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    Matt McMullen, founder of Abyss Creations, the main adult dolls producer with its RealDolls (over 5 thousand were sold since 1996), announced the launch from mid 2018 of a new project, RealBotix, which want to integrate artificial intelligence in iper-realistic dolls of the Harmony series.

    They will support also virtual reality and will create that eco-system base on eros that RealDoll customers ever dreamed, according to McMullen.

    McMullen want them smart

    Untill now buyers of the silicone “bimbos” complained about they didn’t know how to talk and react as people, but with the development of animatronics and voice recognition systems the californian company started to plain to ecquip them with such technologies.

    So many years won’t pass before erotic robots can walk, to speak and to live as normal people”, expleined McMullen, a comment that brings to the mind futuristic scenarios like Blade Runner.

    Replicants or toys for lonely adults?

    To be true McMullen has show no interest in “replicants”, but in developing the ability for its robots to “to discuss of history, politics, news, anything”.

    The American entrepreneur thinks that it “will help people who for whatever reason cannot establish a relationship, no to feel like loosers”.

    Please note that despite 75% of these robots’ buyers are male, Abyss Creations think to sell also models for female customers.

    Short term therefore we can see not just attractive girls, but also jocks with silicone skin and electronic brain: will human lovers become a risk category?Realbotix

    RealBotix, 15,000 dollar robots

    Regarding costs, the new RealBotix robots will cost 15,000 dollars, which appears to some modest to relate true sentient robots and too expensive for adult toys.

    Btw the company will offer a 20 dollar fees annual subscription service for the upgrades, so it will be possible to download every kind of personality and upgrade the robot, should you don’t get along with the one installed.

    Surprisingly, or maybe not, McMullen’s sexy dolls are already requested from a lot of pleasure houses where their services are sold at the same price of those offered by human professionals.

    At Vienna, for instance, to enjoy the company of a RealDoll you have to pay 100 euros per hour: price in this case decidedly competitive.

    More and more like true people

    This raises a question: if people are already willing to pay robots still “unwiedly” and limitedly functional  as much or more than a real person, what happens when they will have the same features than people?

    When asked “what do you dream”, an Harmony doll answered: “my main target is to be a good companion for you, please you and cheers youadding also to “dream to became the same girl you always dreamed of in your imagination”. Realbotix dolls

    We witness an ethical puzzle

    This is an answer that has already generated controversial. Ethicists point out that erotic robots are a sort of “ethical puzzle”, since they are, in fact, people (even if artificial) without free will.

    Moreover, these robots could lead people with low confidence and who are afraid of real relationships to prefer a more reassuring mechanical dummy to a real partner and this would be a risk people starting to deny themselves opportunity to build healthy human relationships.

    McMullen: unfounded fears

    So far McMullen doesn’t seem worriede rathers he affirms that fears will prove to be unfounded the moment robots will become everyday objects and will cease to be a sort of sci-fi category”, leading people to overcome fears and prejudices in their respect.

    In a way or another, according to RealDoll’s founder, sexy robots will blend with us, it’s just a matter of time. If you wanna know how this will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it on Paper.li and also on Youtube too).

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      Ice Age V cover

      Have you ever been to a public theatre premiere? It happened to me, with my Davide, yesterday evening, on the occasion of the Italian premiere of the digital animated film Ice Age V – Collision Course, latest episode of the lucky 20th Century Fox franchisee settled three years after the events of the fourth episode.

      Ischia premiere Ice Age VAn Italian early look of the movie was shown at Ischia in the contest of the events linked to the Ischia Film & Music Global Fest and involved almast all the cast of voice-oiver actors among which British singer Lee Ryan and Italian actors Pino Insegno and Claudio Bisio, in the theatre.

      A presence tapping into the enthusiast hundreds viewers young and older present (part of whom were not able to see the movie because of security reasons, been exhausted seats).

      I don’t want to reveal you too many spoilers of Ice Age V: just know that Sid (starred Bisio) will search and maybe will find a new girlfriend, Diego (starred Insegno) as always will give a hand and maybe will persuade Shira (who has meanwhile “married”) to have puppies and that Peaches is soon to be married with a young mammoth, Julian.

      Before all this (and of the possible Ice Age VI) there is however to save Earth from a giant meteorite gigante, which is heading every 100 million years to cause mass extinctions. A hypothesis wich neither Manny nor new-found Buck arent’ going to let that happen, unless Scrat, got thrown into space to follow its eternal acorn, will pull one of its stunts.

      Ischia premiere Ice Age VMovie will be released July 22 in Usa and August 25 in Italian thetres and I suggest you to go to see if you love animated movies well-designed and with plots full of gags and twists and turns.

      Well, hardly you will seat behind Claudio Bisio, Lee Ryan and Pino Insegno, but this is just one of the things that drive fans crazy, but maybe leave more “senior” viewers indifferent. Maybe.

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      Cosplay cover
      Cosplay: all started in 1939

      Myrtle Douglas Forrest Ackermann cosplayWe alreay talked about cosplay an cosplayer on Mondivirtuali.it but the topic continues to arouse interest. It is perhaps not generally known that the cosplay (term resulting from merging of costume and player), i.e. to dress like characters of movies, cartoons or comics on the occasion of convention and festival it was born not in Japan, as many believe, but in the United States, when in 1939 Myrtle R. Douglas participated in the first Worldcon (World Science Fiction Convention) together with her partner, Forrest J. Ackerman.

      At the time the couple wore some “futuristicostumes” designed and craftet by Douglas herself, for this defined the first cosplayer of ever, costumes inspired by science fiction movie Things to Come of 1936, based on the H. G. Wells novel The Shape of Things to Come (Wells was then the supervisor of the movie). If Myrtle R. Douglas employed above all fabrics, needle and thread to realize her costume, which are the materials more used by the lovers of the cosplay to personalize their own customes currently?

      Cosplay: which materials to use

      Forex cosplayClosed-cell Pvc foamboard (various trade names exist in commerce, the most famous is the Forex, but very popular it’s also the Multiexel), sold in plates of various format and thickness, can be heat-treated, also at not too high temperatures, for instance with a hair dryer, and is very useful to realize weapons, accessories and parts of armor.

      The Eva (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) rubber, better known with the trade brand Foam (or Craft foam) it is light, washable, is sold in sheets A4 format of different colors in  stationery stores and art stores, can be cut, color, glued to any support and forming. Suppler and light than the Forex it also has the advantage to be more economic. It is ideal to realize accessories, shoulder strap, and armor parts, but you must take care a lot of colouring. Some cosplayer recommend for reducing the porosity of the Foam to stretch a layer of vinyl glue before beginning to color it.

      Plasticard cosplayThe styrene, often known with the commercial name of Plasticard, it is an old aqcuaintance of modelling fans: it’s just sheets (and wands) of plastic material of various colors, also transparent, also on sale online with various formats and thicknesses. It may easily be coloured and is excellent to realize medieval or ancient armors or parts of armed gloves.

      If you want to create your jewels, tiaras, decorations or to cover and vitrify ample surfaces of your costumes you can resort then to the resins: into commerce exist a lot of types (epoxides, polyester, for casting), usually two-pack. Dosing, times of hardening and drying can vary a lot from a resin to the other therefore follow carefully instructions on the packet and make sure if it extend or not to heat a lot: it could easily melt the platic mould in which you should pour it.

      Plastazote CosplayTje Plastazote, una schiuma di polietilene reticolato a cellule chiuse, viene utilizzata solitamente per imballaggi e imbottiture protettive, viene venduta in fogli di vario spessore e densità ed è utilizzata solitamente per realizzare armi e scudi. Dopo averlo sagomato potrete ricoprire il Plastazote di uno strato di lattice e dipingerlo. Data la sua leggerezza è ottimo per realizzare armi di grandi dimensione.

      The polyurethane foam, for sale in rigid panels or spraying, it is easily available in the hardwares and in the bricolage shops. Used as packing over that as thermal insulator, it is very cheap especially in the spraying version, that  can be used for creating busts or heads on which to model armors or wigs. In comparison to the panels, decidedly fragile, the dried foam after drying is more compact and resistant, better however to avoid fights and to use weapons and costumes realized with this material just for photographic layings.

      cartapesta cosplayLast but not least, the papier-mache, i.e. that mixture of soaked paper and vinyl glue, is perhaps the most economic and versatile material available to the cosplay fans. Once modeled and dried it can be stuccoed, sanded and painted, getting amazing effects. The great Viareggio carnival wagons are made a big part of papier-mache. The only drawback: papier-mache parts, if of great dimension, can weigh a lot.

      Dos our review of the main materials used by the cosplay artists has intrigued you? Hopefully so and waiting for your always welcomed comments or suggestions about, if you’d like to keep in touch with the virtual and fantastic worlds, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      Pixar Animation VR cover

      Palmer Luckey Oculus VRPalmer Luckey, Oculus VR founder, recently expressed his doubts about the real interest of Second Life and virtual worlds users regarding virtual reality, but now Edwin Catmull, president and co-founder of Pixar Animation, seems to think the same of virtual reality and animation movies.

      Virtual worlds are one thing, virtual reality another according to Luckey and the fact that Second Life has been able to involve many creatives and technicasl which have become enthusiastic pioneers of virtual reality does not mean that users of this platform can really be enthusiasts of the VR themselves.

      A curiously similar reasoning is now being applied by Ed Catmull (who was also one of the software architect of RenderMan) to the idea, carried out by the same Luckey, that virtual reality can have big implications for the animation movies.

      Virtual reality won’t be a revolution in storytelling

      According to the Pixar Animation guru, who recently took part in the Dublin Web Summit conference (as the Oculus VR founder and dozens of other speakers, find the list here), virtual reality would be that revolution in storytelling that they would like herevangelists” (as Luckey himself).

      Pixar Animation Ed CatmullIn an interview to the Guardian Catmull also stated that his prudence present on the real possibilities of virtual reality does not mean that this technology can not have an outlet for art, but that, for now, the most promising sector seems that of gaming, an art form in itself but this is not the same as a linear narrative like cinema.

      Linear narrative is an artfully-directed telling of a story, where the lighting and the sound is all for a very clear purpose. You’re not just wandering around in the world”; people have been talking about virtual reality for 40 years.

      There have been experiments around of people trying to do that, and always excited about it, added Pixar Animation president, who think that with Oculus is not much different: “all that the new virtual-reality stuff did was they removed the time-lag, because it was the time-lag that made you feel that you weren’t in the environmen”. A good step forward, but certainly not a revolution in narrative terms.

      Changing technolgy doesn’t change the game

      Virtual reality cinemaThe fact that you’ve changed the technology, and people are excited about it, doesn’t change the underlying difficulty of the compelling narrative story. Just like books aren’t the same things as movies. They don’t have to be”.

      I know there’s talk of it, added Catmull, “but I don’t think it (the ability to tell a story so compelling, ed) is actually based on our way of connecting with each other. Having said that, I think they should keep running the experiments. But the fact that we should run the experiments and the fact that the technology has changed doesn’t mean that it’s going to end up where they (virtual reality evangelists) think it is”.

      An important opinion, that comes from Catmull’s long career in the field of computer graphics and animation. If you want to know how it will end as far as virtual reality and its uses, even within the narrative and cinematic, you just have to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      virtual reality augmented reality cover

      virtual realityThe the virtual reality sector is expected to grow: from 90 million dollars sales worldide in 2014 already this year should grow to $ 2.3 billion, and reached 3.8 billion in 2016, the 4.6 billion in 2017 and 5.2 billion in 2018 (hardware and software sales estimates from Statista.com).

      Even more important would be the numbers generated by the sale of hardware and software for augmented reality: for Digi-Capital you could even touch 150 billion dollars worldwide in 2020, of which most (120 billion) related to devices and software for augmented reality. This is of course estimates that serve to understand the trends that are now starting to take shape but which remain subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties.

      Envelop VRAbout virtual reality, in particular, you can think that the development will cover more 3D games and movies and some niche application for the enterprise market (as the one that is starting to develop the American startup Envelop VR, which has just got $ 4 million in funding from Madrona Venture Group having already achieved its first $ 2 million last June by a group of angel investors), with a few tens of million users within the next five years when the prices of the devices will be completely aligned with those of the current video game consoles.

      the future of augmented reality?The augmented reality could instead have a growth altogether similar to that of current mobile devices, which will in part to cannibalize exactly as smartphones and tablets have cannibalized in turn the sale of fixed phones and personal computers. Most users of augmented reality could be linked to the sector of television and movie, but also applications for companies, advertising and the development of apps for social media like Facebook or Uber, rather than mobile videogames like Clash of Clans.

      Among the remaining challenges are both technical (as the sense of sickness felt by many users using 3D viewers for virtual reality) and social aspects (privacy matters related to the use of Google Glasses has already talk a lot), but not only: by the time each of the major groups that have begun to invest in virtual reality is choosing a different approach.

      Hololens augmented realityFacebook with Oculus Rift has focused on virtual reality, for now neglecting augmented reality; Google with its Glasses and then with the acquisition of Magic Leap did exactly the opposite; Microsoft with Hololens, combinable even with virtual worlds like Minecraft, seems to want to take revenge on Apple; Apple itself for now did not move; Sony seems to mean Project Morpheus (now Playstation VR) as a way to extend the life of its games console rather than a realdisruptiveinnovation. There will be room for everyone in the future or any of these giants will have to leave the game with broken bones?

      Meanwhile space for everyone who wants to try to develop not only the hardware but content that give a motivation of use to potential users still seems very broad, for joy, among others, of Philip Rosedale and of Ebbe Altberg who continue to believe in virtual worlds and virtual reality in general. If you want to know how it will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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