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    Why Apple loves AR cover

    That the great giants of technology look with interest to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is well known, as well as that after hesitating longer than others, Apple decided to invest in a software development kit for virtual reality applicationsa, ARKit, of which at the beginning of last June a new release was announced, ARKit2, as part of the new features brought by the new iOS 12 operating system.

    Apple bets on virtual reality

    Apple seems to believe a lot to, called “a platform that allows developers to integrate shared experiences, persistent AR experiences tied to a specific location, object detection and image tracking to make AR apps even more dynamic”.

    But why did Apple, after hesitating, embrace the AR technology with great enthusiasm, even though it seems still more immature than that of virtual reality?

    Also The Motley Fool (one of the best known and appreciated American financial sites) experts asked for it, believing that the reason is simple: augmented reality applications “require a substantial amount of processing power”, since it is not trivial at all to succeed in superimposing to reality images of objects rendered realistically.

    Considerable computing power and excellent graphics performance are required, two fields in which Apple is rapidly making important progress with its own mobile chips.

    AR apps will require new hardware

    Apple: perchè ama AR (credit image Apple) If developers will acquire more experience in realizing augmented reality applicationstruly useful and compelling augmented reality applications, it might not be long before they start really pushing the limits of what current iOS hardware can do”. Rather, “most creative developers may even start clamoring for even bigger generational performance improvements”.

    The point is that augmented reality applications seem to havethe potential to raise the level of performance and capacity that customers expect from their smartphones”, which would do a lot of good to Apple according to the The Motley Fool experts,since in recent years the update cycles of Apple’s flagship products have significantly lengthened.

    Current uses don’t require more performing smartphones

    After all, there’s only so much a company can do to upgrade the user experience of viewing mobile webpages, setting reminders, playing casual games, and watching videos (that is more or less everything you can do with smartphones and tablets).

    When common use cases stop requiring new, more capable hardware, it becomes harder even for a company like Apple convince consumers to buy new devices every time.

    On the contrary, augmented reality can give rise to a completely new class of applications which would be challenging at the same time from a computational point of view and potentially attractive for the mass market.

    This, at least initially, could go back to speeding up the pace with which the typical owners of iPhones and iPads are willing to switch to new devices, for the joy of Apple.

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      adult VR and more cover

      Adult content contributed significantly to internet development and according to some, they are doing the same for virtual reality.

      This at least is what Brian Shuster declares. Shuster is the Ceo of HoloGirls VR, Canadian producer of VR adult content, after having already been among the pioneers of the internet  (he founded in 1995 his first company, World Wide Internet Network, with which he developed the first advertising network of internet becoming one of the banner pioneers), but also one of the pioneers of adult virtual worlds with Utherverse.

      Shuster has been focusing on adult content for years

      adult VR and more shuster
      Indeed Shuster is not new to these statements, as Mondivirtuali.it already told you since 2014. The owner, among other things, of Utherverse repeated for yearsthe predominance ofspicycontent compared to the overall offer of VR content is “natural”, since virtualporno producers caninnovate and develop filming and CG techniques for a real customer base, and the result is that VRporn companies are years ahead of non-adult companies in our understanding of what customers want in VR”, and can offer what they want.

      Also Piper Jaffray seems to agree

      But it is not only Shuster that bet on the virtualporno boom: also Piper Jaffray in a 2015 report had reiterated that virtual reality was the new “mega tech theme” and that adult content would have constituted by 2025 the third most important component of the whole sector, surpassed only by video games (in which Linden Labs seems to believe a lot) and by sport content (of Nfl particularly).

      Kermes: we always like what is spicy

      adult VR and more
      In truth, the latest developments on the subject of  production and use of adult content in virtual reality do not seem to have fully confirmed the forecasts made so far, as we already told you, but that does not seem to deter industry experts.

      In an interview in the New York Times, for instance, Mark Kernes, AVN Media Network senior editor who covers the virtual reality sector, explained that “sex sells, and where there is money to be made, there will be entrepreneurs who want to adopt it and make money from it”.

      The case of the adult Tripadvisor

      I can believe it, since one of the ideas that I recently saw circulating among investors of London startups  regards an escort service reviews site, a sort of “adult Tripadvisor”, confirming that yes, everything that revolves around sex, for centuries, moves a lot of money and a lot of interest.

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        sansar esport cover

        If Goldman Sachs experts are right, eSport (electronic sports), which already boast 350 million fans worldwide, are destined to become more and more popular in the next few years, overcoming initial skepticism.

        Goldman Sachs: eSport will grow further

        According to Ryan Nolan, global head of digital gaming of Goldman Sachs’ investment banking, “the whole ecosystem will be able to enjoy richer assessments, greater opportunities for monetization and greater diffusion over time”.

        To sniff the deal was also Linden Lab: Second Life and Sansar developer decided to collaborate with the teams of Overwatch League, the eSport championship sponsored and controlled by Blizzard (followed this year by over 10 million total viewers) where there are currently 9 American teams, one South Korean, one Chinese and one British. sansar outlaws

        Two virtual eSports arenas on Sansar

        If in reality the Overwatch League matches are hosted at Blizzard Arena, in Los Angeles, thanks to Linden Lab two teams, Outlaws and San Francisco Shock, will have their own virtual arenas at their disposal on Sansar (respectively The Hideout and Epicenter).

        In them, fans can buy skins and other merchandising to customize their avatar, just like in Second Life, but also participate in virtual parties and watch streaming games of the Ovewatch League, so far transmitted exclusively by the British channel Twitch, being also able to consult game statistics and listen to live audio. sansar san francisco shock Will eSports be that famous “killer applicationwhich has so far been lacking in virtual reality and in Sansar? If you want to find out, keep following Mondivirtuali.it, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it on Paper.li and also on Youtube too) and maybe subscribe our newsletter!

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          VRT World ICO cover

          To ride not just one but two “media hypes” so to raise funds to develop their activity. This is the ambitious goal that seems to have VRT World (already know as VR Technologies), russian company headquartiered in Singapore specialised in virtual reality that from March 14 to April 30, 2018 will launch its own ICO (Initial coin offering, ndr) in order to issue “tokens” (i.e. cryptocurrencies) with an “hard cap” (the tokens’ maximum amout that will ever enter in circulation) of 16 million dollars.

          A 16 million dollars ICO for VRT World

          A target already announced last November, when Konstantin Negachev, co-founder (with Denis Mazur and Dmitriy Livshin) and Ceo of VRT World, pointed out that they were hoping to create 100 million tokens ERC20 compliant (i.e. compliant with the rules of the blockchain behind the Ethereum and therefore exchangeable with them), of which only 32.5 millions would been delivered for circulation (while the other would been cancelled following the ICO).

          Tokens’ initial total value should be equal to 0.002 Ethereum l(around 1.75 dollars at the moment), that at current prices would allow to reach a total value of the issue of 56.5 million dollars. That value would imply a high potential capital gain for participants in the ICO, but you must note that this will depend on the trend in the prices of the Etherereum as well as on the fate of VRT World. VRT World ICO Ceo

          VR parks and technology development

          Compared to too many other ICOs that ended up making the collected funds disappear, VRT World can offer a “vital” product, as Negachev say, announcing in the next two weeks the launch of a new company website, of a VRT Marketplace operative release and some “serious updates” of virtual parks that they are developing (one already operating in Moscow the other being set up in Dubai).

          Btw VRT World has already managed to collect with a couple of tokens pre-sales to private investors over a million dollarsi between September 2017 and January 2018. These tokens will be transferred on the wallets of users already in the Ethereum blockchain.

          Allocation of capital and tokens

          As for the funds that will be collected, VRT World undertakes to use 25% of the proceeds to develop and promote 15 virtual reality parks, the same amount will be used for marketing activities, 12% will be used to create new VR contents for the parks, 15% to develop VR “blockchain based” platform trhough SDK (software developers kit) and API (application programming interface) so to make VR content creation possible without binding developers to a single company or device, 18% to develop site and VR content marketplace and the last 5% to support developers.

          About tokens allocation, 75% will be placed via the ICO, 15% will remain in the hands of the VRT World founders and team, 5% will go to the fund that will support the project, 3% will be of Bancor (company that developed the homonymous protocol that allows the automatic creation of liquidity for any digital asset, transforming tokens in “smart tokens“) while the last 2% will be used as reward (“bounty“) to be distributed to participants of the community revolving around VRT World project.

          VRT World ICO

          Transactions to be paid with tokens

          This is a project in which token that will be placed soon will act as a “fuel” for the entire platform, providing a single form of payment for all transactions (purchases, sales or rent of VR content and related services).

          As mentioned, VRT World already manages a virtual reality park (which allows developers to create and sell their VR content without having to equip themselves with expensive equipment) in Moscow and is preparing to open a second in Dubai.

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            architechture in VR cover

            Maybe virtual realilty  is missing its deadlines in the gaming sector, perhaps it will be necessary to wait some big name lik Apple get right into the battle zone to see a mass adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality devices, but for sure in the business sector technical possibility of virtualization are taking a lead increasingly concrete.

            Virtual reality for dream houses

            The possibility to have a virtual property inspection before the works for its building or conversion start, for instance, is literally transforming in the United States  (but not only) the way architects work.

            One of the most common problems when you build or convert a property is a vision of the buyer that doesn’t succeed in being transferred to the planners and the team that it will concretely realize the work, with stresses for both sides.architettura in VR Since bealding a “dream house” is no easy feat, despite what real estate reality shows showcase, trying to minimize misunderstanging and to relieve stresses surely is a key point in the structure of a project.

            So more and more architects and interior designers are increasing their reliance on virtual reality devices to let their clients virtually “walking throught” a property before construction works start.

            Unique visual experience

            Sure, as points out Ignacio Rodriguez, IR Architects Ceo, on Venture Beat, traditional 2D drawings and 3D models already offer a wide visualization array, but wearing a virtual reality headset allows you to enjoy of a unique visual experience that enable the buyer to walks through property as it will be once ended, before breaking ground. architettura in VR Some of the highest-level VR programs let you open the doors, turn on a light switch, change lights, not to talk of the detail of textures that allow the customer to imagine in the details how the property will be once completed the works. This way interventing even before they start to modify what doesn’t convince the buyer.

            Less stresses and costs

            This is particularly important for those involved with interior design, since the buyer can see textiles, colors, clarances and every detail whereby property will come true.

            This way you can cut quite every misunderstanding and choose consciously the solution more responsive to buyer’s need, avoiding waste of time, costs increasing and frustrations.

            So, if the way for finding a virtual or augmented reality consumer “killer application” seems to be still pretty long, in the business sector VR is proving to be an effective and efficient technology, whose use has spread more and more especially in the case of building or convertion of luxury houses.

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              Video games are just entertainment or can even be an interesting sector in wich to invest, also following Social responsable investment (SRI) criteria? Degroof Petercam AM experts recently pointed out the significant difference between gamble, in which the management company does not invest, and video games, in which it invest having a positive view of tha gaming sector.

              Digital revolution changes the view on the sector

              First, pointed out experts, the view according to video games developers have business models inherently unpredictable, with volatile earnings, is becoming obsolete.

              Sector not only consolidated over the years, but it become less dependent on a few titles and a lot of the games has an earning cycle much longer than before (this is clear when you think about main virtual worlds like Second Life, World of Warcraft or Minecraft, but not only, ed).

              Second, digital sales increase margins dramatically for video games developers and this is even more positive for the companies owing consoles (i.e. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony). video games investments and vr Moreover, an increasing volume of revenue comes from the purchase of items freed up inside the game’s experience, available for purchase thanks to the switch to digital platform. Last, according to the experts there is a vi è una great opportunity related to the so called “eSport” and to advertising.

              The eSport overwhelming growth

              Imagine that every city of your country, beside the traditional footbal team, has a genuine team playing a specific video game”, add Degroof Petercam AM experts. “These players, as well as their football counterparts, are stars of their own, earning more than most of the ordinary people, and are involved in weekly matches against other teams followed by thousands of people”.

              Wouldn’t you believe? Than know that world championship’s final of the online game “League of Legends” involved 43 million viewers, more than for Nba final and for the majority of other large sport final.

              So, it’s not surprising that Bbc just announced that will bring to 4 hours the live coverage of eSport every weekend for the next six weeks, following the Belgian Sports Eleven decided to live broadcasting 6 hours of eSport every week.

              Video games increasingly important

              Sure, there is a huge diversity in the video games sector and is difficult rush to conclusion on individual securities, there are different kind of games, which can be played in a cooperative or competitive manner, online and offline, with friends or alone. video games investments and trading Any way you’re thinking, gaming is thus destined to become a piece ever more important of our lives, experts concluded, reiterating that is important discern between a controversial sector like gambling and the one of gaming, that instead was able to develop a number of different approaches, such as educational or cooperative focus.

              Research is still in its infancy, but there are video games’ positive impacts not to be neglected: “We acknoledge the potential risks, we therefore support video game developers so that they actively endeavour in a socially responsible manner” draw up Degroof Petercam AM asset managers.

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              Minecraft Microsoft cover

              Not always is enough to be a “guru”, a visionary geek or a top manager to understand to be in front of a deal that should not be missed. Take for instance Bill Gates, founder and first Ceo of Microsoft, and Steve Ballmer, his right-hand man and successor: both didn’t support the idea of buying Minecraft, according to what Ballmer’s successor and current Ceo of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, claims in his book “Hit Refresh” pointing out that the first one who proposed the deal waas Phil Spencer.

              Minecraft Microsoft Phil Spencer

              Minecraft: Phil Spencer figured it out

              Spencer, since March 2014 head of the Xbox brand, recently has been promoted by Nardella to the role of Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Gaming and according to what his “boss” claims would have suggested the deal way before it really happened (in September 2014, for 2.5 billion dollars), but initially it all came to nothing because of the opposition of a top manager (it should have been Don Mattrick, former Ceo fo Zynga, at times Microsoft’s President of the Interactive Entertainment Business and head of Xbox operations).

              Indeed fans don’t decrease

              Despite opposition or concerns of his bosses, Spencer at the end been the winner and now even Gates and Ballmer, pointed out Nardella, understand the wisdom of that decision which originally didn’t understand. Moreover, despite the years, Minecraft’s fans don’t diminish and sales now exceed 122 million units since the launch, in2009, while Minecraft Marketplace, launched just in June 2017, already crossed one million dollars of in-game items sales.

              Minecraft Microsoft users

              The second best-selling videogame ever

              Minecraft is already the second best-selling videogame in history, just behind Tetris (495 million units sold) but ahed of Wii Sports (82 million units) and Grand Theft Auto V (65 million units). Every month 40 million users play Minecraft, a number that make those of other virtual worlds like World of Warcraft (with a peak around 12 million monthly users) or Second Life (which has never gone beyond 1.1-1.2 million monthly users) make pale.

              Congrats to Phil Spencer

              So congrats to Phil Spencer, who insisted without getting daunt by contrary opinion of worlwide experts as they were his bosses in Microsoft, and if you wanna know how this will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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                Fintech, 10 hardest jobs to fill in cover

                Fintech (technology applied in the financial sector) is a rapidly expanding market since at least a decade and was among the engine of british economic growth, and of London in particular, since 2009, like remembered recently  Chancellor Philip Hammond, Philip Hammond, since it is “adding more than £6.6 billion into the UK’s economy and attracting more than £500 million of investment” every year.

                Fintech, a disruptive revolution

                With such a high number, Fintech is a “disruptive” revolution which whilst is worrying thousand of workers in the financial sector all over the western world, including Italy where since 2009 over 27 thousand jobes were lost and more thousands will be cut this year and in the next, on the other hand is a market which has severly need of new engineers.

                Il rischio Brexit incombe

                According to UK Business Insider, which mentiones statistics by Indeed.com, one of the world biggest recruitment websites, there are 10 jobs that which have from 30% to 20% vacancies going unfilled after 60 days from pubblication and the oultook could get even worst (for companies) when Brexit will start, since British high-tech companies trying to attract the best people from around the world and it won’t be easy if new populist regulations will be adopted to restrict access of foreign workers. Fintech 10 hardest jobs to fill

                10 hardest jobs to fill in

                Below you can find the ten hardest jobs to fill in at the moment in the Fintech sector in UK, where you can earn a big salary, according to Indeed.com statistics (in brakes the vacancy rate 60 days after the pubblication of job offers).

                1. mechanical & engineering project manager (30,8%)
                2. digital project manager (28,3%)
                3. architectural technician (27%)
                4. pricing analyst (26%)
                5. sharepoint developer (25,4%)
                6. financial analyst (25,1%)
                7. financial reporting manager (24,6%)
                8. senior associate (24,5%)
                9. sofware engineer (23%)
                10. developer (21,8%)
                A valuable working experience

                Preconditions for all the positions above is of course fluency in English and a good prior experience in the role, which not always a young Italian worker has. My personal advice is, if you will be able, to go anyway to have a working experience abroad, if just ot understand how is absurd for you to  waste your time and talent waiting for working calls that don’t come.

                Are you ready for Fintech?

                After a few months or years you’ll be able to be back in Italy, since Fintech is rapidly growing even there, especially among startups, even if not with the UK numbers at the moment. But what do you think about? Please leave a comment and if you like share this article, you will help us to cover always better the items you prefer!

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                virtual reality flop cover

                Let’s be frank: virtual reality disapponted in 2016, sellig less than estimates. The proof of this comes from Valve, company that is betting on virtual reality growth but whose co-founder and president, Gabe Newell, recently revealed that only 30 virtual reality apps were able in 2016 to sell over 250 thousand dollars.

                Gabe Newell is optimistic on virtual reality

                Gabe Newell - SteamNevertheless Newell is still positive about virtual reality outlook, since there are already over a thousand VR game titles on Stream online platform.

                To be true, some of the first indie titles, like Owlchemy Labs‘ “Job Simulator (2016)”, are selling very well (since April 2016, when it was launched, the game had sales for over 3 million dollars).

                The secret: develop users communities

                Job Simulator 2016The success of “Jobs Simulator (2016)” sounds like due to Owlchemy Labs’ decision to create video content shared on Youtube with already over 250 million views, wihch have made the game the most popular among those that support the main virtual reality headsets (developed for Htc Vive the game has then seen Sony Playstation VR and Oculus Rift releases).

                Novelty is not enough to sell

                This is a bad news for those developers who bet just on virtual reality “novelty” effect to secure the commercial success of their own titles, since Steam certainly is the most popular platform for pc virtual reality games (with Htc Vive headset) but even for Oculus Rift or Osvr games.

                What do you think about?

                So, what do you think: are you positive like Newell about virtual reality outlook in the next future or do you begin to think it can be a flop? Please, leave a comment and if you like share this article, you will help us to cover always better the items you prefer!

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                virtual reality china cover

                China wants to get in the lead early in the booming market of virtual reality and internet of things, so it doesn’t surprise that close to video games and technological gadgets are virtual reality and devices that allow to always be connected in the house and outside to capture the imagination at Computex Taipei, the greatest fair devoted to computers, hardware and technologies of Asia, in progress in Taiwan.

                Virtual reality and tech gadgets on display

                virtual reality ComputexWhile the main companies of the world show their new products, great space is given to entertainment and immersive virtual with viewers, helmets and controllers clearer and more precise close to new tablets thought for the job and apps to guard the safety at construction sites or to facilitate some phases of works.

                Such a frenzy is comprehensible: China alone should see the market of the virtual reality growing up from 1.5 billion yuans (about 230 million dollars) in 2015 to 55 billion yuans (8.4 billion dollars) by 2020 and this is why the three main Chinese web giants, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, strong of a general clients base of over 688 million users only at home, are backing a lot of startups, at least 200 of which are involved in the sector of the virtual reality.

                The Chinese way to the virtual reality

                More than aim, as Sony, Facebook or HTC, on the development of devices, Chinese groups seem to want to specialize on content creation and sharing platforms. The most promising segment to the moment appears to be that of video online, since about 504 million Chinese people regularly connect to streaming sites, but immersive videos and apps for videogames (in China last year have been 391 million online players) seem to be able to be the first virtual reality sector to reach full maturity.

                Meantime at least 40% of about 6.3 million virtual reality viewers which are estimated to be shipped this year, will go to China, as reported Bloomberg, pointing out as has not emerged with clarity yet a virtual reality sector leader, so that local providers, video games publishers and service providers are trying to address the development of virtual reality over the production of hardware devices.

                Alibaba invests in Magic Leap

                realtà virtuale ologramma Michael JacksonIt’s not that hardware expenditures missing: Alibaba in february invested in Magic Leap which is trying to develop a viewer able to superimpose digital images to real environments with which such images can interact. In a e-mail marketing director of the Chinese market place, Chris Tung, said to be convinced that virtual reality and augmented reality will be the “next big thing” after computers and smartphones.

                Tencent in turn, through Original Force, is backing the development of mputer generated contents, on virtual reality movies and contents for Oculus Rift viewer. if all of that was not enough, it has also backed and acts as Chinese partner for Pulse Evolution, Us company wich has created Michael Jackson’s and the rapper Tupac Shakur’s holograms to use for events and musical shows.

                Indeed there are so much interest and so many capitals to make to grow new ideas and startups interested in exploring the possibilities offered by the virtual reality and not only. If you’d like to know how this will end, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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                Koinup.com launches a new contest for fans of graphics that use virtual worlds as an editor for their works: Virtual Diversity. Here how to apply.