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    Minecraft Story Mode 5 cover

    Minecraft Story Mode 5Time flies: in September 2015 on Mondivirtuali.it we talked about Minecraft Story Mode, a videogame developed by TellTale Games in partnership with Mojang based on characters as Jessie characterizable by the player whose appearance is quite similar to that of the characters of Minecraft.

    It seemed difficult if not impossible to combine a linear narrative as essentially is a video game, with a virtual world like Minecraft but TellTale Games seems to have succeeded rather well since that after only six months it has already reached the fifth episode, called “Order Upoutgoing on March 29 for Pc, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as for mobile devices iOS and Android.

    Minecraft Story Mode 5Not only during 2016 will be posted at least three more episodes, in add onmode then purchased only by those who are already in possession of at least the first episode of Minecraft Story Mode. The story of this fifth chapter takes place on the sky blocks (ie the flying islands reminiscent of the game Skylanders).

    Waiting to hear your opinions on the game, here’s a trailer of the fifth episode of Minecraft Story Mode. Enjoy it and if you want to know how it will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      Lego Worlds cover

      Lego Worlds city largeGiven the success of Minecraft, famous “sandbox game” created by Markus Persson (founder of Mojang) in 2011 with already over 100 million whose creators have become billionaires by selling the same Mojang at Microsoft for about 2,5 billion dollars, it was inevitable: Lego, given also the strong success, last year, of The Lego Movie, makes its entrance in the field of virtual worlds with its own world, Lego Worlds, developed by TT Games (British developer bought in 2007 by Warner Bros which holds the worldwide rights to develop video games branded Lego) that promises to be exciting as much as the competitorat least judging by the preview video seen on Steam.

      Lego Worlds carachtersHowever one thing is a promotional video, another feeling that can thrill to players entering in Lego Worlds and trying to explore, edit, create new environments, palaces and castles, customize characters. Maybe that’s why Lego has decided to allow an early access, that is basically the ability to play the game when it is still in a beta stage with a development not entirely completed.

      The choice is doing discuss lovers of colored bricks and video games in general, because according to some this choice does not make much sense, while for others it is an opportunity not to be missed for trialling the new platform that promises to give a hard time to MinecraftOf course, coming into Lego Worlds and trying toplaynow you are likely to encounter incomplete scenarios, with few characters, weapons or equipment to be used, or experience features and settings that may be changed in the final version or be totally abandoned.

      Lego Worlds veichleBut Second Life‘s experience, for nearly 13 yearsplayed” in beta version by about a million active users, shows that those who manage to treasure the suggestions and requests coming from their player base can be significantly advance its platform, transforming one of the many video game titles, the success of which is normally expected to run out within a few months or at most a few years, in case of a long-lasting success. If virtual worlds and games like Minecraft and Lego Worlds intrigue you and you want to stay up to date, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      Svebosin Castle - Minecraft

      I must admit, in recent weeks along with my son Davide I’m really into Minecraft, that in addition to being a successful game at the boys around the world (according to the counter Minecraft.net  buyers of just the PC / Mac releases were at the end of 2015 over 21.65 millions, while the total number of sales exceeded 60 millions and that of the users has long over 100 millions) continues to offer enormous possibilities the best content creators, that can create and distribute “custom map” (ie additional maps that can be downloaded from the internet and added to the base of the Mojang’s virtual world) and insert buildings in Minecraft of any kind.

      Minecraft, 10 buildings to admire

      Some of these buildings are truly spectacular, whether arising in individual projects and collaborative. Today I want to show you 10 amazing buildings made by Minecraft’s fans.

      The golden city

      Golden City -MinecraftLet’s start by The Golden City developed by the German player Sanakan Soryu or “San” initially with the idea of recreating the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but which is then grown far beyond.

      The Air Kingdom

      Air Kingdom - MinecraftAnother beautiful fantasy city is The Air Kingdom, a flying city (with its vessels, in turn able to sail the skies) made by Ka2stgo, author among other things of even more “realistic” buildings such as a Louvre Palace and several churches and castles.

      King’s Landing

      Minecrat - King's landingA collaborative project organized by Cyborgratchet is instead King’s Landing, ie the replica of the capital of the seven kingdoms of “Game of Thrones”, the famous television series of Hbo; to Cyborgratchet are also due Winterfell and The Dreadfort, always inspired by the same television series.

      Minas Tirith

      Minas Tirith MinecraftIf you love “classic” fantasy, try to visit the Minecraft version of Minas Tirith, the “white tower” which one speaks in “The Return of the King” of J.R.R. Tolkien and that had already inspired Weta Workshop artists, New Zealand company founded in 1987 by Richard Taylor which sees the director Peter Jackson (author of the successful film trilogy Lord of the Rings) among its main shareholders.

      The cinematographic Minas Tirith

      MinasTirith - WetaThe comparison between the model in Minecraft by Cornbass and that achieved by New Zealand artists is really difficult, which one do you prefer?

      Moria’s cave

      Moria - MinecraftIf you love Tolkien but, what the heck, you think about Minecraft you have to dig mines, try to take a look at Moria mines reconstructed by the French team of Eventime (eight builders engaged for 3 weeks in the development).

      City Building Project

      City Building Projet - MinecraftDo you love the realistic reconstructions? Then the collaborative project managed by Rikkuness, City Building Project, in which they emerge clear influences of contemporary New York and Chicago, is for you.

      Reinassance Styled Town

      Reinassance Town MinecraftBut a platform as Minecraft also allows to space in time and to reconstruct, for example, a Gothic cathedral, as with the Reinassance Styled Town managed by Crpeh.

      Santiago de Compostela cathedral

      Santiago Compostela - MinecraftIf you like cathedrals, Roi_Louis has one for you truly exceptional, which took more than two months of full work (on average 5 hours per day): that of Santiago de Compostela.

      Frozen castle

      Arendelle - MinecraftIf instead you prefer more “cool” location you can always opt for Arendelle, the fictional Norwegian town immortalized by “Frozen” of Disney Company. The Minecraft version has required its implementer, ilikutepeople, a month of hard work but the result is truly remarkable.

      Nasa Space Shuttle

      Space Shuttle - MinecraftLast but not least, if you like space but want to stay down to earth without too let your imagination run wild, you can always visit one of the many Space Shuttles reconstructed by the builders of Minecraft. I like particularly that of Sws2012, but if you search the web you can find also others.

      Did you like these 10 large buildings in Minecraft or you would have selected other works (see for example in the community Minecraft Building)? We await your opinion in the comments here on Mondivirtuali.it, but please follow us and commente also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li, as well as on Youtube).

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        Minecraft on XboxAt the end of 2006, during the “media hype”, circulated the rumor of an interest of Google to buy Linden Lab and throw in the fascinating (but problematic, as it would be seen in the following years) virtual worlds sector. They were not revealed official figures though someone had shot: not less than 1.65 billion Dollars, i.e. the same amount Google paid for Youtube in October 2006. It all came to nothing but recently new rumors resurfaced about an interest from Facebook, which may seem so unlikely even saw that it was the same Facebook to buy, last March, Oculus Rift fo 2 billion Dollar. For now, however, nothing has been announced.

        Instead, what could be announced later this week or more likely the next (as it was, see below the breaking news, ed), according to three sources cited from Bloomberg, is that it is time to jump into the fray can be Microsoft. Xbox game console’s producer would in fact have already started negotiations with the shareholders of Mojang, i.e. the company that developed the highly successful Minecraft (of which we wrote some times ago and that in the meantime has come to 1.8 release). Also in this case the figure would be the same as always: around 2 billion Dollars.

        my son Davide on MinecraftIt would be a “premiere” for the new Ceo of the group founded by Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, that last February replaced his predecessor in the role, Steve Ballmer, who is trying to refocuse the group known for softwares like Windows, Office or Explorer to web services and cloud-based computing.

        Even more than in the case of Google-Linden Lab or Facebook-Linden Lab the operation appears to have a sense of both commercial and financial: Minecraft is one of the coolest “titles” on Xbox, while Microsoft has several billions of Dollars of liquidity in foreign subsidiaries and could therefore invest “optimizing” its capital (and avoiding having to pay over taxes, which would be the same if repatriate cash). Even Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, has always held good relations with the American company and therefore could eventually be convinced. After all would have over 2 billion good reasons.


        Microsoft has officially announced the acquisition of Mojang, but for an amount higher than that hypothesized: 2,5 billion Dollars. Definitely good news for Markus Persson, I wonder if you can say the same for fans of Minecraft and virtual worlds in general. Btw, if you want to find out more, continue to follow us as well on the website also through our account on Twitter or our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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        Oculus Rift teamVirtual worlds again becoming a “hot” topic for investors? For sure in a few hours some announcements have shaken the field of virtual reality: if the former creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedaleraised 2.5 million dollars from True Venture for his new startup, High Fidelity of which we have already spoken, Luxottica signed a partnership with Google to “design, develop and deploy a new generation of glasses for Glass”. But the big shot is that of Facebook, which buy Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars, ie nearly a thousand times the figure obtained by Iribe Brendan and Palmer Luckey in August 2012 through Kickstarter to be able to produce the first viewers for 3D virtual reality.

        A relatively modest investment for a group with a market capitalisation of more than 155 billion dollars and that paid a month ago 19 billion dollars for WhatsApp also because in the end the Mark Zuckerberg company pays out “only” 400 million dollars in cash and sells 23.1 million shares accounted for 1.6 billion dollars, while the last 300 million will be paid only if certain milestones are achieved, which means that it might not be ever if things do not turn out as hoped (as found at the time by the founders of Club Penguin whom signed a similar agreement with Disney). If you are Mondivirtuali.it reader Oculus Rift is not new to you because a few days ago Linden Lab announced the launch of a beta-testing just about a Second Life viewer able to connect with the viewers of Oculus Rift.

        Oculus RiftIn a letter to his users community the 22 years old Luckey Palmer (which you see also below in a picture of Daniel C. Griliopoulos and of which you can read here some other informations) explained that he realized that “VR technology wasn’t just possible, it was almost ready to move into the mainstream” and that “all it needed was the right push”. Such a move, let instead be known on Twitter Markus Persson, Minecraft creator, was even in the project of Mojang, but was canceled because, as explained by Persson, “Facebook makes me uncomfortable” so even though they had been initiated “talkings to possibly bring a version of Minecrat in Oculus”, Persson himself has “canceled the deal”.

        An opinion that seems shared by many bloggers, gamers and fans of virtual reality that at this time commenting, mostly negatively, the news, despite Palmer himself has explained to believe that the partnership with Facebook is “a unique opportunity” which “accelerates our vision, allows us to execute on some of our most creative ideas and take risks that were otherwise impossible”. Virtual reality, in short, “is coming, and it’s going to change the way we play games forever”. Those who are certainly satisfied with the agreement are Spark Capital and Matrix Partners, two venture funds, which last year had invested $ 19 million in two rounds of funding each (in June and in December) and which now find themselves, according to Bloomberg,two shareholdings valued at $ 380 million each.

        Waiting to see how things evolve for Oculus Rift and virtual worlds, I point out that even Mondivirtuali.it is about to be renewed and is looking for new donors, members and partners, for departing from the scope of the blogosphere and become a “serious” project able to hold high the Italian flag in this sector. I am convinced that the skills and enthusiasm we have, the interest also, what is missing is a knowledge of the pitch and competitors and potential users whose Mondivirtuali.it wants to continue to inform more and more and more and better. Keep on, then follow the site as well as our Twitter account an our Facebook fanpage (but we are even on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li) if you want to know more about.

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        Minecraft 100 millions

        February 25, 2014: a date that will remain in the history of Minecraft, the Swedish virtual world (technically a “sand box” game in which the player can freely create and edit content, but without import/export outside) created by Markus Persson launched in 2011 (the first alpha version was born in 2009, in late 2010 was launched the beta version) that has experienced a worldwide success. Persson has in fact tweetted that “we’ve reached 100 million registered users on the original Minecraft”, adding that until now there is a “14.3% conversion rate to paid accounts. Wow!

        Minecraft Xbox 360For those who do not know Minecraft is a video game developed by Mojang AB, available both on computers and on smartphones / tablets (in Android and iOS versions), as well as for the main consoles (XBox and PlayStation, but not Wii) adored by children and young people in the age group ranging from 10 to 15 years at least. My son, eleven year old, we played for almost a year at least 2-3 hours a week, looking for videos on Youtube that show you how to build from castles torollercoaster and inviting home friends who also own the game to let them see how he is good orto be taught a few new “builder” tricks. The socialization of children and teenagers in the twenty-first century is also expressed through the use of these type of instruments.

        While other platforms such as Second Life, focused opn an older audience, initially were able to generate greater media coverage, but were laterforgotten by the media themselves (although they continue to be active and perfectly stable as the number of active users and total turnover), Minecraft did not generate a similar media hypedespite his success, that does not stop the sold copies of the game or downloads: in the wake of its increasing popularity are, in fact, born of the setsof Lego characters inspired by the environmentand the characters of Minecraft, a documentary produced by 2PlayerProductions (“Minecraft – The Story of Mojang”), sold online from 8 to 20 Dollars depending on the version and he production of which was funded by the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com, and a long series of books, manuals an adventure tales, for sale on Amazon.

        MinecrafAlso usable in multi-player mode and online, Minecraft (whose tutorials are available on the website of Mojang, also involved in the development of Scrolls and Cobalt) offers according to many experts in the field (opinion also confirmed by an “average user” as my son) a good mix of elements of exploration, construction and adventure, even if someone pointed out that might give the impression of a game not completely finished (but this kind of criticism seems to me inevitable in a platform that wants to give creative freedom to its users, as is well known to fans of Second Life).

        If still you have doubts about the validity of this game/virtual world, know that always Persson in December last year had reported how the PC version had already exceeded 13 million copies soldand that for the XBox360 10 million copies. Currently the game is on sale in Italy for 20,98 € in the Xbox 360 version, while the pocket version for Android smartphones costs 4,99 €: this is like saying that you can choose the version you prefer both based on the platform and on your pockets(there are of course free demos of all versions): ease of use, usability across multiple platforms, modular price. Three characteristics that largely explain the deserved success of what some have dubbed the Swedish “digital Lego”.

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          PoptropicaVirtual worlds continue to enjoy good health, at least those dedicated to the “teen” and in general for users under the age of 25 years, at the end of June had reached a total of over 972 million registered accounts,on a total of approximately 1.4 billion accounts for all the virtual worlds. A success that involves, according to numbers released by consulting firm Kzero (you can find them here), worlds like Poptropica (platform dedicated to 6-15 years old users, which in the second quarter registered 26 millions of new users, reaching a total of 170 millions), Stardoll (+22 millions at 116 millions total), Habbo Hotel (+20 millions at 220 millions), Moshi Monsters (+16 millions at 50 millions) and for a lesser extent IMVU (+5 millions, reaching 55 millions total) and Minecraft (+5millions at 10 millions).

          Instead remains a niche far less lively virtual worlds aimed at users over 25 years,  like Second Life (at the end of semester up to 27 million of registered accounts), with a total growth of only 3 millions (42 millions total), just over 1,4% of the total growth of new accounts in the quarter (214 million overall). To be true, more users do not necessarily mean more loyal users or users who are most willing to “spend” in order to obtain a better online experience, so it would be interesting to know how many of these “newbies” continue to use the platforms to which sign up (apparently subscribing to multiple platforms, since the number of Internet users around the world should slightly exceed the 11-1,1 billion units) and what is the ARPU (average revenue per user) of the different virtual worlds.

          moshi monsterAs s consolation for “adult” users (over 30 years),Second Life remains by far the platform with most members, followed far from Utherverse (the second platform developed by Red Light Center, even in this case dedicated only to adult users) with 8 million registered users, while Blue Mars and Twinity are virtual worlds collecting only a small fraction of users (generally around or less than one million accounts), with only eRepublic (2.5 million subscribers) able to overcome the barrier of 2 million accounts in all other virtual worlds for over 25 years users. In short, if you had not realized, for now the typical mode of use of virtual worlds is that of the online games, addressed to a young audience. For other uses, in the artistic, educational or business fields, Second Life with all its limits does not seem to have many alternatives (unless you look at IMVU, that is frequented by users with an average age around 22-23 years, or at 45 millions registered users of Dofus, which have an average age slightly higher, around 23-24 years).