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    Chevrolet Lego Batmobile Cover

    The second Lego Movie (“The Lego Batman Movie”, regarding the adventures of Lego Batman) is about to debut in the theaters of the world and among the side promotions one of the most remarkable was the official presentation, at the Detroit Auto Show 2017, of a (real) Chevrolet Lego Batmobile.

    Chevrolet recreates the Speedwagon Batmobile

    Chevrolet Lego BatmobileThis car is the literal reproduction of the Speedwagon Batmobile which Lego Batman uses in the Warner Bros movie to save Gothem Cityfrom the Joker, escept in this case it is a car of 5,18 meters length and 2,11 meters high, built using 344,187 Lego bricks of 17 different color.

    To draw and project it Chevrolet technicians needed 222 hours, while to build it together Lego technicians in an hobby stor in Enfield, Connecticut, other 1,833 hours have been necessary.

    Sale price: 48 million dollars

    Chevrolet Lego Batmobile has also been included by the American manufactorer on its site among the sales pitches, at the “moderate” sale price of 48 million dollars, comprised of V100 20.000 Cv engine and 4G wi-fi connection. The car only weighs 769 kg and it has come out around an aluminum frame weighing 128 kg.

    We will be able to see its computer-animated version, in Italy, from February 9, but it has to like a lot to break the gross record of the original The Lego Movie (over 469 million dollars worldwide). In the meantime, take a look about how the Chevrolet Lego Batmobile showed at Detroit was built.

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      Htc Vive Black Friday cover

      Black Friday, November’s last Friday which traditionally opens the Chrismas shopping season in the Usa, is coming and brings discounts and deals even to virtual reality games fans, although prices the prices remain rather high, considering necessity to link viewers to top quality computers and consoles and to to equip them with controllers  and cameras.

      Htc Vive at $699 from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

      Htc Vive discount Black FridayMonday Htc announced that from Friday 25th to Monday 28th October (Cyber Monday) virtual reality viewer Htc Vive will be $100 lowered, at $699 for everyone will buy it on the Htc online store or on online shops like that of Microsoft, Amazon and Newegg.

      Plus, who will buy on Htc store 30 dollars or more of contents different from virtual reality games, will receive further $10 discount on additional purchase; lastly some VR apps like The Grand Canyon VR Experience (normally for sale at $4,99), Star Chart (normally for sale at  $9,99) and World of Diving (normally for sale at $19,99), will be 50% off these four days.

      Also Oculus $100 discounted for four days

      Oculus Rift discount Black FridayEven for those who will buy an Oculus Rift VR viewer on the Microsoft online store there will be $100 discount, so the price in these four days will be just $499 insted $599.

      The one who has withstood for now the temptation to offer Black Friday discounts is Sony: if you wanna buy a Playstation VR for Chrystmas you’ll have to spend 399,99 euros.

      On the other hand the PlayStation VR bundle includes a demo disk, which offers the possibility to play first virtual reality games titles (Rigs Mechanized Combat League, PlayStation VR Worlds, Tumble VR, Driveclub VR, Battlezone, Eve: Valkyrie, Headmaster and Wayward Sky). If you were thinking about giving you or to make you give a VR viewer, maybe you should take profit of the deals valid from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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        Wimpy Poptronica cover

        What does connect a virtual world to a worlwide bestseller teen series? Apparently nothing, but, actually their creator’s creativity. This is the case of the 45 years old Jeff Kinney, American game designer and cartoonist, author the famous “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book series, the 11th book of which is due for release this November on the main world markets having already sold over 165 million books printed in 53 markets and 50 different languages.

        From Poptronica to Diary of a Wimpy Kid

        Jeff Kinney Diary of a Wimpy KidKinney is still the Creative Director of Poptronica, teen virtual world he created in 2007 for Family Education Network, controlled by Pearson Education (Pearson british publisher’s division born from the merger of Simon & Schuster and Addison-Wesley Longman).

        Originally less famous than Second Life, Poptronica has kept on gaing ground, so much that in May 2015, when Pearson sold Family Education Network to venture capitalist Sandbox Networks, Poptronica was said to have “over 3.2 million monthly unique users in 200 countries and territories”.

        Poptronica: from 3 to 40 islands to be explored

        When Poptronica was first launched in 2007 (this is the site: http://www.poptropica.com/) had just three “islands” (Early Poptropica, Shark’s Tooth Island and Time Tangled Island) to be explored. As of the end of 2015 islands were 40, two of which (Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk) were dedicated to “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” characters, everyone with its own quest, complied which a player receives an island medallion as well as 150 credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. Since June 2011 kids can eevn replay islands, while still keeping all the island medallions they had already earned.

        Temporary games advertisers-friendly

        Poptronica contestThe interesting thing about Poptronica is that its advertisers (like Disney, Kellog’s and Lego) can contract for temporary games, contest or islands, even targeted to players (of a certain age group or gender), in addition to “standard” islands and quests.

        But you don’t have to believe that all this success (Jeff Kinney’s wealth should be over 40 million dollars) easily come: only to write the first one “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” took Jeff eight years to have the work done and originally the book got rejected by various publishing houses.

        A global success built up over the years

        The franchisee then generated over $570 million and there were already three movies based on the series (a fourth, to be released in May 2017, was announced by Jeff on Twitter), but that’s another story. The lesson is: never give up, if you have fresh ideas and if you wanna succeed!

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          Herobrine cover

          Herobrine is backIf you don’t know Herobrine you can’t say to be a true Minecraft’s fan. Officially this scary character never appeared on any game’s release developed by Mojang, in fact officially there is no references to Herobrine in all the source code as well as there is no code which allows an entity to di transform into Herobrine.

          Herobrine is back

          Yet almost every year many users shall report Herobrine’s sighting in the different game’s releases, the latest of them being youtuber Suprsoup, who in June 2016 was able to shoot it in the video that you can see just below, in Minecraft 1.8.9 / 1.9.

          The first appearance in 2010

          Minecraft community stated talking about Herobrine in August 2010, when Minecrafterrysooften channel on Livestream put up online a video, entitled “Live Show [Procaster] Mon Aug 30 2010 11:24:42 AM” in which Herobrine appeared in a single player game.

          Was it just a fake? Maybe, but the following year Minecraft’s creator, Markus Persson aka Notch (Herobrine woule be the avatar of a dead brother of Notch himself) confirmed on Twitter that he wanted to officially place Herobrine in Minecraft.

          Notch gives up Herobrine

          A few months later, in October 2010, Notch changed his mind, explaining that he no longer want to add Herobrine in Minecraft, decision stated several times in the following years, including he never had a brother, but just a half brother.

          According to some Herobrine it’s just the character of a creepypasta developed by the same Notch, who of course never confirmed. In the meantime, however, Minecraft community flipped out over Herobrine and many players developed mods to spawn the scary character in Minecraft.

          Pay attention to these signs

          Herobrine totemSo if sometimes in Minecraft you are standing in a wood of birch, or you discover a totem with a 3×3 golden block base and a netherhack block in the middle, or appear a sign that says “It’s me”, maybe you should watch your back, Herobrine happen to be near.

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            Pokemon Go Cover

            Pokemon Go allenatorePeople is going crazy for Pokemon Go, to confirm augmented reality (AR) potential, especially when you apply it to a mass market like that of video games.

            Be careful: augmented reality and not virtual reality since with the Pokemon Go, of which Mondivirtuali.it had already spoken about, you don’t need to wear headset and gloves, but just to download on your smartphone an app and start playing with surroundings.

            Somebody in Italy have even managed to start to earn with the game: Loris Pagano, 27 years old guy who lives in Ravenna’s province, through a service launched by ProntoPro.it, started to receive requests from other players to find for a fee rare characters. His tariff is 15 euros per hour.

            How to startu with Pikachu

            There are not just Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle as Pokemon starters to start with: when Professor Willow will ask you to choos your Pokemon starter, you just don’t select anyone and start moving around.

            The three Pokemon starters will disappear only to reappear after 10 minutes. Continue to ignore them for 40 minutes, the fourth time they will reapper in front of you there will be another one, Pikachu.

            Where are the 151 Pokemons?

            pokemon go mapThere are 17 Pokemon types for a total of 151 characters, but since they are environment-related, dependent on day or night and on player’s skill level, you can’t capture all the Pokemons in a single nation or continent.

            In some countries like China or Egypt the game can’t be downloaded, btw there are already some clones that shall allow fans to hut their favourite characters.

            In some cases Pokestop were considered to be “inappropriate” and hunting Pokemons has been banned (like in the Holocaust Museum in Washington or in the Arlington Cemetery, in Virginia).

            Record downloading for Pokemon Go

            After the Usa launch, July 6, and Italy launch, July 15, it’s already time for the earliest assesment. At present Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 150 million times, a new record which beat that of Candy Crash Saga.

            2016 has been btw a record year for mobile games: besides Pokemon Go entered the all-time top 5 even Slither.io (fifth) and Clash Royale (fourth).

            Battery and data consumption

            pokemon go batteryPokemon Go it’s quite demanding for your smartphone’s battery. According to some tests carried out, it seems that 10 no-stop game playing minutes consume about 10% battery.

            If you don’t have a power bank, after about one hour and a half of game playing your smartphone will have quite completely exhausted its battery. Especially if you want to catch the characters in AR mode.

            On the other hand Nintendo’s game is relatively “light” in terms of data consumption: if you connect throught 4G wifi network, you will consume about 100 KB every minute, i.e. about 6 MB per hour. If you had downloaded videos from Youtube in the same time you had been consuming about 20-25 times more.

            How to capture a lot of Pokemons

            For some reasons parking lots near PokeStop are especially crowded with characters that you can catch. To increase the likelihood to catch characters wait untill they are inside the circle ring before throwing your Poke Ball against the Pokemon.

            Remember that when a Pokemon appears it is visible to all those who are nearby and have the app on, therefore you can have some group hunts, to increase probabilities to find all the characters’ hiding places close to you.

            We will have other opportunities for talking of Pokemon Go and other VR and AR games.

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            Cosplay cover

            Cosplay, all started in 1939

            We alreay talked about cosplay an cosplayer on Mondivirtuali.it but the topic continues to arouse interest.

            Myrtle Douglas Forrest Ackermann cosplayIt is probably not generally known that the cosplay (term resulting from merging of costume and player), i.e. to dress like characters of movies, cartoons or comics on the occasion of convention and festival it was born not in Japan, as many believe, but in the United States, when in 1939 Myrtle R. Douglas participated in the first Worldcon (World Science Fiction Convention) together with her partner, Forrest J. Ackerman.

            At the time the couple wore some “futuristicostumes” designed and craftet by Douglas herself, for this defined the first cosplayer of ever, costumes inspired by science fiction movie Things to Come of 1936, based on the H. G. Wells novel The Shape of Things to Come (Wells was then the supervisor of the movie).

            If Myrtle R. Douglas employed above all fabrics, needle and thread to realize her costume, which are the materials more used by the lovers of the cosplay to personalize their own customes currently?

            Cosplay: which are the materials to use

            Forex cosplayClosed-cell Pvc foamboard (various trade names exist in commerce, the most famous is the Forex, but very popular it’s also the Multiexel), sold in plates of various format and thickness, can be heat-treated, also at not too high temperatures, for instance with a hair dryer, and is very useful to realize weapons, accessories and parts of armor.

            The Eva (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) rubber, better known with the trade brand Foam (or Craft foam) it is light, washable, is sold in sheets A4 format of different colors in  stationery stores and art stores, can be cut, color, glued to any support and forming.

            Suppler and light than the Forex it also has the advantage to be more economic. It is ideal to realize accessories, shoulder strap, and armor parts, but you must take care a lot of colouring. Some cosplayer recommend for reducing the porosity of the Foam to stretch a layer of vinyl glue before beginning to color it.

            Plasticard cosplayThe styrene, often known with the commercial name of Plasticard, it is an old aqcuaintance of modelling fans: it’s just sheets (and wands) of plastic material of various colors, also transparent, also on sale online with various formats and thicknesses. It may easily be coloured and is excellent to realize medieval or ancient armors or parts of armed gloves.

            If you want to create your jewels, tiaras, decorations or to cover and vitrify ample surfaces of your costumes you can resort then to the resins: there are a lot of different types (epoxides, polyester, for casting), usually two-pack. Dosing, times of hardening and drying can vary a lot from a resin to the other therefore follow carefully instructions on the packet and make sure if it extend or not to heat a lot: it could easily melt the platic mould in which you should pour it.

            Plastazote CosplayThe Plastazote, a foam of polietilene cells grid dams, usually used for packings and protective stuffings, is sold in sheets of various thickness and density and usually is used to creat weapons and shields.

            After having shaped it you can cover the Plastazote with a latex layer and paint it. Because of its lightness is it’s excellent to realize great weapons.

            The polyurethane foam, for sale in rigid panels or spraying, it is easily available in the hardwares and in the bricolage shops. Used as packing over that as thermal insulator, it is very cheap especially in the spraying version, that  can be used for creating busts or heads on which to model armors or wigs.

            In comparison to the panels, decidedly fragile, the dried foam after drying is more compact and resistant, better however to avoid fights and to use weapons and costumes realized with this material just for photographic layings.

            Don’t you forget the papier-mache

            cartapesta cosplayLast but not least, the papier-mache, i.e. that mixture of soaked paper and vinyl glue, is perhaps the most economic and versatile material available to the cosplay fans. Once modeled and dried it can be stuccoed, sanded and painted, getting amazing effects.

            The great Viareggio carnival wagons are made a big part of papier-mache. The only drawback: papier-mache parts, if of great dimension, can weigh a lot.

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            Minecraft mods cover

            We already explained what are the Minecraft mods, now is time to try to establish a ranking of the 20 best mods for Minecraft, complete with a link for those who wish to download them, reminding you, however, that in many cases you must first have installed Minecraft Forge so that they work.

            Minecraft mods, our top 20 (+1)

            But let’s not waste any more time and we go straight to the top 20 of the Minecraft mods, starting from the twentieth until the first.

            No Cubes Minecraft mods20. Are you tired of only having a world in cubes? Then try the No Cubes mod, you can find it here

            19. If you love industrial landscapes, you can’t loose the Buildcraft mod, which you can find here

            18. Maybe you prefer tropical landscapes? Then you should download the Tropicraft mod, from here

            17. With all griefers that are out there, security is never enough. To be sure, download the Securitycraft mod from here

            16. Herobrine is a legend a in Minecraft, what do you think about download the Herobrine mod so to know more abou? You can find it here

            15. Do you love superheroes? Then the Superheroes mod is for you, download it from here

            14. The oceans can be a challenging environment in Minecraft, especially if you’ll animate them with new mobs, new blocks, and more thanks to the Oceancraft mod, which you can download from here

            13. Perhaps more of the oceans, you prefer space? Enjoy it in Minecraft version thanks to Galacticraft mod, downloading it from here

            12. Pokemon fans, now you can have your favorites directly in Minecraft through the Pixelmon mod, which you can find here

            11. Anyone of you loves Plant vs Zombies? Now you can play it even in Minecraft, just downloading the PlantsVsZombies mode from here

            Walking Dead Minecraft mods10. If you like zombies, you just could not avoid to download Walking Dead mod, from here

            9. If you are Whovian, you will love this mod that will bring Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen, but also the costumes and almost every aspect of the Tv series in Minecraft. The Dalek Mod is waiting you here

            8. Did you like tv series Breaking Bad? Why don’t you try to recreate it in Minecraft thanks to namesake mod, which you can find here

            7. Explosives in Minecraft there are not enough for liking of some. If you think so the  More Explosive mod is the one that‘s right for you, download it from here

            6. For your raids in Minecraft may you need nuclear weapons, giant robots, Tesla towers? Then download the Rival Rebel mod from here

            5. What about flying in Minecraft with your helicopter? Download the Helicopter mod and you will be able to do it, from here

            4. How many times have you thought that I had too many items in your inventory? Try to solve the problem with TooManyItems mod, which you can find here

            3. To furnish your home or you are a skilled builder or you might find very useful the Furniture Mod. You can download from here

            2. Wanna make Minecraft more realistic? The Unbelievable Shader mod  allows you to have the shadows inside of your world (as well as leaves, grass and sea waves that move), you can find it here

            OptifineHD Minecraft mods1. What a player want from any online gaming? That there is minimal lag and maximum playability.To play Minecraft in the best way to download the  Optifine HD mod from “optifine.net/downloads”.

            Please note that Google put Optifine in its blacklist of suspected phishing sites which may contain malicius codes. So if you prefere, here is another fantastic mod for Minecraft,  Journeymap, that let you create maps of your world. You can find and download it from here.

            Do you like our top 20 (+1) Minecraft mods, or do you think to know some better mods?

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            Minecraft Education Edition cover

            MinecrafEduMinecraft not just as a game but also as an educational tool: MinecraftEdu, educational version of the Mojang game created by the Finnish indipendente developer Teacher Gaming, already been used by thousands classrooms in 40 countries worlwide.

            Now the announcement that Microsoft (which in 2014 bought Mojang) plans to launch a new version of Minecraft, i.e. Minecraft Education Edition, based on MinecraftEdu, just bought by Microsoft, and with a free demo version, fmakes you understand how much Microsoft point on Minecraft to gowrth in the field of education.

            Minecraft Education developed for schools

            With MinecraftEdu teachers from around the world have already begun to engage students in subjects ranging from history to geography, from math to coding, proposing challenges to be solved in the classroom or at home.

            Minecraft is a fundamental step in that process ofgamificationwhich has long been developing in education, as well as professional field; seems only natural that Microsoft intends to leverage this virtual world to regain a prominent place in the industry with a dedicated version of it.

            Better maps and multiplayer mode

            Minecraft Education Edition studentsMinecraft Education Edition will have maps with better coordinates to teach kids how to navigate in the virtual world and a multiplayer mode that will be able to hold up to 40 users simultaneously.

            In practice, an entire class of students and teachers who can bring together online to create a group project or work-school, especially as the new edition will have a social component dedicated teachers, in which they can share projects and lessons developed with Minecraft.

            Microsoft has already fixed the price, very affordable, at $ 5 per student, who will receive and associated Microsoft account and can download and use Minecraft Education Edition from home.

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