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    Bryn Oh what the orphans saw cover

    OMG, how long I have not been back in Second Life to visit a virtual artistic exhibition! his time the opportunity was offered to me by Bryn Oh (Canadian artist active in the Linden Lab virtual world

    of whom Mondivirtuali.it talked about on several occasions) exhibition entitled “What the Orphans Sawhosted as always at Immersiva.

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw

    What the orphans saw

    That the orphans of Bryn see are paintings, rides, unicorns fighting with clouds and cats and strange animals that look like a cross between giraffes and Salvador Dalì‘s elephants with very thin legs.

    If you go to see the show, be careful: Bryn set the environment so that you are at twilight, with very little light available.

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw little secrets

    Darkness holds little secrets

    Serve, this poor light, to encourage an orphans game of hide-and-seek, to make their presence and their secrets more intimate, to make their imagination fly outside the physical limits of the orphanage and their condition.

    This at least is what I saw there, you go to see and tell me what feelings has caused you.

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw little orphans

    15 years of Second Life have not passed in vain

    It is a pleasure to see that despite 15 years of activity and despite the hype for Second Life has died and buried long ago, Linden Lab’s platform is still a prolific environment in terms of the creativity of its most active users. So another 15 of these years, Second Life (and congratulations to Bryn Oh, as always).

    Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw the way

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      Each artist creates his own virtual world, sometimes similar to reality sometimes totally fantastic, but rarely I saw artworks like those of Johannes Stotter, self-taught artist, musician and “body painter” from South Tyrol (Italy), bodypainting world champion in 2012, vice-world champion in 2011 and in 2014, Italian champion in 2011 and 2013, winner of several other awards including the North American Bodypainting Championship in Atlanta (Usa) in 2013 and the International Fine Art Bodypainting Award in 2014. johannes stotter leaves

      Animals figures created by painted bodies

      Why did Stotter’s artwork hit me? Because is fantastic his ability in recreating animal figures thanks to a multitude of painted human bodies (it’s famous his tropical frog created by 5 models, in 2013), reather then “natural” (litterally!) paintings and sculptures. Whether it may seem to you wolves, angel fishes, chameleons, frogs or parrots, those photographed and shotted by Stotter are always models whose body was painted by the artist so to recreate a perfect illusion, take a look to believe.

      The art of perfect camouflage

      But Stotter was also able to play with elements like stone, heart, wood, fruit, to camouflage his models in the surrounding environment, or in making them perfect, albeit virtual, anatomical machines as maybe just the anatomist Giuseppe Salerno was able to achieve, in a totally different way, for prince Raimondo di Sangro. So enjoy this movie and be prepared to remain astonished by what you will see, it’s whorthwhile!

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        World of details cover

        Melusina Parkin get back to exhibt in Second Life some of its shots, at Time Portal, with A World of Details exhibition. I’ve known Melusina Parkin for many years in Second Life, since she was the general manager of the virtual fashion brand MEB Fashion. World of details by Melusina ParkinWorld of details by Melusina Parkin

        Melusina Parking, art photos and furniture

        Melusina always had a good taste, a passion for details, for furniture (she is also the owner of MeluDeco), for art photography. She can capture and recreate the very best of what she sees in Linden Lab‘s virtual world no less than draw lesson from real world, especially regarding art decò style of the beginning of twentieth century. World of details by Melusina Parkin

        Time Portal’s exhibition

        I found since the beginning her landing on Time Portal a “natural” choice for Melusina, who unfortunately, like all of us, has less and less time to devote to virtual worlds and the art of photography due to her busy schedule in real life.

        Go and see the exhibition is definetly a good idea both for graphic art both for virtual worlds fans for that too, so just push the “teleport” button below and have a nice trip, with a hint of imagination too. For all of you, meanwhile, a sneak peek thanks to the gallery that you can see above. Have fun!



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        Chevrolet Lego Batmobile Cover

        The second Lego Movie (“The Lego Batman Movie”, regarding the adventures of Lego Batman) is about to debut in the theaters of the world and among the side promotions one of the most remarkable was the official presentation, at the Detroit Auto Show 2017, of a (real) Chevrolet Lego Batmobile.

        Chevrolet recreates the Speedwagon Batmobile

        Chevrolet Lego BatmobileThis car is the literal reproduction of the Speedwagon Batmobile which Lego Batman uses in the Warner Bros movie to save Gothem Cityfrom the Joker, escept in this case it is a car of 5,18 meters length and 2,11 meters high, built using 344,187 Lego bricks of 17 different color.

        To draw and project it Chevrolet technicians needed 222 hours, while to build it together Lego technicians in an hobby stor in Enfield, Connecticut, other 1,833 hours have been necessary.

        Sale price: 48 million dollars

        Chevrolet Lego Batmobile has also been included by the American manufactorer on its site among the sales pitches, at the “moderate” sale price of 48 million dollars, comprised of V100 20.000 Cv engine and 4G wi-fi connection. The car only weighs 769 kg and it has come out around an aluminum frame weighing 128 kg.

        We will be able to see its computer-animated version, in Italy, from February 9, but it has to like a lot to break the gross record of the original The Lego Movie (over 469 million dollars worldwide). In the meantime, take a look about how the Chevrolet Lego Batmobile showed at Detroit was built.

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          virtual second night cover

          Consistently, without much ado, Edmose Group achieved another important mileston: the June issue of Virtual Second Night, distributed both inside the busiest virtual reality platform to date, Second Life, both on the web through Issu, at this link, is the number 50, an issue significantly summer-style and for those who like the sea, as you can discover flipping through it.

          50 happy returns of Virtual Second Night

          virtual second night magazine coverTaking care of this issue the guest editor Carmy Sonata, with Nimoe Constantine as art director and responsable for the cover, a wide virtual newsroom made up of Mafalda Diesel, Zly Resident, Violetta Inglewood, Mystery Hifeng and the Edmose Group’s “patron” himself, Edwardi Mosely.

          As alwas the pictures are well gloomed, with the magazine which is not proposing a monograph issue, but ranges even this time, as usual, from fashion to art, from the most intriguing Second Life’s locations to the most interesting events’ calendar scheduled in the coming weeks on the Linden Lab platform.

          A virtual women’s magazine

          Without loosing any more time, I suggest you to thumb through this Issue of Virtual Second Night in the same way you would thumb a women’s magazine: to relax, out of curiosity, to find out so many details that you still don’t know about a virtual world that in recent weeks celebrated its 13 years of online activity, as even Mondivirtuali told you, devoting a huge gallery to SL13B fair.

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            Bjork Digital cover

            Bjork BiophiliaIf you know the Icelander singer Bjork, you know that she is one to push the envelope when it comes to technologies and immersive experiences, having always already experimented innovative costumes  and musical videos often able to provoke polemics.

            Just think about her multimedia approach to 2011’s Biophilia album and more recently her 360 degree video made for the launch of Stonemilker song from 25015’s Vulnicura album, at first viewable only at March retrospective dedicated to Bjork by the New York’s Museum of Modern Art, but then released on Youtube and finally downloadable as a virtual reality app.

            Bjork Digital opens at Sidney

            bjork stonemilkerFor her latest “foray” into virtual reality, Bjork decided to bring her native Iceland to fans through the Bjork Digital world tour, just launched in Sydney, Australia, allowing the fanses themselves to use HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headsets to visit, virtually, Icelanders fields, beaches and caverns, all environments recreated for the tracks within Vulnicura. In fact, in addition to Stonemilker, five more tracks will be given the VR treatment over the coming months, while the tour moves on to Tokyo, London, Paris, and other world capital cities.

            Visiting Iceland in VR while Bjork is singing

            According to Variety the tour’s videos should then be made downloadable as app for virtual reality, so if you have a VR device you’ll be able to explore Iceland while Bjork will sing her songs,  in the comfort of your own home. If you wanna know more, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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              Keiichi Matsuda cover

              A paranoid and dystopian vision, or an insight nearest to our future daliy reality than we would like to admit? The Londoner designer Keiichi Matsuda who in 2013 launched on Kickstarter a crowdfunding campaign to finance his project Hyper-Reality, a series of three short movies set in the near future an devoted to the exploration of a city (Medellin, in Columbia) saturated by the technology and by the media, has distributed on the web the first one of the three short movies, of the duration of 6 minutes and 15 seconds

              Hyper-Reality, the first chapter

              The main character of Keiichi Matsuda’s movi is the forty-two years old Juliana Restrepo, disillusioned with her life, dominated by a technology and by media more and more invasive, so much to fill her vision with sinternet ervices as Google, video-game, jobs research services and buildup of “loyalty points” tied to her online identity and to her daily activities.

              Keiichi Matsuda hyper realityOn the bus, on the road, in the shops, Juliana see continously superimposet to physical reality a series of contents of increased reality and virtual reality. But suddenly in a supermarket the “hyper reality” system starts to show flaws, showing superimposed to the physical reality contents intended for a man named Emilio, as the avatar of an attractive young girl with guns.

              Alarmed Juliana calls her provider help desk which warns that her account seems under attack and suggests her to follow a blue line to the nearest service center to confirm, giving her own biometric data, her online identity.

              Enjoy the Keiichi Matsuda’s video

              How the story made up by Keiichi Matsuda ill end you can discover looking at the video. Then if you wanna manteined up to date about virtual and augmented reality and the developing of new geek technologies, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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                Bryn Oh, the Canadian artist who, in recent years, creates works of art using the virtual world of Second Life, was again awarded by Canadian government for her artistic projects. Bryn Oh the same, in her blog, referred to “have just been informed that I am one of the 17 who received a new grant from the Canadian government for art projects”.

                Bryn Oh 2016 GatheringThis is the third grant that Bryn Oh receive: the first was for the Standby project, the second for Imogen and the Pigeons, this third to assemble and film The Singularity of Kumiko and to create a first life exhibit using the Oculus Rift and Steam system, and various other costs such as marketing, voice acting, music, travel, etc .

                Bryn Oh also points out as many curators have spent a life learning how to evaluate and understand painting, sculpture, film and find hard to evaluate  immersive artworkds as those created by Bryn herself in Second Life, because to correctly assessone must become immersed” in the artwork itself and isn’t enought “looking at pictures or even watching machinima”, you need to do a direct experience and this, ends Bryn Oh, is not so easy. That is why artists are so thankful to the Ontario Arts Council which has proven to be a very progressive organization for the arts.

                Bryn Oh 2016 GatheringSo the Gathering, the Bryn Oh existing installation, will remain on Immersiva for another month or so, poi then Bryn will start assemble The Singularity of Kumiko and also the Second Life art will enter the era of virtual reality. If you want to know how it will end keep following Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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                  Martin Back superheroes - Ironman

                  Who would not like to be, at least once, a superhero? Some make use of virtual worlds such as Second Life where you can create your own avatar as seems best to you, assuming the appearance of any real or fantastic character you want, or more simply recreating  you according to ourinner self”, maybe 20 years younger and shaped like a model.

                  Martin Beck superheroes - FlashOthers just need a costume and a little imagination to revive even just at a party, or carnival, the role of hero who, as children, we have deeply impressed.

                  Martin Back superheroes - BatgirlSuperheroes and common people

                  Here on Mondivirtuali we have already shown to you the Sacha Goldberg’s superheros in costume in addition to the cosplayer portayed like superheroes and movie characters by Antti Karppinen, but this time we want to show you something really different.

                  Normal people, living among us, portrayed by Martin Beck in the role of superheroes more or less improbable but no less authentic (indeed).

                  The idea of the Scottish / South African photographer, currently living in Dubai, for years famous portraitist but also attracted by the world of rock music and films, is that we all can be heroes.

                  Martin Back superheroes - SpidermanPoetical portraits

                  Sure, maybe his Flash will not exactly lightning to fix machines, his Batgirl will be a little overweight and his Spiderman seems more coming from a domestic quarrel that from a fight to the last knock out with some supervillain.

                  But his couple of elderly Superman and his lady is extremely poeticlike his Ironman that everything appears to be less than a playboy billionaire, while “missCapitan America certainly does not seem the embodiment of the American dream as the Marvel character to which she is inspired.

                  Martin Back superheroes - SupermanWe all can be superheroes

                  Martin Beck’s images make a collection of 20 portraits, put on display and sold at Middle East Film & Comic Con 2015 between April 9 and 11, 2015.

                  With this project, the photographer wanted to humanize the superheroes, because “despite our flaws and failurs, each of us, in our own way, can be heroes to our family, our friends, our collegues and we all have the potential to help others. My heroes are regular people not restricted by race, religion or beliefs. They live among us, they surround us, they are everywhere. Everyone is a superhero”.

                  Martin Back superheroes - Capitan AmericaIf you liked Martin Beck’s superheroes, as those of Antti Karppinen or Sacha Goldberg, and you wanna see more, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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                  Antti Karppinen Jack Sparrow cover

                  Since there are professional tools for photo editing virtual worlds are between us in a way sometimes imperceptible but constant.

                  The workd of Antti Karppinen

                  Take for instance the work of Antti Karppinen (and of his studio, Alias Creative), Finnish photographer who lives and works in Cardiff and it claims to belong toa new generation of image artisans, to whom all things are possible” and who loves to create “complex visual concepts and images with unlimited imagination”.

                  You have to have a lot of imagination to create a virtual world (“your world, your immagination” was the original motto of Second Life, do you remember?) but Antti certainly is not lacking, whether it be weddingphotos or wanna be “superheroes” posters.

                  Antti Karppinen wedding alternative perspectiveIn the first case just take a look at “Wedding Alternate Perspective”, already among the three finalists World Photographic Cup of this year precisely for the weddingcategory.

                  Alternative perspective

                  What about the portraits of cosplays that interpret superheroes (or supervillains) and characters of the most successful films? Would take too long to explain the secrets of each photo, which you can still learn about visiting Antti site, so here’s a small selection of the best images of superheroes and fantastic characters created by Antti Karppinen – Alias Creative.

                  Enjoy our gallery

                  Enjoy and if you’re curious to see other images created by the new digital artists, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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