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Felix Hernandez Rodriguez cover

Felix Hernandez RodriguezI’ve already reported the 10 best free photo editors that you can find online to improve your virtual images, today I want to show what you could create with a little imagination, some toys or scale models, appropriate backdrops and lights, a good camera and of course a photo editor: visual artworks in which virtual and real merge, as in the works of Felix Hernandez Rodriguez.

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez: from Star Wars to Spitfires

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez kerberosI chose the Mexican designer and photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez since I consider him a true visual artist (like many graphic dreamer of which I have spoken for years) who succeeds to mix the best of these elements, showing how, beside “normal” portraits and lansdcapes you can recreate scenes from Star Wars, taking pictures of dogfights between Messerschmitts and Spittfires over Londra in the Second World War, rather than a love car in the middle of a snowstorm or young fishermen in the fog.

Tens of photos to create the perfect image

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez Lego Star WarsTo succeed Felix Hernandez Rodriguez doesn’t hesitate to take tens of pictures in studio or outdoors, which then he uses to create a single, perfect, image, rich in detail, studying carefully the lights and the backgrounds and melting together multiple images thanks to a photo editor. So toys come to life in fantastic locations, along with real plants and animals, or even men. A Lego Star Wars X-fighter is photographed while it’s about to fall, a medieval knight crossing a misty sea aboard a leaf-shaped boat, a Spitfire awaits to leave from an airport in the middle of winter while another duels in the sky with a Messerchmitt.

Much more than just toy photography

The examples could go on and on, my advice is to follow directly the gallery of Felix Hernandez Rodriguez or his Youtube channel (but you can find him even on Facebook) and try to steal the secrets that himself most of the time gladly reveal if you want to try to imitate and recreate works of visual art similar to his own. And just think that someone simply call all of thistoy photography”. It seems to me however that the result obtained by Felix Hernandez Rodriguez using these toys is excellent, do you agree? Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 01Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 02Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 03Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 04Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 05Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 06Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 07Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 08Felix Hernandez Rodriguez miniature toy photography 09

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    Gioelececed Cover

    Gioelececed I love RenoirAmong the most elegant “graphic dreamers” pointed out by our very busy Luciana Pinazzo (come back Luciana, this site is waiting for you…) there is surely Gioelececed, aka Jinny Silvershade in Second Life, aka Giovanna Silvestri. Mondivirtuali.it contacted her for a short interview and she kindly agreed.

    Lukemary Slade: Giovanna, how was born your passion for computer graphics?

    Gioelececed: In RL I was a teacher of Latin and Greek in addition to being passionate about Art History and with the pastime of figurative drawing (with sanguine pencil); when I had to leave my job, for serious family reasons, through the reading of the “Guida facile alla tua prima Second Life of Lu Coronet (“Easy guide to your Second Life“, edited in 2007 by Sperling & Kupfer of wich talked Nunzia Mayo, ed), I fell in love with Second Life. Not satisfied with an avatar with my appearance, I created six other, to be able to photograph different female types and also a male model.

    L.S.: Do you use only the graphic editor of Second Life for your images or you do use editing programs like The Gimp, Photoshop or other?

    G.: I am a self-taught in the use of computer, my first attempts as a virtual photographer  date back to 2007. Shortly after, I started using habitually free editing program The Gimp, which allowed me to give more free rein to imagination and creativity. Digital photography has helped me to face and overcome difficult moments of my life.

    Gioelececed look at meL.S.: Do you have an inspirational theme for your work, a single narrative, or each image is a story in itself?

    G.: My images are inspired, for the most part, to well-known songs, but also to haute couture of some famous fashion designers in Second Life and the greek-roman mythology. Each of my images had their own reason to be, at the precise moment in which it was born. I also enjoyed photographing artists that I initially appreciated on Koinup and subsequently met “in world”. Their friendship has been really valuable to me. Some, as La Baroque and Lookatmy Back, rather then Belinda Baroque, Susy Halcali and Reddline, have allowed me to exhibit my works in solo and group exhibitions as “Secret Ladies”, at BelBa Station, and Female Archetypes”, at Colore Art Gallery, both in 2010. From 2013 I collaborate with The Blue Moon Gallery, where I currently have five works on display in the exhibition “My Red Angels”.

    L.S.: What hits you in virtual worlds: avatars, environments, the possibility of confontarti with other artists, or more?

    G.: I was, and remain, a humanist. So the avatar is always the focus of my work.

    Gioelececed Gianni TestaL.S.: We noticed a certain resemblance in your latest works between your avatar and yourself and some friends. Do you feel “connected” to your characters?

    G.: Yes, even though in reality I find congenial also portray other artists, whether they are Koinuppers or musicians as Gianni Testa, the music maker and performer whose avatar I created myself and whom binds me a feeling of affection so deep that I hope to soon be able to do some kind of projects with him.

    L.S.: Greetings certainly, but do you have any other dream that you hope to achieve in the Art field?

    G.: Any other experience of artistic value attracts me: are exhibitions (online or in RL) of paintings or exclusive items of furniture, made in plexiglass or other material of good usability. I believe you can do a lot even if, for the moment, I am, and still I feel, an amateur appreciated, even a lot, but never, or almost never, economically supported.

    Gioelececed ed io ti sto cercando...L.S.: A tip for those who want to imitate you and start producing digital images using avatars and virtual worlds?

    G.: Who wants to start producing digital images in a metaverse, I recommend: passion, imagination, very hard work, ability to relate with other artists and industry professionals, in a manner always polite and attentive, but, above all, a great tenacity. And a lot, a lot of patience! A friendly kiss to all from your Gioelececed.

    L.S.: Many thanks to you for your exquisite availability, Gioelececed. And to our readers the usual advice: stay tuned on the site as well as through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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    Erzsebet Valeska

    ErzsebetIt happens sometimes that you surf through social media sites like Deviantart, Flickr, Koinup or Pinterest and find interesting images, with their own recognizable style, and you want to know the author and discover that is a person extremely nice. It happened to me recently with a Bulgarian girl, Erzsebet Valeska, using Second Life as a tool to produce images really refined, romantic, often combined with the text of songs or poems. I think that Erzsebet is a real “graphic dreamer” and I wanted to ask her where and how she takes inspiration to realize her works.

    Luciana Pinazzo: Your compositions based on Second Life editor are very full of colors and details. It’s your own style or do you take inspirations from the work of some RL artists?

    ErzsebetErzsebet Valeska: My inspiration comes from music, movies or books… then all is draft in my brain step by step like little scene from the real life, depending on what I can see at the moment, or which music I listened, but I usually create my pics like a little scenario, as a storyteller.

    LP: How did you decide to start create pictures from virtual worlds and is there any theme which you consider most (fashion, portrait, landscape…)?

    EV: Inspiration comes very spontaneous: it can be exploring a sim, or chatting about something particular with my friends and I can have a sort of “flash” speaking to me and suddenly giving me a desire or creativity.

    LP: How many times do you spend usually to create your work? Have you some advices to give to those fans of yours who would like to create images beautiful and rich of atmosphere like yours?

    ErzsebetEV: I never really measure how many times it takes to me, so I can’t really answer to this question. I can start one day and modify all the day after and finally changes some little details, or I can do all very quickly and work on Photoshop later. No one image is really the same as the others. The only advice I could give is: patience!

    LP: Within your albums on Flickr there is one (“It’s my life”) RL related. Do you love to take photograph in RL too, or is just a way to vary from SL related images?

    EV: AI love to take pictures in RL too! I love nature and I’m always surprise about all the beauties life can bring to us! So I love immortalizing some moments of this life.

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      Anna Anton cover

      Anna Anton Mr HNew graphic dreamer, which allows me to introduce a subject that intrigues me very recently, the use of sensual images, or even spicey, as a form of artistic expression.

      The artist I feature this week is Anna Anton who certainly has a gallery with many other interesting aspects, presenting portraits as Clovis the Argonauts which are far away from the classical canons of  “beauty” often used by those who use virtual worlds platforms as editor for their digital image. Interesting and not at all libertine are images like Mr.H., Mr. Collison’s Lullaby or D Major, rather than a beautiful landscape such as that of Remembering. But as I said I wanted to take advantage of the gallery of Anna to introduce the theme of sensuality in art: a theme that Anna Anton faces admirably in some of her latest images as I wish nothing but the best for you or Hearsomeness as well as the delicate Unspoken.

      By the way, Anna is not the only one koinupper to have made ​​very cute pictures. Try to give a look at the gallery of Emms (for instance Enticing), of Tessybaby (which I hope to see soon in Graphic Dreams with images as There’s just something about her…) or even of Meerbluebird (whom has recently added My mind in Graphic Dreams), of GuinneV (always with a very personal style as in Xtc), of Mira Anna Anton(see for example Owned) of Cindy Starostin (as with her Gothic Nude) and of course the two perhaps more “sensual” among the many graphics dreamers I have seen in recent months, Connie Sec and Paola Mills of which I will not mention any specific image more or I should make a list for each twice long of this article or omit images of excellent quality, so I recommend you go to visit regularly their galleries, like all other artists mentioned.

      I have at this point a single doubt: not that I wanted to do it on purpose I mentioned almost exclusively women and although there are also male graphic dreamers able to produce images evocative of “forbidden” or at least seductive dreams, they are a distinct minority. It will be just a coincidence? To you the answer and if you want the space to suggest to me other artists worth of a mention, the theme of sensuality and graphic dreams do not end here, you may be sure!

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      Paola Tauber cover

      Autumn 2009, it’s time of something new for Mondivirtuali.it/SLnn.it on the electronic pages of which kicks off an event that will offer you the job of a photographer chosen for us among thosewho make digital images from a avatar or an electronic landscape discovered or re-created in avirtual world like Second LifeLuciana Pinazzo will deal with this new book, she has long been our collaborator and lover of fashion and visual arts (if you have not already done, please take a look at her blog). Have a nice reading! (Sorry if the English translation came only on March 29, 2012, it was our fault!)

      Lukemary Slade

      Paola TauberI know the caracther of Paola Tauber for a long time, having had the opportunity to meet her both during and after her stay at the Jen School & Services of Jennyfer Miles and then at the international fashion agency of Rush Raymaker, Avenue Models. Paola to a charming style combines a feature that I personally appreciate very much: she is a person totallyintolerant of the art “star system“, ie she is “without airs and graces” at all, unlike many other characters undoubtedly talented, but too full of themselves.

      Paola è nata su Second Life il 5 aprile 2008, provenendo da un altro mondo virtuale dietro il consiglio di alcune sue amiche che avevano da poco iniziato a esplorare il metaverso della Linden Lab. “Sono rimasta tanto colpita che appena messo piede in SL ho abbandonato la vecchia casa senza più voltarmi indietro e, passati i primi momenti di sconforto (l’avatar di default era orribile!), grazie all’aiuto di alcuni amici ho iniziato a capire i concetti base e ad esplorare le possibilità offerte da SL”.

      Paola TauberAfter Jennyfer’s school for models, a chance has happened to Paola which was in many ways a unique opportunity and she took it: “Yes, I had a contract with Nex-Core, one of the most renowned fashion agencies. I soon realized that working as a model is a commitment that requires a lot of energy and dedication and after all I am in SL to have fun and experiment, with no particular ties, contractual or sentimentalI then left the fashion experience, but through it I discovered a passion for photography”. Passion for which Paola had in fact already a wealth of knowledge as the graphics, as mentioned, the real workof her.

      The photography gives me the freedom to express and explore concepts and themes to my liking, and in SL, to quote Bettina Tizzy, you can do things which are not possible in real life!”. The images of Paola usually stem from an impromptu moment of inspiration, often generated by othercreative stimuli: a song dear to her, a sentence in a book. But many times they are related tolandscape or exclusive creations of SL.

      Paola TauberI must admit that there is a certain narcissism. The subjects of my photography in general I am. Moreover, I spend hours “looking” to make my avatar nice, to cure minor details. Definitely fell in love with Paola! But it is not a being frivolous. The way in which create, based on the inspiration of the moment, means that no programs, or planning the portraits and therefore it is difficult, involving other avatars. Between explaining the concept, set the environment,finding props, and so the magic of the moment, the fancy and frenzy of the moment have passed”.

      A concept, incidentally, that the writer fully endorses having experienced several times in animmersive reality like Second Life. Thanks to photography Paola has also been in contact with Avenue and then started a fruitful collaboration with Avenue Magazine, for which created and managed the “Inspirations” column, in which typically presents little-known artists, before becoming the art director.

      Paola TauberSL is a small world sometimes. Are seen and oftenadvertise the same old personalities who already have fame and an audience. It’s easy to get on the bandwagon of “SLebrities”. I hope, instead, to give space over time to the huge reservoir of creativity that exists in SL, to those persons who, for pleasure, in this world have found a blank canvas on which to project their own, different, creative insights, but that still does not have risen to prominence”.

      Certainly it seems to me that Paula, and I hope the images accompanying this article on Mondivirtuali.it / SLnn.it can show it, has a lot of creative insights and artistic sensibility, as well as “skills”. For my part I can only advise you all to keep aneye on her stream on Flickr or wherever it wants to expose her fantastic (in all senses) images and to follow us even on Facebook, Koinup or Flickr too. Congrats Paola, keep it up!