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Forgotten City
Forgotten City coverA once great city where the prosperous residents were served by the miraculous mechanical automatons. The people have long since disappeared, but the automatons remained and still take care of the crumbling stone walls, abandoned halls and rusty fences”. This is how the Forgotten City, one of the most famous of all steampunk sims in Second Life, and not without reason, presents itself, fruit of the genius of the builder Jenne Dibou (a Hungarian girl in RL, in SL creator and designer, owner of ~JD~ Mechanical Toy Factory and already builder of White Taj – Black Taj together with Arusu ApfelbaumChiko ReinaBark Aabye and Shoji Kumaki) and of the scripter Mandy Marseille (read more about here). According to legend, if you look hard enough you could find in his secret the oldest megaprim of all Second Life, to be sure many elements have been built using the famous megaprims of Spartacus, director of Research Projects (http://www.secondskies.com). We suggest you to explore far and wide not just in search for the megaprim but the beauty of buildings, including many statues that animate animated and ingenious solutions adopted.