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minecraft story mode season 2 finale cover

Minecrat Story Mode, a good mix

Do you remember Minecraft Story Mode (MCSM), the episodic adventure game published by Telltate Games in partnership with Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, sold to Microsof (despite some doubts) for 2.5 billion dollars?

We talked about at its launch and when the last chapter (the fifth of the series) of the first season was published, pointing out how MCSM was a good mix between game and linear storytelling, an “hybrid” between television and virtual worlds model.

3 adds on after season one

To be true, as already discovered video gamers, after the first season (“Season Pass”) Jesse and his friends lived three more adventure during 2016, published like “adds on” of Season One (episode 6, “A Portal to Mistery”, episode 7, “Access Denied” and episode 8, “A Journeys’ End?”).

These three episodes, as a whole known as “Adventure Pass”, concluded indeed the first season and it seemed they could conclude the whole series.

Will this season be the last one?

But not: this year were published other 4 episodes of the second season (until now known just as “Season 2”), which chronologically is set up around 5-7 years after the adventures of the first season, “Hero in Residence”, “Giant Consequences”, “Jainhouse Block” and “Below the Bedrock”, as always beginning from just before the summer.

These days even the second season ends with a fifth episode, “Above and Beyond”. Waiting for you to be able to find it in the shops, here is is the teaser of the fifth episode, Season Two, of Minecraft Story Mode.

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    Minecraft Microsoft cover

    Not always is enough to be a “guru”, a visionary geek or a top manager to understand to be in front of a deal that should not be missed. Take for instance Bill Gates, founder and first Ceo of Microsoft, and Steve Ballmer, his right-hand man and successor: both didn’t support the idea of buying Minecraft, according to what Ballmer’s successor and current Ceo of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, claims in his book “Hit Refresh” pointing out that the first one who proposed the deal waas Phil Spencer.

    Minecraft Microsoft Phil Spencer

    Minecraft: Phil Spencer figured it out

    Spencer, since March 2014 head of the Xbox brand, recently has been promoted by Nardella to the role of Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Gaming and according to what his “boss” claims would have suggested the deal way before it really happened (in September 2014, for 2.5 billion dollars), but initially it all came to nothing because of the opposition of a top manager (it should have been Don Mattrick, former Ceo fo Zynga, at times Microsoft’s President of the Interactive Entertainment Business and head of Xbox operations).

    Indeed fans don’t decrease

    Despite opposition or concerns of his bosses, Spencer at the end been the winner and now even Gates and Ballmer, pointed out Nardella, understand the wisdom of that decision which originally didn’t understand. Moreover, despite the years, Minecraft’s fans don’t diminish and sales now exceed 122 million units since the launch, in2009, while Minecraft Marketplace, launched just in June 2017, already crossed one million dollars of in-game items sales.

    Minecraft Microsoft users

    The second best-selling videogame ever

    Minecraft is already the second best-selling videogame in history, just behind Tetris (495 million units sold) but ahed of Wii Sports (82 million units) and Grand Theft Auto V (65 million units). Every month 40 million users play Minecraft, a number that make those of other virtual worlds like World of Warcraft (with a peak around 12 million monthly users) or Second Life (which has never gone beyond 1.1-1.2 million monthly users) make pale.

    Congrats to Phil Spencer

    So congrats to Phil Spencer, who insisted without getting daunt by contrary opinion of worlwide experts as they were his bosses in Microsoft, and if you wanna know how this will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      Minecraft Pokemon cover

      The “user generated content” virtual worlds are online platforms like Second Life, Imvu or Minecraft that allow to develop users’ creativity in many ways and to share the results like few others social media enable.

      Sharing your content

      With Second Life and Imvu many users have specialised in making (and selling) accessories for avatar and buildings setting up whole sims, with Minecraft advanced users developed amazing locations (here you can find 10 fantastic buildings in Minecraft) and mods able to enhance the game (these is our top 20 Minecraft mods).

      Minecraft Pokemon
      Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst in Minecraft

      Notably,  the Phoenix Projects team (this is their site) after two and a half years working realized and made available a single-player custom map for Minecraft 1.8.8, Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst, within which an adventure has been settled similar to the gameplay of the lucky Nintendo franchisee, with the difference to be in a 3D virtual worlds, Minecraft, freely open.

      A region filled with 136 Pokemons

      Phoenix Projects’ team realized a very impressive undertaking, not even resorting to mod to succceed in their own goal. Downloading Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst you’ll get a fully new region, 136 curbstones Pokemons and an original adventure to play. But first watch the video to find all information needed to understand how to work it.

      What do you think?

      What do you think about Phoenix Project’s work we’ve presented? Please leave a comment and if you like share this article, you will help us to cover always better the items you prefer!

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        Herobrine cover

        Herobrine is backIf you don’t know Herobrine you can’t say to be a true Minecraft’s fan. Officially this scary character never appeared on any game’s release developed by Mojang, in fact officially there is no references to Herobrine in all the source code as well as there is no code which allows an entity to di transform into Herobrine.

        Herobrine is back

        Yet almost every year many users shall report Herobrine’s sighting in the different game’s releases, the latest of them being youtuber Suprsoup, who in June 2016 was able to shoot it in the video that you can see just below, in Minecraft 1.8.9 / 1.9.

        The first appearance in 2010

        Minecraft community stated talking about Herobrine in August 2010, when Minecrafterrysooften channel on Livestream put up online a video, entitled “Live Show [Procaster] Mon Aug 30 2010 11:24:42 AM” in which Herobrine appeared in a single player game.

        Was it just a fake? Maybe, but the following year Minecraft’s creator, Markus Persson aka Notch (Herobrine woule be the avatar of a dead brother of Notch himself) confirmed on Twitter that he wanted to officially place Herobrine in Minecraft.

        Notch gives up Herobrine

        A few months later, in October 2010, Notch changed his mind, explaining that he no longer want to add Herobrine in Minecraft, decision stated several times in the following years, including he never had a brother, but just a half brother.

        According to some Herobrine it’s just the character of a creepypasta developed by the same Notch, who of course never confirmed. In the meantime, however, Minecraft community flipped out over Herobrine and many players developed mods to spawn the scary character in Minecraft.

        Pay attention to these signs

        Herobrine totemSo if sometimes in Minecraft you are standing in a wood of birch, or you discover a totem with a 3×3 golden block base and a netherhack block in the middle, or appear a sign that says “It’s me”, maybe you should watch your back, Herobrine happen to be near.

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          Minecraft mods cover

          We already explained what are the Minecraft mods, now is time to try to establish a ranking of the 20 best mods for Minecraft, complete with a link for those who wish to download them, reminding you, however, that in many cases you must first have installed Minecraft Forge so that they work.

          Minecraft mods, our top 20 (+1)

          But let’s not waste any more time and we go straight to the top 20 of the Minecraft mods, starting from the twentieth until the first.

          No Cubes Minecraft mods20. Are you tired of only having a world in cubes? Then try the No Cubes mod, you can find it here

          19. If you love industrial landscapes, you can’t loose the Buildcraft mod, which you can find here

          18. Maybe you prefer tropical landscapes? Then you should download the Tropicraft mod, from here

          17. With all griefers that are out there, security is never enough. To be sure, download the Securitycraft mod from here

          16. Herobrine is a legend a in Minecraft, what do you think about download the Herobrine mod so to know more abou? You can find it here

          15. Do you love superheroes? Then the Superheroes mod is for you, download it from here

          14. The oceans can be a challenging environment in Minecraft, especially if you’ll animate them with new mobs, new blocks, and more thanks to the Oceancraft mod, which you can download from here

          13. Perhaps more of the oceans, you prefer space? Enjoy it in Minecraft version thanks to Galacticraft mod, downloading it from here

          12. Pokemon fans, now you can have your favorites directly in Minecraft through the Pixelmon mod, which you can find here

          11. Anyone of you loves Plant vs Zombies? Now you can play it even in Minecraft, just downloading the PlantsVsZombies mode from here

          Walking Dead Minecraft mods10. If you like zombies, you just could not avoid to download Walking Dead mod, from here

          9. If you are Whovian, you will love this mod that will bring Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen, but also the costumes and almost every aspect of the Tv series in Minecraft. The Dalek Mod is waiting you here

          8. Did you like tv series Breaking Bad? Why don’t you try to recreate it in Minecraft thanks to namesake mod, which you can find here

          7. Explosives in Minecraft there are not enough for liking of some. If you think so the  More Explosive mod is the one that‘s right for you, download it from here

          6. For your raids in Minecraft may you need nuclear weapons, giant robots, Tesla towers? Then download the Rival Rebel mod from here

          5. What about flying in Minecraft with your helicopter? Download the Helicopter mod and you will be able to do it, from here

          4. How many times have you thought that I had too many items in your inventory? Try to solve the problem with TooManyItems mod, which you can find here

          3. To furnish your home or you are a skilled builder or you might find very useful the Furniture Mod. You can download from here

          2. Wanna make Minecraft more realistic? The Unbelievable Shader mod  allows you to have the shadows inside of your world (as well as leaves, grass and sea waves that move), you can find it here

          OptifineHD Minecraft mods1. What a player want from any online gaming? That there is minimal lag and maximum playability.To play Minecraft in the best way to download the  Optifine HD mod from “optifine.net/downloads”.

          Please note that Google put Optifine in its blacklist of suspected phishing sites which may contain malicius codes. So if you prefere, here is another fantastic mod for Minecraft,  Journeymap, that let you create maps of your world. You can find and download it from here.

          Do you like our top 20 (+1) Minecraft mods, or do you think to know some better mods?

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          Minecraft Education Edition cover

          MinecrafEduMinecraft not just as a game but also as an educational tool: MinecraftEdu, educational version of the Mojang game created by the Finnish indipendente developer Teacher Gaming, already been used by thousands classrooms in 40 countries worlwide.

          Now the announcement that Microsoft (which in 2014 bought Mojang) plans to launch a new version of Minecraft, i.e. Minecraft Education Edition, based on MinecraftEdu, just bought by Microsoft, and with a free demo version, fmakes you understand how much Microsoft point on Minecraft to gowrth in the field of education.

          Minecraft Education developed for schools

          With MinecraftEdu teachers from around the world have already begun to engage students in subjects ranging from history to geography, from math to coding, proposing challenges to be solved in the classroom or at home.

          Minecraft is a fundamental step in that process ofgamificationwhich has long been developing in education, as well as professional field; seems only natural that Microsoft intends to leverage this virtual world to regain a prominent place in the industry with a dedicated version of it.

          Better maps and multiplayer mode

          Minecraft Education Edition studentsMinecraft Education Edition will have maps with better coordinates to teach kids how to navigate in the virtual world and a multiplayer mode that will be able to hold up to 40 users simultaneously.

          In practice, an entire class of students and teachers who can bring together online to create a group project or work-school, especially as the new edition will have a social component dedicated teachers, in which they can share projects and lessons developed with Minecraft.

          Microsoft has already fixed the price, very affordable, at $ 5 per student, who will receive and associated Microsoft account and can download and use Minecraft Education Edition from home.

          If you want to stay abreast of developments in the use of virtual worlds and virtual reality devices and augmented reality also in education, keep following Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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            Minecraft update cover

            Minecraft City by BlueBlankeyChristmas gift in advance for all the fans of Minecraft, the popular sand box game developed by Mojang in which players can create objects and landscape of every kind (we already reported some of the best months ago), even thanks to many mods. So far, the virtual world of Mojang saw the PC release a cut above the console release, but the 1.8.8 update of the release for Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 e Playstation 4 (the update for the Playstation Vita should came in a few days, that for the Win U will be released in 2016, as reported by the developers) should practically eliminate the gap.

            The official blog of Mojang presents in detail the bugs fixed and more features added, the various new items, blocks and biomes (environments of various types, in which there are often some of the rarest materials in the game, such as emeralds, and fulfilling the characteristics of real environments that they go to recreate). The number of elements introduced both for the creative mode is for all other modes is really high so I recommend to read the full list on the blog; to visually see what changes here’s a video trailer.

            What do you think? Let us know what you think and if you want to stay updated on the latest news of Minecraft and other video games and virtual worlds and technology in general, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

            Minecraft VR cover

            Virtual reality: in theory it interesting to all and announcements of the upcoming launch of new VR versions for games and virtual worlds already on the market for years has been wasted. But something is not right yet: first of all have not yet been made official launch dates of the various 3D viewers, even if Oculus Rift should launch its device in the first quarter of 2016, then also the cost is not yet determined with certainty, however a first indication talks ofnot less than 350 dollars” for the consumer version of Oculus Rift.

            Minecraft VR viewConsidering that to the cost of the display will be added the possible hand controller and a computer or at least a suitable graphics card, total cost could be between 500 and 1,000 dollars so you can experience the virtual reality experience from the comfort of your living room. Not much money, but neither modest, so will have to be enough content to justify the purchase decision.

            Mondivirtuali.it already explained how No Man’s Sky risk of being late to the appointment (both for the complexity of the development of the game, both to favor the development of releases for traditionalplatforms, maybe less exciting but more economically profitable at the time), now comes the news that to assist the debut of the consumer version of Oculus Rift should be Minecraft.

            This was announced a few days ago at Oculus Connect 2 by Microsoft, which last year bought Mojang (the producer of Minecraft) and decided to resume the project of developing a VR edition of the famous cubes game after than Markus “Notch” Persson (founder and Ceo of Mojang) prefered to stop the project because of the Oculus Rift acquisition by Facebook.

            Minecraft VR Oculus Connect 2For the moment being able to be played in virtual reality will be Minecraft Windows 10 Edition that is, the release for PC that use the new operating system from Microsoft, but since 70 million of the more than 100 million copies sold relating to the PC version, it might be a good starting point.

            The question however remains: at the time some survey revealed that just 1% of the players are said be interested in purchasing the Oculus Rift and, moreover, as the typical player of Minecraft is a young boy, the buying decision may depend on other factors (parental income, academic performance, conducting of other recreational activities or sports, etc) that would ultimately further slow the adoption of new technology.

            So for now it seems that many will continue to talk about virtual reality, even among Minecraft enthusiasts, but not necessarily immediate purchases to follow words. If you want to know how it will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).