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love is in the air cover

SoliDea Folies Palloncino for Love is in the airWe talk about sharing economy, network sharing and offline ideas can generate other ideas, of cultural contamination. Well, all this in Second Life is a phenomenon which occurs frequently, with results more or less successful, in fields ranging from events to the building, from photography to the virtual fashion.

Just this week, for example,  on her blog Mila Tatham, Italian owner and designer of fashion brand SoliDea Foliespresented a new version of its already famous Palloncino (Baloon) insipred by the shoes (the model is L’Amour Heelscreated by Turkish designer Giz Seorn (owner of fashion brand GizzA Creations) for the event Love is in the air conceived by Giz to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The same Palloncino was indeed created by Mila exclusive for Love is in the airevent being held February 7 to 14 in Second Life (but you can even follow the group on Flickrwith the participation of some of the most successful fashion brands in the Linden Lab‘s virtual world, each of which has created an outfit for the occasion, an accessory or an exclusive skin for Valentine’s Day.

love is in the airMy advice is to enjoy the event, following the teleport that you find at the end of this article, but also to study the manner in which in the economy of a virtual world like Second Life the best creatives were able to grow by sharing experiences, projects and contents.

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YdeaIf you remember some time ago I told you about Ydea, expressing my opinion on the work of Emy Burt, owner and designer of the brand, work that I find very complete in terms of offering, but perhaps lacking at the time of a “strong” theme that might characterize it when compared to other productions of accessories and clothing with which Second Life users are used to customize their avatars. Well: Emy read my article and took a pen to write me back, stating “some little things about the Ydea style and the work done so far” which I am happy to share with you, dear friends of Mondivirtuali.it.

Ydea – write Emy Burt – was  born to give the possibility, spending a little, to have outfits complete of all. After a bit of time I decided to create gifts for members of my group (or not) and this was a move that has helped to make Ydea an enough well known brand in Second Life”.  Emy, I might add for those those who do not have an historical memory about, is talking about 2010, ie already after the media hype of the virtual world of Linden Lab had largely passed its peak.

Now, unfortunately – goes on Emy – since a little while trade in SL has changed a lot: a little because of the arrival of the meshes, a little because of the crisis of SL, run a few users and little money” so “to stay afloat, and with to float I mean at least pay for the expenses, you must create so much and everything and sell at reasonable prices”. For this reason, explains the owner of Ydea, “I had to put aside my ideas and personal projects to devote to a job that has little to do with the title of “designer”. I’m creating everything and I based my business on the traffic of my sim, offering promotions in addition to the regular weekly giveaways”.

Ydea giftsIn addition to the sales of the mainstore, “help me a lot of my more than 150 affiliates scattered throughout SL and sales that come through the marketplace” adds Emy, who stresses, however, as “business in SL has been in crisis for quite a bit and stay afloat as I said it is difficult too”. And I can believe this very well, because as (former) general manager of Anubis Style, of my good friend Aubis Hartunian (at the moment out of SL because of lack of time due to RL commitments, but also to increasingly modest results obtained, in spite of the great efforts made and compliments received for her creations) I know even too well that it is not all gold what glitters in the world of “virtual fashion” (as indeed in that of the real fashion: ask yourself why a famous Italian fashion brand like Krizia has been sold to the Chinese Shenzen Marisfrolg Fashion. I give you a spoiler: sales are now a fraction of those of the Eighties-Nineties).

Emy concludes her reply reiterating how “the desire to leave an imprint of my own style there was and still is, but given the time I can not afford to create a dozen clothes every 3 months and sell them at “greedy” prices (at least in term of linden dollars, since we are talking of no more than a few euros per items, ed) as it was years ago”. The times “have changed, for better or worse depending on your point of view: from my point they are not changed for the best at all, but there may be that after years of SL and Ydea things change in this way”. What will be the fate of Ydea? “Until there will be my desire, my time and my financial capacity, Ydea will remain standing, with its own strengths and weaknesses”.

Personally I hope that this will mean many more years and many ideas for Emy and her Ydea and who knows what the “rediscovery” of virtual worlds that seems to have infected even the American “big business”, from Google to Facebook, can not help. Waiting to see how this ends I suggest you continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, in addition to our account on Twitter (where you can find even myself) and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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How can you become a virtual model and a successful blogger? With a great passion and dedicating the right commitment, says Shanty Bookmite.

Shanty BookmiteThe virtual fashion knows no crisis, despite opposite rumors that periodically circulate on an increasingly distracted “RL” press. Between the models and the most active bloggers of Second Life also on social networking sites like Facebook there is Shanty Bookmite, whom despite an exotic nickname is an Italian girl. We decided to ask her a few questions and she did not pull back.

Lukemary Slade: Shanty, when did you discover Second Life and how did your passion for virtual fashion develope?

Shanty Bookmite: I found SL in 2008 and came mainly out of curiosity, how each of us I think. My passion for fashion in SL was born almost simultaneously with my entry in the metaverse. I was already passionate about fashion in RL and as soon as I entered I found that there was a contest for Miss Italia SL (how could we forget, even the “mainstream” Italian press wrote about it, LMS) I attended immediately, after only 3 days since I was born in SL. Now I can say that I was a dreamer, of course, but I tried. Even if I have not even overcame the first selection, I decided that fashion was my business!

Shanty BookmiteL.S.: Tell us a little about your project, what is your audience and what results are you getting so far?

S.B.: My project was more extensive than I thought at first, since it has widened over time, LOL! I was playing with the idea of ​​creating a photo and graphics studio (SB Studio) also offering advertising services and the like. Over time I open a parallel blog to SB Studio, which is called SB Fashion Distrinct and focuses on fashion, where I publish my post about fashion with high-resolution photos so that I can show my work and my abilities for SB Studio. Obviously the activity of advertising remains and with the two blogs connected (you  have to sum also a gruoup on Facebook) I get twice the results.

L.S.: What commitment requires promoting an activity like the one you started in Second Life?

S.B.: So much effort, far more than anyone can imagine! Also because in addition to my blogs I work as a model, first of all, and a lot more time is needed to properly advertise my posts and my sponsors, so not to risk to disappoint them, that is not my intention! Let’s say that I dedicate to blogs at least 2 and a half hours every day.

L.S.: Do you ever think of your export business in other virtual worlds?

S.B.: Of course! As soon as they’ll create another virtual world that inspires me and I will dive like a fish, you can be sure!

Shanty BookmiteL.S.: What are the right moves to start a business like yours, if you are interested in fashion in RL too?

S.B.: First of all, I believe that a true passion for photography for SB Studio, combined with a huge passion for fashion, is a key element to lay a good foundation for the “fashion” side. Then you have to study a lot in order to get to know the world of fashion in SL (I personally have two diplomas as a model, plus one in progress and I’m going to take fourth in a famous fashion school inworld) and have undoubtedly a good pc, which can provides a high pictures resolution. But the will is the one that keeps the engine, if there is that I think there is everything!

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Aliza Karu Cover

Aliza KaruComing back from a few days on holidays in August, we had an interview with Annalisa Cameli, aka Aliza Karu, designer and owner of AngelsDemons AD Creations (here her group on Flickr), who explained us how can you have success proposing Gothic fashion outfits in virtual worlds. But let’s not waste any more time and read what Aliza said.

Lukemary Slade: When did you start designing outfits on Second Life and why?

Aliza Karu: I started almost immediately, I joined SL in late May 2008 and in October I already have my first outfits. At first I did lots of bras and panties! I was coming already from the experience of The Sims, where also was possible to design clothes for my character. The system is similar, although there is only one template there. Thus, once entered into SL, since I could not find what I really liked between the freebie (or at least among the clothes that didn’t cost a lot, I was not very good as a dancer), I started to realize something for me, something gothic, which fits my demon style. Then the people I met have started to wonder where I got those clothes, telling me that they wanted to buy them too, and so we added a small shop in our land.

L.S.: Have you ever thought about producing contents (outfits or not) for any other virtual worlds?

A.K.: Other than The Sims, which I do not play anymore since a lifetime, not. Also because it currently has almost become a part-time work and I would not have time to devote to other worlds. Although I have spent a bit in Opensim too and even if, for example on other grids, is possible to import your own inventory. But it would become unmanageable for me, I could not follow well two worlds, therefore, at least for now, I decided to stay only in SL, my first love.

L.S.: Is the activity in SL in any way related to your real skills or interests and activities that you cultivate in your daily life?

Aliza KaruA.K.: Yes and no…  in RL I am a journalist and a press office, but I have a passion for Art – so much that I manage Whipart, journal of art and culture – and when I was a child I made clothes for Barbie or Cicciobello. My dream was to become a fashion designer, gothic / punk of course, but for many reasons in the end I became a teacher (!) and I have chosen a “career” (if you can consider it a job in Italy) as a journalist. I cultivated my RL passion, however, even now when I have time I realize clothes, bags and necklaces and bracelets, exclusively for me. But who knows that sooner or later I will carry my SL collection in RL. From my side I have basic passion for drawing too, my mother is a painter and I did some exhibitions too, and to “build up”, my father is a bricklayer and often in the summer I worked with him (learn the art and put it aside we say, isn’t it?).

As for the graphics, my husband is a web designer and graphic designer, I stood spellbound watching the magic he could do with a computer and so I learned to use Photoshop and Blender (for sculpt and mesh, which now I realized all alone). And then the marketing promotion of events in RL has allowed me to already have a knowledge base from which to promote my SL production. Let’s say then that certainly RL influence the SL, perhaps I visit an RL exhibition and the idea for a dress comes into my head, or I read a book or a play and comes out of a hat. As with everything, we must keep alive the creativity that we all have more or less dormant, and listen to our own emotions.

L.S.: Your outfits are very special, why this choice and commercially did it pay?

Aliza KaruA.K.: The choice was 100% personal, I love gothic, particularity, making an accessory or a skirt one of a kind. Maybe I buy a shirt – in RL – and as soon as I get home I change it, lol! In the “Real Life” we often find ourselves having to dress as we really do not like it but because of the places that we need to attend, so often I can not wear a mega skirt black lace, fluffy, but I’m forced into a suit to sheath. While in SL the beauty is that you can wear hair with cream and strawberries, or a pot of tea with biscuits, or those that would be 50 pounds of stuff, without any effort, especially against gravity and no one – or almost – can judge you. Then fortunately these follies paid commercially, because everybody, RL or SL that is, looking for something that makes them unique, that makes them stand out from the mass, which can be the starting point for a compliment. Basicly- and this is something that I personally understand but do not agree – on SL most people dress like in RL, is hard to break away from the concept of self, one wears dark skin in the summer because tan, or coats in winter because it’s cold. They are a bit tied, into “natural” social patterns. Then there is the complete opposite, people who wear only animal outfits. Then propose a dress that has structure like human bones … is perhaps risky, even commercially, but working on it can make his/her own way between the percentage of people that remains open to new experiences. Then, of course, one must always be present, advertise, start a blog, let circulate the name. Because it is useless to make a beautiful dress, technically perfect, and keep it in a land with zero traffic without anyone knowing.

L.S.: What would you recommend to those who want to follow your example and try to create clothes for “SL dolls”?

A.K.: Absolutely to try! There are two basic things: first the technique and not to stop before the obstacles that SL has technically and initially use the free software, so not to feel the frustration of having invested money for something that does not seem to work (basic package for those who want to start with clothes and skins: free templates, Gimp for graphics and a program that is called slcp.exe that allows you to see in 3D space and in what we have product without having to force load. And Blender for sculpt and mesh). And second, to understand what do you really like on a personal level before you do anything, to put passion. That’s because people feel it, even through clothing. My motto is “Express yourself wearing emotions”, because when I create I’m naturally “conditioned” by my state of mind and often people write to tell me that yes it is true, they feel it. Make a dress only for the purpose of selling it and making money can bring a profit at first, if done right, but then people get bored, they want to feel, to experience something.

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    Agnes FinneyDo you like classic clothes? Want to dress your doll in SecondLife as a princess? Many girls, who in everyday life are used to jeans and t-shirts, think “grand soiree” outfits with which to customize their own avatar in the virtual world of Linden Lab are cool and among the most popular fashion brands since three years is My Precious by Agnes Finney, which Saturday, November 5, has organized in collaboration with the brand of fashion jewelry Chop Zuey, by Belle Roussel, its November Fashion Show by parading the “virtual models” Elle Ahren (currently “My Precious Queen”), Laetitia Vella, Natasja SchumannGiada Oh (an Italian girl that some Mondivirtuali.it readers may recall from the days of the Darna Drake agency and of the first fashion shows in the land of Queen of the World, now disappeared), Rusalka Callisto, Sabine MortenwoldCatlyn SaharaVivienne Coppola, Wynter Frostwych and Mimosa Nowles, whom presented chic and sophisticated clothing.

    On this occasion Will Finney (Chief Operating Officer of My Precious) who presented the clothes during the show held in the land of Agnes Finney, also announced the start of the selection for the fall / winter collection of My Precious Queen Contest 2011, that will reward the winner with the title of “My Precious Queen” (complete with crown and scepter as in any self-respecting beauty contest), in addition to cash prizes for 20,000 linden dollars (about 75 Us dollars) and an outfit of the “Queen” series which will be titled with her name.

    Giada OhWhat can I say: fine clothes, in pastel colors and very classic, beautiful jewels of Chop Zuey, perfectly matched with outfits, great job for the models to be able to beat a persistent lag (due to the known technical limitations of the Linden Lab platform), constant presence of at least fifty avatars throughout the show, set in an ornate opera house.

    If there is bad weather, you do not have guests for dinner,or you are still forced to stay at home and want to spend afun evening without getting bored watching TV, consider to attend the next fashio in show of My Precious, you will not regret it.

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      Formichetti fashion

      Modavia fashion week 2011Virtual worlds seem to be a source of inspiration for fashion designers: many users of Second Life, Opensim, Imvu or other virtual reality platforms suspected it, but now confirmation comes from an “authoritative source“, as the Los Angeles Times,which talking about the New York fashion week, from 9th to 16th September almost simultaneously with the equally famous (at least among fans of virtual worlds) Modavia Fashion Week, which this year has seen parading, from 8th to 15th September, more than 60 virtual fashion brands, as the Turkish Gizza, brand that is currently perhaps the most well known in Second Life (but also well-known names for the Italian public as Sartoria, Casa del Shai, Anubis Style, Meb, Jador, Orage Creations, Donna Flora and Baiastice) stressed as the preferred designer of Lady GagaNicola Formichetti, has shown a virtual show in his “pop-up store” (temporary shops in vogue recently among fashion brands, LmS), while ModaOperandi.com has decided to sell the new collection without letting it pull out live and at last Norma Kamali has made ​​a film in 3D which can be seen on her 3D website.

      More generally, according to the Los Angeles Times, from the New York’s catwalks seems to be a growing fusion between virtual and real, while the press seems to have noticed that there is a “huge market for virtualfashion” as explained in the article Yohei Ishii, senior director of CCP Games that has developed for some fashion designers (real, but still little known to the general public)  “fashionable” limited edition avatars sold at $ 70 each to fashionists around the world. According to the samr Ishii, who notes that already are spent each year on virtual worlds and social networks a few billion dollars to buy US “digital goods” including avatars and virtual accessories, “all these virtual worlds are inspiring” since a designer can create clothes in them that in reality could not create because of physical or economic laws. And then, perhaps, decide whether and how to try to recreate one or more outfits in real life (physic permitting).

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        zigzag fashion

        While content creators on Second Life care working to understand whether and how you can take advantage of the mesh from a few weeks have made ​​their appearance in Second Life (with the release of Linden Lab Viewer 3) but still seem to present some drawbacks (does not seem possible, for example, to adapt to a shape different from that on the basis of which was “designed” an outfit through an external program as Blender in collada format and then imported, which could limit the use of meshes in shoes and accessories rather than whole outfits), even in the current offert of clothing and accessories, when not full avatars through which users of Californian virtual worlds can customize their user experience, there are interesting proposals, as if to dispel that virtual fashion is merely areproduction of the real one.

        Wandering around SL, I happened to bump into ZigZag, a shopping land full of freebies and dollarbies designed by Merlino Mayo in which I saw, among others, some “old” outfits of a friend of ours, Patrizia Blessed (aka Patrizia Nofi, owner of Ardigraf). Intrigued, I looked better and I’ve discovered? One of the most interesting collections seen in recent years, one of the three “creatures” of Patrizia: Gmork, Yturi Direction to those are flanked by, in the “mainstore”  inworld (i.e. a forest near the sea at Utopia Isles) as well as in the store of Patrizia on Marketplace, even Fairy Forest, Celsey, Kendhal and MoonLight.

        Patrizia, in these last few months committed close to Maxi Lane (aka Marina Bellini) in ant activity in support of Musei in Comune Roma 2.0 initiatives taking place near the island of MiC, contacted by Mondivirtuali.it, confirmed that “the “creatures”were born earlier this year and are on sale at 1,500 Linden package, also with skin, eyes and feet for some of them also sculpt” and have had some nice success, even though, at least on Marketplace, designer’s “best seller” seems to be a more “classic” Spanish-style dress, Flamenco (which costs a little more of “creatures”, 2,000 linden dollars).

        In short, the virtual fashion is not always the mere reproduction of things already seen in real life, yet it seems that many users, especially but not only Italian, labor in particular to appreciate outfits “whimsical” and prefer to purchase more reassuring reproductions of costumes and clothes already seen in the real world, perhaps failing to exploit fully the spirit of“your world, your immagination” that led to the birth of many hopes in 2006-2007, when the media hype of Second Life and virtual worlds. Having done which are perhaps still to make their users, even in the fashion industry.

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        Kyra cover

        Kyra PfefferSometimes scrolling through now thousands of images of Graphic Dreams I came across some very well done, only to discover that the artist has a photostream still too underdeveloped to merit an entire episode but which is worth at least a note.

        So as of now, I advise you to keep an eye to Fata Flores since already with an image as In the Stillness she proves that she has what it needs to give more pleasant surprises. Well, trold about Fata Flores now I can present this week’s graphic dreamer: the Brazilian fashionist Kristine Karfield aka Kyra Pfeffer.

        Kyra, a burst of colors

        Kyra PfefferI liked her photostream on Koinup.com because Kyra is cheerful, joyous, an explosion of color and pleasant and cute images (see Fig59 o Ys144 and you’ll understand what I mean), like maybe I should have expected from a Brazilian girl who uses the best locations in Second Life (enjoy discovering what they are…) as the background to capture the avatar wearing some outfit in large part the result of that mix that Kyra selects from gifts and freebies that “virtual” fashion brands offer to their fans in the Linden Lab metaverse.

        Which does justice to the fact that Second Life is really “your world, your immagination” and if you know how to take the good, do not necessarily pay big bucks to enjoy yourself and get good results from a graphical point of view and artistic too.

        Fashion and graphic united by a light touch

        Kyra PferfferKyra joins in fact the two worlds of fashion and graphics, with alight touch and nice, helpful to remember that after all the art (not just the electronic art) is also a great game in which the artists are like children with a particular design that could “turn on” a thousand fantastic colors everything on which they pose gaze. If you want some examples, try to see Lemania 3 or Mix 156, or even Mix 153 or KK322.

        The only advice I can give to Kyra is to improve the titles of her pictures, although I understand that probably were taken to have an “archive” of images of dozens of outfits that Kyra has found and reconstructed in recent years on Second Life before to propose them as exemple of graphic art.

        Yet they are, perhaps more than some pictures  that some try so hard to achieve: the art is in the eye of the artist before her/his mind, I’ve said many times, the case of Kyra, an artist may be “involuntary” but authentic, confirms it once again.