyssla hema happy 2016 by lola lilalo happy 2016 by lolita paragon bis

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        Top 20 Mondivirtuali 2014


        What were the 20 most read articles on mondivirtuali.it in 2014? Below you can see the ranking: please note how in the first ten places there are only articles in Italian (wich is not so strange, being Mondivirtuali.it an Italian project, LmS) , while the first of English articles is at the eleventh place. In all of the first 20 articles for pageviews just four are in English: our target now is to increase this number since next few weeks, so to make Mondivirtuali.it more and more a reference site for anyone interested in virtual worlds, gaming, digital art and virtual fashion, in Italy as all over the world!

        20 most read articles of 2014 on Mondivirtuali.it:

        1) Linden Lab: i conti tornano

        2) Social game: ormai è boom

        3) Mondi virtuali di scena da Modica a Salerno

        4) 10 splendide costruzioni in Minecraft

        5) Mappe storiche di Second Life

        6) Skylanders vs Disney Infinity

        7) Quando la creatività va dalla strada alla cucina

        8) Gioelececed, umanista non solo virtuale

        9) Arriva il concorso di Edizioni Volando

        10) Con Blocksworld Linden Lab guarda a Minecraft

        11) Gioelececed, not just a virtual humanist

        12) Meryll Panthar: foto non per tutti

        13) Virtual worlds on stage from Modica to Salerno

        14) Historical maps of Second Life

        15) The Lego Movie, animazione al top

        16) Ydea: il business in SL è cambiato

        17) Da Fantasia a Club Penguin

        18) Vi presento Ydea

        19) 8Designe si presenta

        20) Avatars under Dmca attack

        For all of you, we wishes the best for 2015 and please, give us a hand continuing to follow Mondivirtuali.it also through our account on Twitter and through our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li, as well as on Youtube).

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        August 2013 Mondivirtuali

        August 2013

        Summer means vacation time but also for drawing up balances and that of Mondivirtuali.it can be said to be positive. We do not normally indulge in praise, but being able to present our project at the july Kublai Award in Rome (after running the risk of not even finish the presentation because of the amount of work we have to do for 6 In Rete Consulting paying customers that daily “steal our time“, rather than deal with virtual worlds), probably not finishing in last place among the nine finalists, then we were called among the media sponsors of Modix (exhibition of comics, cosplay and video games to be held in Modica the 23rd, 24th and 25th August) and especially seeing outdated in less than 12 months 1.5 million page views from the site, it is not a trivial matter.

        Born in 2008 as a small site (www.slnn.it) which wanted to talk to Italian users of what was happening in Second Life, our project in the past six years has evolved and now it talks about virtual worlds and “real” applications that can go from art to cinematography, from entertainmentindustry to cross over into fashion or in fundraising for charity events. Not bad for a sector that many, in Italy, still believe  exclusively synonymous of “game” or “illusion” and which gave spacein many creative ways to propose and share their own contents, be they events, accessories foravatars or digital constructions more or less artistic.

        mondivirtuali.it pageviewsOver the past year (you can seeyourself in the picture), Mondivirtuali.it registered every month from 2,400 to 8,800 daily page views, i.e. from less than 73 thousand to over 273 thousand monthly page views (in the first 10 days of August page views were over 65 thouosand), while visits were between 500 and 1,000 daily or from less than 17 thousand to over 21 thousand monthly, depending from the single month, with an average of 5-10 page views per visit very encouraging, because it means that those who surf the Mondivirtuali finds its content interesting enough to devote a few minutes of their days. We believe we can give a good visibility to those who believe in this industry and are engaged in it with their own business, we believe we can further develop our project and find ways to support further activities (with management of online and offline events, or with business and content creators consulting) to editorial carried out so far.

        We believe above all that the year which will start from next September 1 will give us more satisfaction to us and to all of you, readers, co-workers or enthusiasts of virtual worlds. For this reason we invite you to follow us as well as on the website also in our fanpages on Facebook dedicated to virtual worlds and to graphic dreams, on Twitter, Pinterest, Scoop.it and Paper.li (hopefully in short even on Youtube). And if you want to collaborate, report, or propose content ideas, just contact us via e-mail (to: info(at)slnn.it) ot with a message on Facebook: we will be happy to start a partnership whenever possible and this will prove to be fruitful for both. We are doing it on our fanpage on Facebook paving the ability to post contents to content creators as Mimi JuneauPaola MillsNur MooColpo WrexlerPinco Janus and many more. We believe in our project, if you believe too stay tuned and advance proposals!

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        virtual worldsMondivirtuali.it is going to start a radical overhaul in the coming months which will bring us to initiate new partnerships and cover subject areas neglected so far. To be able to offer you the best we ask you a hand: in the comments to the site, or directly on our Facebook groups (Mondivirtuali.it and Graphic Dreams) try to tell us what terms instinctively you connecto to concept of “virtual worlds”? In fact, we suspect that after more than six years after the launch of Second Life and of the main “creative shared spaces” as now Rod Humble prefers to call them, something is changing and that soon many news could come and we don’t want to be caught unprepared!

        Waiting to refer the main results of our survey and as we prepare to build a brand new team around the project Mondivirtuali (we are searching skills in the graphic, webmaster, seo, but also in the creation of written content, photos and videos and we would like to talk with someone who has experience of organizing events and who could take care to follow the research sponsors and advertisers, so if you have any of these qualifications come forward by contacting us via email at info (at) 6inrete.it or through the already mentioned groups on Facebook), we want to give you a new machinima we think very interesting.

        It advertises the next edition of Machinima Expo on Second Life which we have already memtioned and offers an example of the state of the production technique of this content and how the language of art has evolved with it. We are certainly going to an increasingly mobile web, more and more visual, less static and textual: Mondivirtuali.it knows this and is going to give you all an exciting new surprise. But we have already written too much, have a nice vision and see you next time!

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        RicoRacer FluxIf, in addition to virtual worlds you follow social networks and online communities dedicated to fans of graphic art as Flickr or Koinup maybe you would have known it: since a few days ago RicoRacer Flux, one of the most famous virtual fashion male models in Second Life who with his virtual partner Editorial Clarity has created the blog Confession of a Second Life Top Model and the “in world” group UrWorld, decided to promote “Stand4Love” (this is the blog and the Flickr’s group), “an awareness charity project to promote the visibility and rights” of loving couples of all types “to have the right to marry and be recognized by the law across the world”.

        Stand4LoveAs is rightly pointed out by the Stand4Love project, “each one of us has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the right to love and be loved in return”, for Rico, and we agree, “the freedom to love is fundamental as the freedom to breathe. Two adults should have the right to love without discrimination and intolerance. Marriage should be available to any loving couple. Let’s end hatred and discrimination now. Stand up and be counted”!

        Even Mondivirtuali.it decided to support Stand4Love and if you like you can support it too. How? Follow this link you’ll find all the rules to participate with your images (1024×1024 or 512xz512 pixels each, with the logo of Stand4Love, freely available in the blog), your articles on blogs and sites, or the sponsorship of the event if you’re virtual designers or a “business” owner in Second Life. Stand4LoveAnd let you know to Rico or Edi (contact them to this mail editorialclarity (at) gmail.com, of course by replacing (at) with @) before 15 July 2012, closing day of the event, so that they can also make adequate advertising to your contribution.

        You will be truly in good company as just in recent days we have seen excellent pictures and articles from dozens of users of Second Life, including many Italians. To be updated on these and other events that you do not have to follow Mondivirtuali.it on site, by the fanpage on Facebook or on Twitter. And if you find time to put your works on our group on Flickr you will have the pleasure of seeing your works also published on our homepage. So what are you waiting for join Stand4Love and let us see what you can do?

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        Art & Poetry Cover

        Art & PoetryTwenty-two weeks of exhibitions, one for each poem, with 132 works that represent them: these numbers summarize the Art & Poetry Project, a project we talked about yet developed and managed by Rosanna Galvani (aka Roxelo Babenco) that August 31 sees the end that the terms of participation and that will see the official opening Thursday, September 22, 2011, at 22.00 CET, at Piazza Plebiscito Napoli in Second Life and the following day, Friday, September 23, 2011, at the Museo del Metaverso in Opensim Craft. For the event six artists (Laura18 Streeter, Panteleimon Aeon, Eva_SL, Loquacia Loon, Crystalship Rehula and Harbor Galaxy) will try to represent poetry “’o pparlà napulitano”, that will be declaimed by the author, poet Carmen Auletta (aka Margye Ryba).

        Twenty-two “painted poems” of Carmen/Margye, exhibited in 22 places in virtual worlds, along with 132 works intended to illustrate them: an event that as explains Rosanna/Roxana which takes the form of “the continuation of the activities of Museo del Metaverso, in the already marked directionin the belief that virtual worlds arespaces, albeit with a strongemotional component, however, suitable for construction of complex cultural events”. The initiative will beimmersed in an international dimension, the cross-media and mixed reality, with the activationof a network that, through social networks, virtual worlds and physical locations, will seekpartnerships and collaborations with various subjects, internet players like Mondivirtuali.itand the world of culture and art in general.

        Art & PoetryThe first link with a place of art will take place in the second week of exhibitions, specifically from September 29 to October 2, 2011, a period in which a live streaming will be enabled with Cannes, the Croisette, where from 27 June is in progress a personal exhibition of Patrick Moya. In the same day will be a link with Bogota, Colombia, for the presentation of performance by Pyewacket Kazianenko, Kai Steamer and Jo Ellsmere. The initiative aims to focus attention on the art, through poetry, by linking new media art, born and developed in virtual worlds and the Neapolitan dialect poetry, born from the rich vein of contemporary poet Carmen Auletta. Two art forms that arise “from below” who meet in this project, communicating with each other.

        Poetry and art have value in itself, it will be interesting to see the meeting of the two kinds and the story that will emerge”,  concludes Rossana/Roxelo. Therefore, “will not be relevant different interpretations of Carmen’s poems bythe artists (You can see a preview there), will be important only the poems and the works on display and suggestions that they evoke”.

        The aim of the project is to let the two kinds talk and watch the story that poetry and art, in this case poetry in Neapolitan language and new media art, will do. We can only recommend to all who are interested in participating (ome places are still available depending on the single poem) to quickly find more information about here. For all other the scheduling of all the exhibitions can be found here while further information can be tracked as well as on Museo del Metaverso blog, on the group on Koinup.com and on Facebook.

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        Second Life is not dead

        Having to write in about why in Italy the interest in virtual worlds and Second Life in particular waned because of another sloppy, and frankly negligible, disparaging article, in this occasion appeared on the site of Vogue (here), is frankly depressing after more than four years I’m using Second Life and explore virtual worlds for personal and professional reasons.

        This while our site, Mondivirtuali.it in the meantime risen again to first place among the Italian ones dealing with this topic, with the highest numberof page views per player, the largest absolute number of visits and the highest time spent on site, see graph, compared to all direct competitors (less Koinup.com which by the way despite being an Italian project is an online community that brings together content by users all over the world). Mondivirtuali on AlexaYet the angry reactions that I’ve seen many times before in similar at all circumstances in previous years, this time produced over a stream of comments on the site of Vogue also  a “zombies meeting” as for fun but not too much someone wanted to define the meeting convened by Marina Bellini (aka Mexi Lane) at the land of MiC late last night (5/5/2011).

        A meeting where talked many of the 80 avatars present (i.e. with the current limits of made ​​in Linden Lab technology constantly near land full), expressing shared evaluation, passionate defenses of the medium, and experiences, meaningful criticisms and some valuable suggestions. Of all this you can find a moviewitness filmed by a Margye Ryba (aka Carmen Auletta, we told you about her here), at this adress.

        Marina Bellini Mexi LaneTo sum ​​it all: to show that SL is not dead and people continue to use it for interesting experiments should on the one hand increased competence of those who want to use it professionally (and rather too often does a hobby), a culture more focused on new technologies (which is often lacking in Italy) as well as art and culture itself in the broad sense, finally, the possibility (or willingness) to share listings, events, experiences, so widespread on all means available (websites, video channels, blogs, profiles and fanpages on social network like Facebook and so on).

        That would probably also find that sense of community that is much appreciated by those who want to use Second Life for fun without necessarily having to become expert in something.

        Everything nice and all right, but I am sure nothing will change unfortunately (of course I always hope to be contradicted by the facts): the Italian press has flaws that go well beyond the inability to speak correctly of Second Life; Linden Lab took a series of decisions (from rising fees to the closure of Second Life Enterprise until the lack of development of targets and rules of the game for those who appreciate the fun side of the platform) that go far beyond the ability of Italian users to protest or react to them; Italian users themselves continue to be highlyself referential and are not able to perceive a real reason to use this medium to those who are not already using it.

        mondivirtuali fanpage on FBMondivirtuali.it is always available to give visibility to all of you (with articles or advertising), consistent with the time at my disposal, with the superposition of events of different nature and importance nationally  and internationally (in SL, in the virtual worlds and in RL), and with my and your budget.

        In the end it’s all here: are you (are we) willing to invest time and money on this tool and these targets? Do you (we) have the skills to use it well and make it known to those who do not use it? Are you (we) willing to “be a community” as it is done abroad? If thee answer is yes you/we will speak for a long time of Second Life and all present and future alternative platforms, if not… weell, pax et bonum.

        Have a good day, I hasten to write for a fee, having still to  work for a living, if you want to add or clarify, please enter your comments (and express your “like” i.e. join our fanpage on Facebook, thanks).