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    Dee Dee Deepdene Cover

    Sometimes looking at the over 69,000 images of virtual realities in the Flickr group Mondi Virtuali – Virtual Worlds I’m struck by the style of a specific artist. It is the case of Dee Dee Deepdene, who has always been one of my favourite “graphic dreamer”, an artist able to create really sexy but never crude images.

    Dee Dee, sexy artist never crude

    Dee Dee created hundreds of images for tens of albums on Flickr, most of which devoted to her electronic alter ego, a “perky” blondie, but even to some of the most iconic locations among those created in these years on Second Life platform, such as Kowloon or Midian City.

    Dee Dee Deepdene

    10 years of images and poses in Second Life

    After having created images for over 10 years using Second Life’s editor, Dee Dee has opened some times ago a little store to sell poses with the brand DeePosed (you can visit it in world or on the Second Life Marketplace), so you can buy her over 700 poses, used to create her stunning images.

    Dee Dee Deepdene dances alone

    By the way: Dee Dee, as herself has explained so many times, is not a “professional” photographer, therefore she doesn’t realize images on commission, she doesn’t collaborate with other artists, she doesn’t use model if not herself. Without further ado: enjoy a little sample of the wide production of Dee Dee thanks to our gallery.

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    Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the show cover

    We already talked about the event promoted by Daxim Fall to involve Second Life users  interested in graphic art to reinterpret the sketches of Giovanna Casotto, well known Italian author of erotic comics and water-colors. After the completetion of creation of avatar images inspired by Giovanna’s works, these days the artworks are displayed at the Solo Donna Club of Snieper Siemens.

    Giovanna Casotto, a touch tough to imitate

    The feeling you get observing the works, every one exposed close to the original Giovanna Casotto’s image which has inspired every artist, is that the Italian artist’s style is really tough to imitate through three-dimensional avatar as those used in Second Life and in other virtual worlds. A feeling, to be true, that often gathers who’s used to 2D images brought in three dimensions (just think about the so many superheroes movies, or to the transition from the 2D cartoons to those 3D: doesn’t it make you a strange effect to see how it transforms the characters?).

    In the virtual worlds passion prevails on style

    Nevertheless is undeniable the passion and also the creativeness that many Second Life “graphic dreamers” continue to show prevailing over technique, over the artistic style properly said. Thatt’s the beauty and the limit of an open platform in which close to users decidedly endowed with artistic ability cohabit hundreds of simple enthusiasts, who use the resources provided by the platform not so much to make a claim to be  someone whom they are not, rather to relax and have fun.

    See for yourself the work displayed in Second Life

    In the Solo Donna Club exhibition both types of works, those of true artists and those of simple amateurs, are mixed sometimes at best, sometimes less. You’ll be the judge of what are the best interpretations of Giovanna Casotto’s works, some of which you an see in our gallery here under. The suggestion is nevertheless to go to visit the show to be able to experience directly the immersive experience. If you like, this is the landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enoki/218/81/1902

    Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the showGiovanna Casotto in SL mostra 9Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the show

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      photo editors cover

      Both that you love to elaborate the images of the avatars and the virtual environments Second Life, World of Warcraft o The Sims, both that you prefer real images, if you want to get amazing results with your photos and digital images sooner or later you must resort to photo ediors. Besides the famous Adobe Photoshop there’s lots of those, for payment or free of charge. So this is our selection of the ten best free photo editors that you can find online.

      Best 5 free photo editors

      Paint.net, the best fo Windows

      photo editors paintnetPaint.net initially had to be only an alternatives for the classical Microsoft Paint, but over the years as added further characteristics as multiple levels management and advanced tools of image editing. Among free photo editors is the easiest for Windows, ideal for fast retouches as to take care of your photographic album day by day.

      Apple Photos, the best for Apple

      Photos is the new app, packaged with OS X, which replaced Aperture and iPhotos. It’s fast, full of image editing tools and easy to use, it has several filters Instagram style and it offers the possibility to share your images with iCloud, transfer with AirDrop or publish directly on Facebook and Twitter.

      Gimp, the best opensource

      photo editors gimpGimp it has been being for 20 years the best among the opensource photo editors, thought for being used on computer that uses  GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows operative systems. it has numerous tools photo editing that nothing have to envy to their for payment equivalent. And since you can modify the native code of the program and to redistribute it, endless versions can be created customerizzate of the program, suited for the demands of whoever.

      Aviary Photo Editor, the best mobile

      Aviary, available both for Android and for iOS, it’s probably the best among the mobile photo editors. With just a “touch and resize”, it offers Instagram style filters as well as other interesting tools to modify directly from your smartphone or tablet pictures you had just been taken.

      Autodesk Pixlr, the best for browsers

      photo editors pixlrPixlr is a kind of free jack of all trades of photo editors, with a lot of tools set for almost any project you can have. Available both in online edition both for mobile devices or for being used on your pc, it has the backing of Autodesk and it also foresees the possibility of further expansions behind the payment of a subscription (1,99 dollars for one month, 14,99 dollars for one year).

      Other 5 free photo editors you can’t lose

      Picasa is the photo editor of Google+, you can use it both through app both web (even with mobile devices). It has photo editing tools as well as a short selectio of filters. Prewiew, which Apple put in OS X, it doesn’t limit to give you the possibility to see a preview of your images but it also allows you to modify the images themselves. Microsoft Paint is perhaps the first among all the photo editors which whoever has learned to know; in the years has been modified and is still good for those who basic necessity of photo editing. Ribbet is an online free photo editor very easy to use and very complete, it’s ideal for those learing the ropes. Fotor it is one of the best free photo editors for the one who seeks a good selection of tools and a great user-friendliness. Moreover, is virtually available for any platform through app or web.

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        3D drawings cover

        Virtual worlds like Second Life, Imvu or Twinity sare based on online digital platform which use a 3D graphic to create immersive environmenst really loved by young digital artists. But even before the invention of the computer, it was already possible to create a 3D graphics thanks to a simple sheet of paper, appropriately drawn, cut or folded and create an environment where dive with imagination. If you don’t believe me, give a look at these incredible 3D drawings, or anamorphic drawings, if you want, and tell me what do you think!

        Alessandro Didi – Italy 3D drawings - Alessandro Didi

        Joao Carvalho (J Desenhos) – Spain 3D drawings - Joao Carvalho

        Ramon Bruin – Netherland 3D drawings - Ramon Bruin

        Nagai Hideyuki – Japan 3D drawings - Nagai Hideyuki

        Marcello Barenghi – Italy 3D drawings - Marcello Barenghi

        Wladimir Inostroza (aka Fredo) – Chile 3D drawings - Wladimir Inostroza

        Do not think that you have seen the drawings are merely the result of some tricks with Photoshop. For those of you who want to try to create their own 3D drawings, here is a tutorial of Vamos Art showing you how to make one by yourself.

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          Wizardoz Chrome Avatar cover

          As we announced, we begin to introduce you the works that participated in the 2015 edition of Edizioni Volando literary award. For the “variations” section was awarded Wizardoz Chrome, a girl from Milan author of the photographic collectionAvatar”. Wizardoz is a wellknown artist in Second Life both for her machinimas both for her virtual pictures, which we are certain will not fail to captivate youHere are some of the shots that you will find in Avatar: if you want to buy the whole collection you just go to Volando Island, in Second Life, and purchase it at the Edizioni Volando headquartier for the symbolic price of 100 linden dollars (at current exchange rates amounting to a little less than 4 euro cents).

          Wizardoz Chrome Avatar - Another Day
          Wizardoz Chrome Avatar – Another Day
          Wizardoz Chrome Avatar - Copper
          Wizardoz Chrome Avatar – Copper
          Wizardoz Chrome Avatar - Sirena
          Wizardoz Chrome Avatar – Sirena

          If you liked the pictures of Wiz can also follow her fanpage on Facebookwhile to continue to discover the works presented at the latest edition of the Edizioni Volando literary award you have just to follow Mondivirtuali.it, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li, as well as on Youtube).

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          Doll Divine cover

          Doll Divine Ola RogulaHave you ever heard of Doll Divine? If not, you should. It is an online game developed by Ola Rogula, a thirty year old Canadian of Polish origin who for some years engaged in the development of “indie” gamea (i.e. not developed by one of the world major) which can remember for certain traits the most famous PaperdollHeaven or Stardoll, online commuities for girls of which Mondivirtuali.it already told you, for other ways reminiscent of artistic online communities such as Deviantart.

          Doll Divine was created as a safe place for people of all ages (but mainly girls between 14 and 25 years, with the highest concentration in the range 14-17 years) who want to explore their creative side, a new electronic version of traditional paper dolls games, with which share the basic concept of “dress up” charachters which every “dolls creator” shown on Doll Divine (and frequently on Deviantart too) allows you to completely customize, such as clothing, but also as skin color, hair, eyes, and physical characteristics of the face etc, so that each user can have it on their similarity.

          The main categories that comprise the community are dedicated to dozens of images of female characters (but there is even some boy) fantasy themed, but you can even find fashion dolls, folk, historic or inspired to famous faces of fashion, cinema, television or media in general. More over in the section “behind the scenes” are presented previews of some “indie” games in flash that are coming on the market and that Ola has selected from the internet.

          DollDivine DinogeddonOk, everything is cool, but how can Ola earn (except that with the advertising on the site)?

          It’s possible to register and create your own profile once activeted which you can always became premium subscriber at decidedly modest cost of 1 Us Dollar monthly, in exchange for being able to upload in the Doll Divine community your own “dolls”, post comments on the website, access the beta testing, have access to some data (such as being able to know who is following you) and view the site without advertising.

          By the way, if you are a blogger, a Tumblrer or write reviews and have a wide following, Ola under signaling could allow yourself to become a Premium Referral without you having to pay anything (and having the same access to the benefits of premium subscribers). To do so, however, you’ll have to report your blog/fanpage/tumblr or anything else to Divine Dolls and generating a traffic of at least 10,000 unique visitors.

          In the meantime follow Mondivirtuali.it on the website as well as through our  account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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            Meryll Panthar cover

            An outburst on Facebook for yet another case in which the signal of a user who is deemed “offended” by the images of another user is likely to involve the removal of the gallery of an interesting graphic dreamer. This time it was Meryll Panthar, many of whose works can be seen on the Mondivirtuali group on Flickr, and this has intrigued us since Meryll usually does not produce images excessively spicey. So we wanted to contact her and introduce you to her work, having an interview with Meryll by Luciana Pinazzo. Have a nice reading.

            Meryll PantharLuciana Pinazzo: Hi Meryll, I’ve heard of some troubles for you on Flickr, hopefully it will be all ok, but since I admire your works since a while, I would like to asks some questions. First of all when do you start to take snapshots and create graphic dreams using Second Life editor and how did you develop this passion?

            Meryll Panthar: I started to take pictures in SL in 2012. I was going through SL changes and starting to do costume design and building when my friend Victoria Lenoirre introduced me to the site Koinup. I knew Victoria made poses, but didn’t realize aside from profile pictures or product pictures what could be done with photos from Second Life.

            L.P.: Do you prefer a few specific themes (fashion, portrait, landscapes, spicey pics and so on) or you just create depending on your mood and/or by the occasion (i.e.: when you see something worth, you just click)?

            Meryll PantharM.P.: I’ve dabbled in a little bit of every genre, blog and fashion, product photo, western, mythology, daily life, science fiction, fantasy, landscapes, even spicey. Mood is a huge part of how I work if I’m not feeling it I won’t do a picture.

            L.P.: How much work there is behind your pics, are they edited through PS and/or Gimp (or any other software) or are your works just as they were shot?

            Meryll PantharM.P.: A lot of work goes into the pictures I do. Personally, because of the way I work, a simple backdrop doesn’t satisfy me. I’ve seen beautiful images done with green screen or backdrops, just for me it loses something when I’m shooting. I approach my pictures much in the way that a movie or television crew would, I scout locations looking at multiple sims until I find the one that fits and if I can’t find one I will build one with the help of my partner and husband, Bruce MacMoragh. Once the set is done then it’s the process of going through Windlight, finding the lighting I want and whether or not I want to enhance with tools such as face lights, scratch built lights or Lumipro etc. Once the shot is done I will then take it into Photoshop to correct minor things. Those small odd folds that our wireframe bodies sometimes have, or to add things like rain, smoke, fog, etc.

            L.P.: Is it more important, for you: have imagination, have a good hardware/software to edit the works, have a “photographer’s eye”?

            M.P.: For me imagination is everything. I like pictures that either tell a story or allow the viewer to tell their own story. Something that you can lose yourself in. The majority of my inspirations comes from imagination or my own or influenced by, novels, comic books, tv, movies, and traditional role playing games such as the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

            L.P.: What do you think about censorship and/or child protection on the web? Do you think there will be found an equilibrium point and how?

            Meryll PantharM.P.: Censorship is based a lot on antiquated notions and ideas. Why is it more acceptable to see a full nude of the female form than it is the male? We are still worldwide under a patriarchal society, and often times that is the source of censorship. I am for the equality of genders, many of my works are what would be called “girl power”. Even earlier when I talked about having shot adult related pictures, the female initiated the entire sequence. About child protection… This one is a touchy point for me. I actually had a woman lecture me on my responsibility to what children in her supervision would see on my Flickr stream.

            Last time I checked I had no children under my supervision so it’s not my responsibility what a child does under someone else’s care and until she wants to start sending me child support payments it still won’t be my responsibility. I never marketed to children, I never put in key words to turn up in searches. What I do isn’t for everyone, and hopefully it will never be for everyone, some will like it some will hate it, and that’s as Art should be. I don’t think there will ever be a balance point on this issue in my lifetime unfortunately. Too many people find it too easy to blame others rather than to say yes, I messed up. It’s just far easier to complain.

            L.P.: An advice for all those who like to became a graphic dreamer like you?

            Meryll PantharM.P.: The best advice I can give has come from others, do what you love. Don’t worry about trends, you are not always going to be liked. Develop a thick skin you will attract people who hate what you do or hate how you do things. You will cry, you will hurt, you will suffer. You will even quit. I know I’ve done all of these things, but if you truly love what you do and you see art in everything, not just what you are told is art you will dust yourself off and you will continue. Find people who you admire look at what they do, then stay true to yourself. I have multiple influences from both SL and RL, which include in no order or no particular favoring, Jim Lee, Wheelerwood Oppewal, Tim Burton, Bruce Tim, Victoria Lenoirre, Freyja Merryman, Sarrah Docherty, Robert Kirkman, Twinklestarlight, Larry Elmore, Bob Ross… the list could just go on forever so much respect and love to all my influences even if I didn’t name them all. So best advice I could give is love what you do, do what you love.

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              Gioelececed Cover

              Gioelececed I love RenoirAmong the most elegant “graphic dreamers” pointed out by our very busy Luciana Pinazzo (come back Luciana, this site is waiting for you…) there is surely Gioelececed, aka Jinny Silvershade in Second Life, aka Giovanna Silvestri. Mondivirtuali.it contacted her for a short interview and she kindly agreed.

              Lukemary Slade: Giovanna, how was born your passion for computer graphics?

              Gioelececed: In RL I was a teacher of Latin and Greek in addition to being passionate about Art History and with the pastime of figurative drawing (with sanguine pencil); when I had to leave my job, for serious family reasons, through the reading of the “Guida facile alla tua prima Second Life of Lu Coronet (“Easy guide to your Second Life“, edited in 2007 by Sperling & Kupfer of wich talked Nunzia Mayo, ed), I fell in love with Second Life. Not satisfied with an avatar with my appearance, I created six other, to be able to photograph different female types and also a male model.

              L.S.: Do you use only the graphic editor of Second Life for your images or you do use editing programs like The Gimp, Photoshop or other?

              G.: I am a self-taught in the use of computer, my first attempts as a virtual photographer  date back to 2007. Shortly after, I started using habitually free editing program The Gimp, which allowed me to give more free rein to imagination and creativity. Digital photography has helped me to face and overcome difficult moments of my life.

              Gioelececed look at meL.S.: Do you have an inspirational theme for your work, a single narrative, or each image is a story in itself?

              G.: My images are inspired, for the most part, to well-known songs, but also to haute couture of some famous fashion designers in Second Life and the greek-roman mythology. Each of my images had their own reason to be, at the precise moment in which it was born. I also enjoyed photographing artists that I initially appreciated on Koinup and subsequently met “in world”. Their friendship has been really valuable to me. Some, as La Baroque and Lookatmy Back, rather then Belinda Baroque, Susy Halcali and Reddline, have allowed me to exhibit my works in solo and group exhibitions as “Secret Ladies”, at BelBa Station, and Female Archetypes”, at Colore Art Gallery, both in 2010. From 2013 I collaborate with The Blue Moon Gallery, where I currently have five works on display in the exhibition “My Red Angels”.

              L.S.: What hits you in virtual worlds: avatars, environments, the possibility of confontarti with other artists, or more?

              G.: I was, and remain, a humanist. So the avatar is always the focus of my work.

              Gioelececed Gianni TestaL.S.: We noticed a certain resemblance in your latest works between your avatar and yourself and some friends. Do you feel “connected” to your characters?

              G.: Yes, even though in reality I find congenial also portray other artists, whether they are Koinuppers or musicians as Gianni Testa, the music maker and performer whose avatar I created myself and whom binds me a feeling of affection so deep that I hope to soon be able to do some kind of projects with him.

              L.S.: Greetings certainly, but do you have any other dream that you hope to achieve in the Art field?

              G.: Any other experience of artistic value attracts me: are exhibitions (online or in RL) of paintings or exclusive items of furniture, made in plexiglass or other material of good usability. I believe you can do a lot even if, for the moment, I am, and still I feel, an amateur appreciated, even a lot, but never, or almost never, economically supported.

              Gioelececed ed io ti sto cercando...L.S.: A tip for those who want to imitate you and start producing digital images using avatars and virtual worlds?

              G.: Who wants to start producing digital images in a metaverse, I recommend: passion, imagination, very hard work, ability to relate with other artists and industry professionals, in a manner always polite and attentive, but, above all, a great tenacity. And a lot, a lot of patience! A friendly kiss to all from your Gioelececed.

              L.S.: Many thanks to you for your exquisite availability, Gioelececed. And to our readers the usual advice: stay tuned on the site as well as through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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              Erzsebet Valeska

              ErzsebetIt happens sometimes that you surf through social media sites like Deviantart, Flickr, Koinup or Pinterest and find interesting images, with their own recognizable style, and you want to know the author and discover that is a person extremely nice. It happened to me recently with a Bulgarian girl, Erzsebet Valeska, using Second Life as a tool to produce images really refined, romantic, often combined with the text of songs or poems. I think that Erzsebet is a real “graphic dreamer” and I wanted to ask her where and how she takes inspiration to realize her works.

              Luciana Pinazzo: Your compositions based on Second Life editor are very full of colors and details. It’s your own style or do you take inspirations from the work of some RL artists?

              ErzsebetErzsebet Valeska: My inspiration comes from music, movies or books… then all is draft in my brain step by step like little scene from the real life, depending on what I can see at the moment, or which music I listened, but I usually create my pics like a little scenario, as a storyteller.

              LP: How did you decide to start create pictures from virtual worlds and is there any theme which you consider most (fashion, portrait, landscape…)?

              EV: Inspiration comes very spontaneous: it can be exploring a sim, or chatting about something particular with my friends and I can have a sort of “flash” speaking to me and suddenly giving me a desire or creativity.

              LP: How many times do you spend usually to create your work? Have you some advices to give to those fans of yours who would like to create images beautiful and rich of atmosphere like yours?

              ErzsebetEV: I never really measure how many times it takes to me, so I can’t really answer to this question. I can start one day and modify all the day after and finally changes some little details, or I can do all very quickly and work on Photoshop later. No one image is really the same as the others. The only advice I could give is: patience!

              LP: Within your albums on Flickr there is one (“It’s my life”) RL related. Do you love to take photograph in RL too, or is just a way to vary from SL related images?

              EV: AI love to take pictures in RL too! I love nature and I’m always surprise about all the beauties life can bring to us! So I love immortalizing some moments of this life.

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                DokkieHave a nice year and first of all thanks to the about 700 fans that joint Graphic Dreams and added to its pool over 8,750 wonderful images created using graphic editor of virtual worlds like Second Life, Imvu or Twinity or Mmorpg as The Sims. Tools only apparently “cold” or “amateur“, which in the right hands, however, allow to express a range of emotions and themes from the most playful to the most serious ones.

                The artist that struck me this week is Dokkie, but I want to remember you again how old names (Chrystalship Rehula, Connie SecPaola MillsLitheaRocapC or Link just to name a few) have competed with established artists (Annie KlavinhamThea Maiman, Gioelececed) and emerging names (Lanay, Moniq Salamander, Julliette BerganMerthyn Vintner) to enrich the group pool. All this while on Flickr the group dedicated to the art of virtual worlds has passed in turn the target of 5,100 images (which you can see from the homepage of Mondivirtuali.it) posted by 250 artists: not bad at all!

                DokkieBut let’s go back to Dokkie: in her work strikes me the innocence and joy, both that it is to portray a friend, Niobe, or a group of 3 Fairies. The innocence has no shame, because it has no knowledge of rules and social conventions, so the figures that glow vividly in the works of Dokkie are often naked, or with skimpy clothes and laid almost at random, girls playing like women but who still do not understand the art of seduction, because they are still in contact with nature and therefore pure and innocent.

                Or at least that is what the playful images of Dokkie let me feel. But she is also able to celebrate the love in her images, like those made for her friends Nicky and Jake, or transform a nightmare into a 3D installation like the one represented in Hospital.

                Dokkie friendDokkie can also be sensual in its own way, though he is passionate about Fairy tales, not disdaining even the use of black and white, that already other artists such as Paola Mills elected as their stylistic signature to create sensual images with a high impact, to portray herself or “weird” situations different yet equally interesting, because something always marked by a childlike.

                If Dokkie wants to represent the world through the eyes of a little fairy, a girl who has the curiosity and the desire to grow, however, and wants to preserve her “wonderland” as a new Alice, I think she is on the right track, what do you say? I will wait your opinions in the comments on the site or on our page on Facebook, but do not make me wait too long, please!

                I più letti ultima settimana / Most read last 7 days

                Koinup.com launches a new contest for fans of graphics that use virtual worlds as an editor for their works: Virtual Diversity. Here how to apply.