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The release of Kingdom Hearts III is getting closer (scheduled for January 29) and Square Enix, via Twitter, decided to unveil some information on the content of the Day One Patch.

Kingdom Hearts III, free patches coming soon

On January 29 a first free update will be available to bring the game to version 1.01. The patch, in addition to correcting some problems, will implement in the main menu the “Memory Archive” (video) that can be consulted at any time and will contain information on the general plot of the franchise.

On the 30th and 31st January, two other updates will be released to introduce two videos: Epilogue and Secret. You will be able to view the first only after completing the entire adventure, while the second will be available only to users who finish the game respecting certain requirements that will vary according to the level of difficulty selected.

Kingdom Hearts III, coming on January 29 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, promises an immersive gaming experience rich in content: in the various worlds, in fact, there will be no lack of things to do and between main missions, secondary assignments, fights, extra activities and mini-games, users will be spoiled for choice.

Kingdom Hearts III bundle PS4 special

PS4 in bundle and VR experience

We remind you that on January 29 a special Kingdom Hearts III bundle will also be available in all Gamestop stores. It will contain a PlayStation 4 Pro equipped with a 1TB hard disk, matte black, decorated with an intricate pattern representing the emblem of Kingdom Hearts. Dualshock 4 wireless controller will in glossy black with decorative patterns on the touch pad will complet the bundle.

Finally, since December 25th, owners of PlayStation VR have the opportunity to have fun with Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, an interactive video of about 10 minutes that traces the history of the franchise through video sequences and engaging music. The experience in virtual reality is distributed in a totally free way through PlayStation Store.

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    Video games are just entertainment or can even be an interesting sector in wich to invest, also following Social responsable investment (SRI) criteria? Degroof Petercam AM experts recently pointed out the significant difference between gamble, in which the management company does not invest, and video games, in which it invest having a positive view of tha gaming sector.

    Digital revolution changes the view on the sector

    First, pointed out experts, the view according to video games developers have business models inherently unpredictable, with volatile earnings, is becoming obsolete.

    Sector not only consolidated over the years, but it become less dependent on a few titles and a lot of the games has an earning cycle much longer than before (this is clear when you think about main virtual worlds like Second Life, World of Warcraft or Minecraft, but not only, ed).

    Second, digital sales increase margins dramatically for video games developers and this is even more positive for the companies owing consoles (i.e. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony). video games investments and vr Moreover, an increasing volume of revenue comes from the purchase of items freed up inside the game’s experience, available for purchase thanks to the switch to digital platform. Last, according to the experts there is a vi è una great opportunity related to the so called “eSport” and to advertising.

    The eSport overwhelming growth

    Imagine that every city of your country, beside the traditional footbal team, has a genuine team playing a specific video game”, add Degroof Petercam AM experts. “These players, as well as their football counterparts, are stars of their own, earning more than most of the ordinary people, and are involved in weekly matches against other teams followed by thousands of people”.

    Wouldn’t you believe? Than know that world championship’s final of the online game “League of Legends” involved 43 million viewers, more than for Nba final and for the majority of other large sport final.

    So, it’s not surprising that Bbc just announced that will bring to 4 hours the live coverage of eSport every weekend for the next six weeks, following the Belgian Sports Eleven decided to live broadcasting 6 hours of eSport every week.

    Video games increasingly important

    Sure, there is a huge diversity in the video games sector and is difficult rush to conclusion on individual securities, there are different kind of games, which can be played in a cooperative or competitive manner, online and offline, with friends or alone. video games investments and trading Any way you’re thinking, gaming is thus destined to become a piece ever more important of our lives, experts concluded, reiterating that is important discern between a controversial sector like gambling and the one of gaming, that instead was able to develop a number of different approaches, such as educational or cooperative focus.

    Research is still in its infancy, but there are video games’ positive impacts not to be neglected: “We acknoledge the potential risks, we therefore support video game developers so that they actively endeavour in a socially responsible manner” draw up Degroof Petercam AM asset managers.

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      Minecraft Microsoft cover

      Not always is enough to be a “guru”, a visionary geek or a top manager to understand to be in front of a deal that should not be missed. Take for instance Bill Gates, founder and first Ceo of Microsoft, and Steve Ballmer, his right-hand man and successor: both didn’t support the idea of buying Minecraft, according to what Ballmer’s successor and current Ceo of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, claims in his book “Hit Refresh” pointing out that the first one who proposed the deal waas Phil Spencer.

      Minecraft Microsoft Phil Spencer

      Minecraft: Phil Spencer figured it out

      Spencer, since March 2014 head of the Xbox brand, recently has been promoted by Nardella to the role of Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Gaming and according to what his “boss” claims would have suggested the deal way before it really happened (in September 2014, for 2.5 billion dollars), but initially it all came to nothing because of the opposition of a top manager (it should have been Don Mattrick, former Ceo fo Zynga, at times Microsoft’s President of the Interactive Entertainment Business and head of Xbox operations).

      Indeed fans don’t decrease

      Despite opposition or concerns of his bosses, Spencer at the end been the winner and now even Gates and Ballmer, pointed out Nardella, understand the wisdom of that decision which originally didn’t understand. Moreover, despite the years, Minecraft’s fans don’t diminish and sales now exceed 122 million units since the launch, in2009, while Minecraft Marketplace, launched just in June 2017, already crossed one million dollars of in-game items sales.

      Minecraft Microsoft users

      The second best-selling videogame ever

      Minecraft is already the second best-selling videogame in history, just behind Tetris (495 million units sold) but ahed of Wii Sports (82 million units) and Grand Theft Auto V (65 million units). Every month 40 million users play Minecraft, a number that make those of other virtual worlds like World of Warcraft (with a peak around 12 million monthly users) or Second Life (which has never gone beyond 1.1-1.2 million monthly users) make pale.

      Congrats to Phil Spencer

      So congrats to Phil Spencer, who insisted without getting daunt by contrary opinion of worlwide experts as they were his bosses in Microsoft, and if you wanna know how this will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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        Atari Box cover

        Video games fans have long known that “retro gaming” market is growing, so much that even SeedUp recently has been able to evaluate some projects of “mini-business” participating in the Campania regional final of JA – Junior Achievment 2017 which proposed just to build ex novo arcade console replicas of the Eighties. Atari

        The Atari story

        But no one expected that Atari, an icon of the Seventies which helped to make the video game home consoles marke became a mass market but then, saturing the market with hundreds of low quality games, ended up going out (the last Atari console, Jaguar, launched in 1993 and withdrawn in 1995, just sold 125 thousand units, versus over 50 million of Super Nintendo), could announce its return. Atari Box

        Chesnais bets on Atari Box

        Instead, it happened: Fred Chesnais, who bought Atari brand in 2013 from bankruptcy and brought the company into profit specializing in the development of mobile games, just announced in an interview on GameBeats that he want to launch on the market a new console, the Atari Box, of which for now we know a little if not that it will be based on a pc-tecnology and that design is still to be defined.

        Console, an overcrowded market

        Waiting to see if Atari Box will succeed in the miracle of allowing Atari to cut a slice in the already overcrowded consoles market, dominated by group like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, if you wanna know more you can take a look at this very short video of the new Atari’s product.

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        Sword Art Online Cover

        Like a magic of mirrors reflected each one in the other, for about a year we are talking about a virtual reality game based on Sword Art Online series that, as Mondivirtuali.it vi already told you tell the story of a boy and a girl, Kirito and Asuna, who find themselves living a series of mishaps in a virtual world like VR-MMORPG (Virtual Reality-Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

        Sword Art Online strikes again

        Sword art online the movieThe allure of Sword Art Online for virtual reality and role-playing games fans is undeniable, but unfortunately despite repeated announcements at present there is no such a video game under development and it is not sure that it will ever be.

        What exist at the moment are a marketing demo (as explained Roadtovr.com) and a single virtual reality experience which btw can be enjoyed only by Korean and Japanese fans.

        Sword Art Online: The Beginning

        About Sword Art Online: The Beginning, is a 20 minutes long VR movie developed as a marketing demo both for the cognitive system IBM Watson both for the movie Sword Art Online: The Movie – Ordinal Scale! sheduled do be release February 18, 2017 in Japan and March 9 (subtitled) in about 1,000 selected theatres all over the world (in Italy it will be released June 13 and 14).

        This movie, developed by 1->10 an independent creative studios which had previously realized VR marketing movies, for instance for Pepsi, is a prequel of Sword Art Online, whose stories refer to a futuristic VR-MMORPG in beta (which is the same phase in which Second Life is still, formally, 13 years after its opening).

        In the narrative fiction of the movie a Japanese researcher (dr Akihiko Kayaba), meet a collegue who’s working in Ibm and thanks to IBM Watson developes the alpha release of the VR-MMOPG on which is based Sword Art Online story.

        Sword Art Online for Fove 0

        Sword art online Fove 0Regarding the new VR experience based on Sword Art Online of which we are talking about in these days for VR viewer with eye-tracking system Fove 0, it concerns the use of the Asuna character in an introductory video that is useful for the Fove 0 users to learn how to use the eye-tracking system.

        In short, if we will get our eyes on Asuna the character will smile at us, while if we will avert our eyes it will start to show sign of impatience and it will also end with becoming angry if we will ignore it for a long time.

        Here too, although there is surely interaction, there is no game mechanism inside this experience therefore no, untill now there is no project in development for a VR videogame re-creating VR-MMORPG described in the Sword Art Online series.

        What do you think?

        What do you think, would it be interesting to see developed a VR video game able to resume the content of Sword Art Online or would we take the risk to end like the protagonists of the series? Please leave if you want a comment of yours and share this article, you will help us follow always better the items that interest you!

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        Mangatar cover

        Mangatar iconThe video game industry is in turmoil and could not be otherwise, now being close to the advent of the new virtual reality devices that just in videogame industry see one of their first and most promising market and since the mobile game and social games tend increasingly to merge and to be enriched with graphical possibilities is both narrative.

        If the world is witnessing a resumption of the process of concentration, with Activision Blizzard (last year fifth in the worlwide sales ranking with a catalogue ranging from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty) wich just bought King Digital Entertainment (producer of the famous social game Candy Crush, tenth in last year’s sales ranking) for 5,9 billion dollars, in the attempt to overcome Microsoft, Sony an Electronic Arts and be able to connect to the second place behind the Chinese Tencent, between startups are pleased to note an Italian name, that of Salernitan Mangatar.

        Mangatar MiraiThat of Mangatar is a story that was born in 2011 and turns into enterprise in March of the following year when the five founding members, Andrea Postiglione, Raffaele Gaito, Enrico Rossomando, Alfredo Postiglione and Michele Criscuolo decide to stop developing software for accountants and insurance, develop and bring online a generator avatar in manga style and launch a first social game, Mangatar Saga, which reached 60,000 active players worldwide.

        In 2013 Mangatar grow further, with the launch of a second game, Dengen Chronicles, funded through dPixel (entering the Mangatar capital), combining the dynamics of the trading card game play online role-customizable, always in style manga. Here you get a glimpse of Dengen Chronicles.

        What the future will bring to Mangatar? The Salerno startupper (who in the meantime have opened an office in Milan in addition to that of Salerno and started to develop a indie developers teams network for mid-core and casual games on mobile platforms and connected Tv, also thanks to the recent funding of 1.1 million euros obtained from Fi.R.A. and Invitalia) seem to want to become a gaming company in effect, promising the launch of a number of other titles (the goal is to get to launch a new game every six months).

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        Minecraft mod cover

        Java logoHave you ever seen that fantastic buildings in Minecraft that the most skilled users are able to create, sometimes giving rise to a whole setting, a virtual world that reproduces scenarios and movies or novels set? To be able to recreate them over to you too much patience you have to be able to create amod”.

        Actually there are many types of mod, just as there are various software that you can use if you are not a programmer can write code directlybut in all cases you have to have a minimum knowledge of Java (and then you have to download the Java Development Kit, or JDK, from here). Do not give up and know that, in the casethere are also specific forums where you can seek tutorials for any further need of youTo help you create a mod you can download Minecraft Code Pack (or MCP, download from here its releases) and Minecraft Forge (download from here its releases).

        Minecraft ForgeRemember that you first have to separate each path with a semicolon. Go in Explorer, Operating System, Program Files, Java, JDK, bin. Copy the path (“URL directory“) which should be of the type: “C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.8.u_45 \ bin” (numbers and letters after identifying the version of the Java program and change in the case of new updates). Now go to the Control Panel \ Performance and Maintenance \ System. Click on “Advanced” then on “Environment Variables” and on the button “modifyafter selecting the path. Put a semicolon at the end of the variable value, then paste the URL directory that you previously copied. Now (low window) click on the button “new” of “System Variables“. Variable nam: JAVA_HOME, Variable value: C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.8.u_45 (or the name of the new version of the JDK that you downloaded). Do not touch the bin folder.

        Prompt comandiNow you can proceed with the unzipping: first check that everything works properly. Click on “Start”, then on “Run”, now type “cmd” and press send, you will open a window in black background of Windows (“prompt command“), type “javac”: if it worked, well, otherwise you miss a few previous step, redo from scratchOnce everything works put the folder Forge unzipped in MCP folder. Run “Gradlew.bat”, if it works you have done everything correctly. Now you can copy the URL dir in the opened prompt command. To do this in the window of the prompt command, typecd”, then put a space and paste by pressing the right mouse button (Ctrl + V does not work in prompt command), then press send. Type “gradlew Decomp Workspace” and press send.

        This will download the Forge src file. Now you can open Eclipse, select your workspace in the Forge folder you downloaded (not in the “built” or “src” folder) and create a new Java Project Name with the name you prefer and it’s done, you can start programming your mod and create your own customized virtual world. What do you say? You dont know how to programme? Then continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube). We will explain shortly how to proceed to programm a Minecrafts mod.