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    Vivi vr cover

    The search for “sexy” content for virtual reality can generate some issues, if the avatar of a mischievous “virtual girl” seems to strenghten the stereotypes that see women like sexual objects.

    A Chinese firm, iQiyi (Baidu group), which a few days ago launched a virtual assistant, Vivi, described as a “flirtatious secretary”, discovered it at its own expense.

    iQiyi said it was sorry for Vivi

    Contacted by Wall Street Journal trying to find out if the handsome avatar could strenghten sexual stereotypes against woman, iQiyi  preferred a few hours later pulled Vivi offline specifying in a note that this was a “beta-testing version of the product designed to gather users’ feedback”.

    Having noticed the issue raised by media, iQiyi already taken the product offline “for further modification” and apologized “for the concerns it might have raised”. The story of Vivi was pretty winding so far: already announced last March as a “girlfriend assistant powered by artificial intelligence technology”, in October was redesigned as a “flirtatious office secretary”. Vivi vr

    From girlfriend to sexy virtual assistant

    A development which the market liked, since Vivi had gotten almost unanimously positive reviews after its launch. Some users, for instance, liked the possibility that Vivi could “carry out sexy dances, with a charming shape, just for you”.

    Vivi actually should have just lead users to look at the corporation’s content thanks to a video that they have seen before. Besides on request Vivi, scantily dressed, was able to flirt with the users who was wearing a VR headset, to perform sensual dances, provide information on wearther and on television programmes timetable or to to finish the missing pieces of a poem. Vivi vr

    Poor Vivi, victim of her own success

    All these were greatly appreciated by the first ones who tested it, but which looked like strenghten sexist stereotypes and ended up creating too may controversy Vivi may have been able to continue its beta-testing.

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      imvu withmoji cover

      One of the problem when you use internet to communicate over distance is figuring out how to communicate your feelings to the other person: to solve this problem years ago was created the emojis, which under the growing success of programs like Facebook Messanger or Snapchat are increasing number and getting even more catchy.

      2016, the year of emojis

      Bitmoji emojisThat 2016 could be emojis’ year has been recognized in March, when Snapchat bought for over 100 million dollars Bitmoji, an app launched in October 2014 which allows mobile devices users to create avatars and include them on the keyboard of their smartphones, and then use them in chatting with other people instead of standard emojis.

      A decision following the introduction, on Facebook (which in 2013 tried usuccessfully to buy Snapchat for 3 billion dollars), of the Reactions, i.le. the emojis with which for month social network’s users can express different feelings than just their “likes”.

      Imvu launches WithMoji

      IMVU WithMoji emojisAnche il settore dei mondi virtuali e delle chat 3D non è rimasto indifferente al crescente successo delle emoji personalizzate tanto che Imvu lo scorso 15 agosto ha lanciato WithMoji, una app disponibile su un nuovo sticker store per smartphone iOS e Android che consente agli utenti di utilizzare emoticons animate, anche di gruppo, basate su avatar Imvu, personalizzandole in base al proprio avatar.

      So far Imvu released 100 WithMojis, some free some pay, but it seems to be willing to give users the opportunity to insert new customized WithMojis on its own sticker store.

      Kimoji emojisIt would be no novelty, by the way, since some months ago Imvu itself developed along with popular American actress and model Kim Kardashian West the new release of the Kimoji, exploiting the proprietary Server Side Rendering technology wich underpins Imvu avatars.

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      TerryGold Windows cover

      TerryGold Windows SolodonnaWindows is the title of an exhibit at Solodonna Club in Second Life, dedicatet to the “photo shoots” of th Italian artist TerryGold; to visit it you have to take a teleport since the set where the shoots are displayed is over 2.800 meters above the Solodonna Club. By the time you got there, set the viewer as “Ambient Dark” and activate lights: you’ll be enjoying the most this exhibition where, litterally, avatars looks like hanging out  from windows emerging, mysterious, from the dark.

      The luscious windows of TerryGold

      Windows is an exhibition really sensual and charming, which I’m sure cannot fail to interest both graphic art fans, both those who love immersive environments typical of virtual reality simulator like Second Life. In activity for years, the Solodonna Club continues therefore to provide us delightful surprises after the exhibition dedicatet to the reinterpretations by Second Life’s users of Giovanna Casotto‘s artworks of which Mondivirtuali.it already talked about.

      Be sure to visit the exhibit in Second Life

      TerryGold Windows SolodonnaPersonally I suggest you to login “in world” (follow this link)  and to enjoy the TerryGold’s exhibition in person, like I have been enjoying, but for the most intrigued I made e preview gallery which I hope you will like (but which not include all the works exhibited). Have a nice view and if you want to keep track of the latest news about virtual worlds, virtual and augmented reality and video games, you just have to keep following Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube). Share this article, you will help us to follow always better topics that you are interested in.!

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        7D hologram cover

        7d hologram - womanHolography, i.e. the technology who bring us holograms, was developed since the Forties of the Twentieth century by the Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor based on the registration of a web of very fine interference fringes by use of laser lights to recreate three-dimensional representations (technically speaking effect of parallax of the image) of the subject photographed.

        The development of the laser since the sixties of the last century made it possible to make huge advances in this technology, so much so that some years holographic avatars are used to animate the windows of some clothing stores, as Mondivirtuali.it already told you.

        7D hologram to create movies

        Originally fixed, the holographic images (“holograms”) now are also movies more and more realistic because recently a team of Japanese scientists led by Professor Yoichi Ochiai develop holograms safe to touch, that can be touched without causing burns through the use of laser-fast combination of cameras and mirrors arriving at a resolution up to 200,000 points, or “voxels” (volumetric pixels) per second.

        The latest applications of 7D holograms are in 7D movies, i.e. three-dimensional films to which are added more special effects such as weather conditions and approach the objects (or “gliding walk”).

        If you want an example of the degree of realism obtained by 7D holograms and movies, watch this video, made in 2014 in a shopping mall in Dubai.

        Compared to viewers 3D virtual reality viewers do not have to adopt any device and therefore this technology is ideal for virtual themed parks or interactive movies.

        7D movies even on tv?

        Hologram F4 Phantom JetAccording to some in a few years even the normal televisions may be made so as to be able to project 7D movies, allowing you to watch three-dimensional shows while sitting in your living room.

        A fascinating perspective, but some fear that such technology could be used (or has already been used) in a distorted manner, for example for military purposes or to achieve conspiracies, staging fake accidents that could lead to more or less wide conflicts.

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        High Fidelity news cover

        High Fidelity handsHigh Fidelity, the new startup founded by Philip Rosedale, already cofounder of Linden Lab and Second Life daddy”, continues in its experiments preparing for the arrival on the market of the first virtual reality devices in 2016. When you think of virtual reality you generally think of 3D visors as those of Oculus Rift or Vive, but coming to the market also new hand controllers.

        That’s why in High Fidelity among other things they are working to make sure that avatars can properly simulate hand movements based on input from the controller used by the user, in particular by using DK2 and Hydra devices (but as always when ready High Fidelity will be an “agnostic” platform, that is able to function with any device on the market). High Fidelity basketball

        Some video distributed on High Fidelity’s Youtube channel show that already now it is possible to manipulate objects, for example, creating a stack of virtual wooden blocks or throwing a basketball into a basket (Philip Rosedale seems to have to do, however, still a few lessons in shooting).

        Beside these works offinishingof the movements of the hands of the avatar, in the Summer in High Fidelity there were some interesting “intern projects”. Among them was the construction, using JavaScript APIs, of a virtual solar system that can provide the user with an interactive simulation, so as to give an early demonstration of the possibilities that High Fidelity will offer in the field of interactive educational contents.

        High Fidelity solar systemEvery detail has been planned with great care using real physical laws: planets revolve in orbit around the Sun at distances calculated in scale, with the exact orbital period of the planets true, mass and gravity in proportion. In short: greater capacity to interact in the virtual environment and educational content seem to be two of the directions that High Fidelity is taking to get it ready (and interesting) by next year.

        The only question that remains is whether indeed the virtual reality devices will be available on time so far provided (at present there is still no official price and release dates) and if, and how soon, users will adopt the new devices in mass for then will require interactive content from the most playful to those most educational.

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        IMVU Unity cover

        Imvu UnityThere is excitement in Imvu, the virtual world (or “social network based on avatarsas the company currently defines its platform) developed in 2004 in California which in recent weeks has partnered (the official announcement is expected this week at Unite Boston) with Unity, the 2D and 3D video games and interactive experiences development platform, to allow the 4.5 million developers using Unity to use Imvu’s avatar as characters of their video games.

        A new API will enable developers to include Imvu customizable vatars in their titles, as well as on the web or in the app for smartphones. You will also develop experience in virtual reality, with the not-so-secret hope by Imvu that soon will be developed games suitable for 3D viewers such as those of Oculus Rift. Besides having a community of more than 140 million registered users, with 3 million logins every month (Second Life is at  43.3 million users, but, for a long time, does not release official data on the number of active users in the month), Imvu is known to have a catalog of over 20 million objects created by its users, with an average of more than 200,000 items sold each day.

        Imvu Unity bisTo show what can be created with the new API (the characteristics of which are described in detail in the homepage of Imvu dedicated to the developers), Imvu already announced Hack With Me, which from September 23 to October 16 will allow some teams of developers, designers and entrepreneurs to challenge in the development of interactive experiences using avatars of the platform. What will be the advantages for developers arising from the new API?

        First of all the avatars of the virtual world they are much improved in recent years and will allow more easily develop characters for video games. Then give developers a good visibility, as Imvu will launch a page through which you can buy and download the best app, while also allowing developers to make a profit from the app developed for Imvu. If you wish to know what other developments await this and other virtual worlds, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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        Selfie Anita ArmendarizSelfies mania is growing and even in Second Life users go wild.For some time now if you look at groups like Mondivirtuali on Flickr or similar, virtual photos of avatars which are clicking a selfie are becoming less rare. Like a game of mirrors that reflected in other mirrors, users of virtual worlds like Second Life, but not only, enjoy to photograph their own digital alter ego busy making selfie to himself/herself and to others avatar, just like in real life people are taking them more and more and of all kinds, from the most romantic to the most provocative.

        Yet the easy realization does not guarantee the quality of the shots. So to avoid wrong selfies, real or virtual, we point out ten mistakes to avoid when taking selfies (or photographing our avatar taking a selfie). They will not be enough to make every shot of yours a photographic masterpiece, but at least you will avoid the risk of realizing embarrassing pictures.

        Selfie Sylvia KoonzHave you taken a spectacular pose? Good, but beware of classic nuisance in the background that could ruin it with some rude gesture

        If you want a shot selfie be careful not to end up in a photo of someone else behind you, the result could be embarrassing

        If you are a boy/girl and want just to “make faces”, close the door of your room. Your parents could come at the climax and have something to say

        Let a passerby take a selfie is quite common, especially if you are in some exotic location. But get it done to your child, especially if you are scantily dressed, is not really good

        Taking selfie is fun, but sometimes you can have funny or sexy ideas while at work. Delay: an executive might pass just as you click

        The bathroom is very popular as a location, especially if you want to take a wicked selfie but be sure of have well cleared surfacesHandkerchiefs, underwear or worse do not value your shots

        Selfie Babigio BellicNot always taking selfie in bathroom: there are those who assume a diva pose while on the street. But if you have a beggar in the background the effect will not be the best

        Sometimes mommies young and sexy not resist the idea of clicking a few sexy selfies. Nothing wrong with that, but if your child enters the room could have a shock

        Forget also all previous warnings, who we are to judge your selfies basically? But let us give you an advice: Avoid postures that make you do look like idiots

        Of course you can always make your head, if you think you are great photographers or supermodel emerging. But at the risk of getting tragicomic results.

        If you are curious about images that can be made using your avatar and the graphics editor of virtual worlds like Second Life and beyond, you have just to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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        dancing chimera cover

        Second Life: dancing in group with a chimera

        We talked about AO (Animation Override), explain how to customize this hud using some free tools such as empty Zhaos that you will have to fill with the right animations (gestures), to achieve a different sequence of poses to those standards in the conduct of various activities (from stand still to walk, from sit to fly, run, jump and so on).

        Well, one of the activities that you probably want to do more often in Second Life could be dancing (please don’t always think about something “spicey”, please, that at the end this kind of activity remain much more interesting in RL than in a virtual world).

        Again the possibilities offered by Second Life are almost endless, with dozens of dance animations (dances) in provisions, in this case, almost all pay (but do not be discouraged, there are also free).

        The Sine Wave animations

        dancing with a roseOne of the best stores to buy animations of dancing, at prices ranging from 150 to 350 lindens for each dance, for example, is Sine Wave where you can try them, both men and women for as long as you like, moving on platforms that look like large glasses.

        But once you have bought your dance that you do? In fact you could safely use it, simply “wearing” (wear) or activating (play in world) as you can do with any other pose or animation. But if you do not want to be there to manually change your dancing and especially if you want to do a coordinated dance you should use a chimera.

        This hud is available in many variants (essentially varies the number of avatars that you can coordinate) from the free ones that cost several hundred Linden each. Once worn, the chimera is completely invisible (but, if you want, with the sequence crtl+alt+t you could see/unsee it).

        Personalize your chimera in Second Life

        Although each chimera is usually already equipped with one or more dance between its contents, to upload your favorite animations you will not have to do is rez on the ground, with the edit view the folder content of the chimera and drag from your inventory in the content the animations you want.

        After done this, shoot (take) the chimera, wear and… Look, the hud will ask if you want to animate your avatar. Say “yes” and start to move your body in sinchrony with electronic music. And your other friends, how can they dance with you?

        It’s ery simple, just let them try to click on your head (or in other parts of the avatar that you have attacked the chimera) and… miracle! They also can choose to animate their avatars, in this case absolutely synchronized dancing compared to those who “drive the dances“, that is you.