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    Meshes Avatars SL

    Meshes Avatars SLMeshes conquer avatars and is not only about Second Life. Linden Lab has recently announced that it has updated its 24 basic avatars “to give new users a more appealing set of choices as they start their time in Second Life”. If you wanna see the new avatars available (a part of which appear sin the image courtesy of Linden Lab) and you use the official viewer of Linden Lab, just open the Avatar Selector, go to the People menu and you can choose from nice male or female models to vampires, monster, zombies and whatever else you prefer. Please note that if you still prefer the old avatars or if you have low performance graphics cards, you can still choose an old avatar: if you do not see them available in the Avatar Selector you can still find them in inventory-clothing-previous outfits.

    Apart from Linden Lab, very interested in developing avatars, using the meshes, is the Us Army: the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 711 Human Performance Wing (to whose courtesy we owe the pictures you see below) is drafting new avatars using, of course, 3D scanners and meshes to create high dedinition avatars to be used in simulations and training through video games. In this case to create the meshes the researchers of the Us Air Force first reproduce a real human body using a body scanner formed by a ring of cameras aligned around the subject. Each camera takes a picture, thus producing a cloud of points on the body, connecting them with lines gives the digital reproduction (mesh) of the subject.

    To recreate the movement, however, is used technique similar to that of the digital 3D animated movies: a series of reflective stickers are placed on the body of the subject and the cameras pick up the movement of these stickers when the subject moves, so being able to reproduce digitally (the same technique, incidentally, has been used to realize the sequences in which appears the character of Gollum in the movie The Lord of The Ring, directed by Peter Jackson).

    mesh for Us ArmyUse 3D scanners to create mesh avatars and cameras to capture and reproduce the movement can reach levels of realism not only far higher than those of Linden Lab, but also of the top performing videogames not only as regards the movements, but also of bodies and avatar’s clothing. In fact, to hear the engineers involved in this project, one of the problems that prevents a more rapid adoption of these new avatar is the fact that the trading platforms and graphics engines of video games and virtual worlds (if you remember the Us Army has experienced for a long time Second Life for its simulations) still can not support this level of realism.

    I wonder if the next successful startup that will not be able to let us use photo realistic avatars in our favorite games. For now I suggest you to keep in touch and continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, as well as our Twitter account and our Facebook fanpage (but you can find us even on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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    Inworldz, opensim similar to Second Life

    Do you know Inworldz? It is an online 3D graphic platform based on Opensim project’s source code (further developed to approach the standard of Second Life, whose viewer are due Inworldz viewer’s codes), created in 2009 by InWorldz Llc, a New York company founded by Beth Reischl (aka Elenia Llewellyn), John Arnolde (aka Legion Hienrichs) and David Daeschler (aka Tranquillity Dexler) which has quickly established itself as one of the leading companies in the world providing services for virtual worlds. Inworldz

    Compared to Linden Lab, InWorldz’s policy has been (and should remain in the future, according to what its founders claim) oriented to allow a fully free use of the platform, so, for example, you can make uploading contents (or create them directly within the platform) without paying any fees (unlike in Second Life).

    Platform cheaper than the Linden Lab’s one

    That said, also in Inworldz you can buy or rent virtual “lands”, exactly as in Second Lilfe, however, at a cost that is a fraction of those of the platform of Linden Lab (at the moment it means 60 or 75 dollars per month depending on the type of Sim that you intend to “purchase”, plus other 60 or 75 dollars of set-up fees to be paid at time of purchase).


    Engaged since 2011 in a joint venture with CariNet Inc. in the development of technology, the quality of service and scalability of a“redundant 3D virtual world grid capable of high performance and fast growth”, InWorlz Llc has recently announced a further development in the direction of reducing distant between real worldand virtual worlds. In practice, a new app, called InShape, will “keep in form” both your real body and your digital avatar.

    Inworldz develops InShape

    How? Simply allowing the reading of the accelerometer present in the smart phones of the last generation (both Android and Apple iOS) to provide motion data to the virtual world Inworldz. Basically your avatar in Inworlz will notice when you are walking or running or cycling, if you have downloaded this app on your phone, adapting itself.

    The idea sounds interesting, now we have to see if there are enough users that take advantage of this new opportunity to create something interesting or if it remains confined to a niche of a few thousand “geeks” all over the world.

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    HivaOa Insoo

    HivaOa InsooWhile I am pleased that Graphic Dreams continues to grow and now has over 8,400 images from virtual worlds or Mmorpgs such as SecondlifeIMVUThe Sims or Twinity just to name the most commonly used, and while I will never cease to point out to you as artists as Connie SecBetty RoganLitheaAnnie Klavinham or Strawberry Sigh continue to produce good images, I shall soon talk about the new graphic dreamer that I want to signal to your attention: HivaOa Insoo.

    To be truth, I already mentioned HivaOa to you some months ago but at the time the artist, a Frenchman who you can find on Flickr too with images both real and related to avatars and virtual worlds (by the way, don’t you forget to join Mondivirtuali’s group on Flickr so you can see your images also on the homepage of Mondivirtuali.it), but at that time his gallery on Koinup was still very little. To be truth, it is still very little (55 images had been included in its gallery at the time, 54 you can find in it today), but the images continue to change, as if HivaOa preferred show of himself only the most recent production or at least what it considers to represent him better, now pointing to the quantity rather than the quality.

    HivaOa InsooA choice to be admired that makes his gallery really full of images of excellent workmanship. Images that vary both as subject and as a style, sometimes pictorial and realistic, sometimes very graphic, sometimes similar to an artist like Marc Chagall, influenced by the major avant-garde of the early twentieth century without ever being “only” a cubist or futurist or a tachist. If you want, browse with me the gallery of HivaOa: look at one of the best tributes to Lost Gardens of Apollo (the fantastic land of Second Life now unfortunately disappeared) I have ever seen or the equally impressive landscape of Ailirium Garden rather than the detail of the equally lamented land of AM RadioFast Car. Then, browse portraits as diverse as those of Aelin Quan of Anley Piers, of Mandarine or of Koad Sewell. And when you think of being in front of an eclectic artist by training but decidedly pictorial, try to look at more recent work as The Tree, the Birds and the Moon or World’s End Garden and you seem to be admiring ancient Japanese prints.

    HivaOa InsooBut then images as The mysterious city of Venexia or Esmeralda will seem a modern reinterpretation of certain paintings of Canaletto. You are still out of the way: HivaOa has graphic and surreal grain as in The girl with purple dress or seems to recall, as mentioned, Chagall and the avant-garde of the twentieth century with The Meeting or he is still a fan of Tim Burton and of Nightmare before Christmas as he seems to be with Le Pantin? No matter how is him, HivaOa proves to be a real artist with a great poetic ability, able to extract the best that Second Life can offer as a starting point to create new forms of artistic expression.

    Those who think that virtual worlds are a dead should look at the gallery of HivaOa and I’m sure they would change idea. So a prayer: spread the word, follow also our fanpage on Facebook and make sure that more and more people  realize the good that is still in Second Life and appreciate the efforts that for years the staff of Mondivirtuali continues to pursue,to raise awareness of the same. If I can still write about graphic dreams it’s because of my readers so thank you, please continue to support us!

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      Edizioni Volando Award 2012It doesn’t happen everyday to be rewarded for a “literary debut” in Second Life: it happened to me sometimes ago, thanks to a literary contest of Edizioni Volando for short novel and poetry in “avatarian” style that don’t exceed10,000 characters for stories and 3,000 for poems. A contest that, in addition to a good prize money (5 thousand Linden dollars to the winner, runner-up at 3 000, 2 000 thousand to the third and the Special Jury Prize), provided for the publication and distribution “in world” of the texts selected for final, held on the evening of July 3 2012 at the new headquarters of Edizioni Volando at Plusia Ars Island.

      Surprisingly(mine for first), my short novel “Con gli occhi di un avatar” (i.e. With the eyes of an avatar) was judged the best among the seven proposed in the final, ahead of the novel “Nel rifugio degli homeless” (“In the shelter of the homeless”), of Mo Werefox and of the tale “Come bolle di sapone” (“Like soap bubbles”), of Aruna Gelles. The jury prize went instead to the poem “E mi travolse” (“It overwhelmed me”), of Marco Rejkus. I will not tell you of the evening, very pleasant and full of audience, questions and conversation among the authors, the publisher, Volando Amat, the presenter of the event, Giovanna Delphin, the audience intervened and the friendly owner of Plusia Ars Island (which I suggest you go visit).

      Iwill not speak not beause the event has passed, but because, like others that I had the opportunity to participate, as the evening special (hosted always at Plusia Ars Island on July 5) of Scienza on the road (project carried out more than two years from Talete Flanagan) dedicated to the discovery of the Higgs’ boson, an event in Second Life makes sense not so much for the record that can describe it through other media “off-world”, but because you have taken part, sharing it with its promoters and the audience.

      I also had a confirmation on 11 July (while at the same time at the MIC – Imagin@rium was inaugurated a new exhibition of reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines made ​​by our friend Snieper Siemens, again: SL seems everything but dead), when I went to Italian Mood to attend the presentation of new work by an old friend of Mondivirtuali, MinDBlind Setsuzko, the machinima “MinDBlind around the worlds” (that you can see here or in our video gallery), then ending up with talking (in voice, as in the other two occasions) with MinDBlind and “presenter” of the evening, Marjorie Fargis (and with Stregavento Nguya and Jos Bookmiteaka Mr. “Wolf”) of a series of arguments that the strict scope of virtual worlds have expanded up to the present situation of Italian cinema and in particular animated film.

      con gli occhi di un avatarEven if you do not talk about it, of course, to the evening at Edizioni Volando was very nice as the others, even because as I said I did not expect such a success that spurs me to think of new developments. Incidentally “Con gli occhi di un avatar”, that if you want you can buy for only 100 Lindens at Plus Ars Island or at other stores at Marietta-Edizioni VolandoSolaris Island Pyramid Cafe and Little Dreams, is constructed as a series of memories that my avatar related in first person and that revolve around meetings that actually took place in Second Life during my / his youth with people who for various reasons both my character and his manipulator behind the screen captivated.

      So I am thinking on the one hand to complete the cast of characters that in these years I was able to meet the metaverse, the other to go deeper into each of them and reveal a bit more of the adventures and relationships that occurred in SL between Lukemary Slade and each of them. It seems that even Lukemary Slade, after all, has decided to follow in the footsteps of his creator who writes professionally for years, however, trying to always find a reason of interest for himself and his readers in every text, newspaper article or financial analysis. For nowI can only hope that you enjoy my first efforts and convince my publisher to bet on me again so … buy, read and reviewed, maybe on Mondivirtuali’s group on Facebook, “Con gli occhi di un avatar”. But above all participate to the “live” events in Second Life, I highly recommend!

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      Empreinte avatars

      There were some, like Roberto Venturini, who called it an example of geek advertising, but I like to think that advertising designed by Empreinte, French manufacturer of lingerie that put a virtual model in the windows of its new concept store of Paris, just near Place Vendome, is an example of what could be the use of avatars in the future, free of platforms based on an architecture designed to be used by desktop PC or laptop and instead can also recovering “old” technologies as holographic to take life among us.

      Empreinte avatarsA “business” future for avatars and virtual worlds which is very different from industrial applications like those of Ford, also from the “entertainment” perspectives of Caprica, which by the way could be a very interesting development in the years ahead of some aspects that today characterize the most popular 3D immersive platforms such as Second Life, IMVU, Twinity or The Sims.

      But stop with talking and analysis, I leave you to judge the quality of this virtual model that comes alive every night arousing, for now, considerable curiosity among

      passers-by and then hitting her right in the end: to let people talk about the shop and the products that are exposed in it, including avatars.


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      Nunzia Mayo

      Nunzia MayoSummer should not take well to Mondivirtuali.it and its staff. If last year SLnn.it was attacked by a coward amer that paralyzed us for almost a month (however, giving us the incentive to boost Mondivirtuali.it), this year, precisely on August 19, Nunzia Mayo, my wife (both RL and SL) has seento deliver a message apparently from Linden Lab (the sender was apparently: “Second Life <no-reply@secondlife.com>“) where it was explained to her, basic account since her appearance on the platform of SecondLife in 2008:

      Nunzia Mayo, Your Second Life account was deleted. You will not be charged additional subscription charges to access Second Life; Premium subscribers, must by the way pay the fees for land use, depending on usage peak, until the expiration. (For complete information on charges for land use, visit: http://secondlife.com/whatis/landpricing.php).

      You’ll be able to access to Second Life with this account until the expiration date: 2011-08-19. After the deadline, your account will be put on hold for 60 days. The objects you own in the virtual world will be preserved, so if you reactivate your account within 30 days everything will be pretty much as before. We will keep your avatar and your inventory a little longer, so if you return within 60 days you can keep your identity. If you decide to reactivate your account during the next 60 days, you can unsubscribe at any time simply by logging https://secondlife.com/account. Depending on the type of original account, you will have to pay a reactivation fee. Thank you. We hope to see you again in Second Life” (please note that the original message was in Italian, this is our English translation of it, LmS)

      Nunzia MayoToo bad that, as he discovered to her cost Nunzia Mayo (and not just her), the link in the message by which to reactivate her account (which as always been basic and non-premium, by the way) was a common scam, that is a sneaky way to steal username and password to the unlucky careless users who have clicked it. Immediately notified the customer service of Linden Lab, the first response was to “open a ticket”.

      After almost two weeks Linden Lab, which in the mean time even in live chat has confirmed that the above message is a scam, inviting all its users to be careful and to update their passwords, has responded in this way: “Hello Nunzia Mayo, thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support. Your account is not deleted nor has it been suspended. According to our records the account is basic with no balance and the account owner initiated the cancellation of the account on 8/19/2011 and it was finalized on 8/20/2011. You can not access the account because it was canceled. However, you can reactivate this account it you would like to”. Explaining that for security reasons it was necessary to be able to turn it back onto answer some security questions (the same set at account registration) and reset the password.

      Nunzia MayoMethod that apparently still does not work: as I write this piece we’re checking with Linden Lab as being able to correctly conclude the procedure, in the meantime Nunzia Mayo is officially dead, waiting to resuscitate. The scourge of the scams in Second Life is not a novelty by the way: already in 2008 Tateru Ninu warned of a scam who tried to steal usernames and passwords to Second Life users, apparently sent by from a Dutch and an Italian server.

      Tateru added that it seemed possible to be the same people already reported a few months before behind the message that promised “free lindens now” and that seemed connected to a domain registered in Shanghai, however, characterized by data falsified. Perhaps it would have been the case to do some more serious investigations even then, since apparently still the same or other scammers are still at work (and given the quality of the Italian text, which does not seem to happen as it applies to many scams, may actually have at least one Italian member).

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      Grendel Children

      Grendel ChildrenYou say avatars and you think about the the movie of James Cameron, or Second Life, but if you are fond of the virtual world of Linden Lab for you avatars also means Grendel‘s Children. Since the September 1, 2006, when Flea Bussy has created Grandel (and its blog)thousands of users have gone to look for the avatar more original, fanciful or bizarre that they could find. From dragons to humanoid avatars, from aquatics to replicating, from tattoos to devil horns, from 1 Linden accessories to free textures, here you can really find anything.

      If you have not already been you should go take a look soon, if only for the bizarrearchitecture of the place, since it is not said to remain open for ever. Recently Flea (whom,according to the blogger Tateru Nino, invested in recent years at least U.S. $ 14,400 a yearto keep the store open, obtaining, however, many more from the sale of his avatars, see there)sold two of the four sim of his own, in opposition to the Linden Lab and its customer support,judged woefully inadequate and insufficient. A decision that could also allow Flea and hismanagers Toady Nakamura to concentrate on the creation of new avatars and still stay online for many years, but certainly you do not get caught unprepared and go to visit, it is worth it.

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        Ford Avatars Cover

        Say “avatar” and you think of the James Cameron‘s movie  box-office smash of all time. Or your virtual alter ego in Second Life or in your favorite virtual world or MMORPG. But for a company avatars can be much more than a fun.

        Ford AvatarsA note from the Ford group entitled “Ford’s global expansion starts with a Hollywood avatar working on virtual assembly lines” explains that the US auto manufacturer with a stronger presence “in Asia, Africa and other markets” decided that a digital employee “undergoes ergonomic assessments that use Hollywood animation technology to get a head start on virtual assembly lines, reducing the physical stress of jobs and improving quality” of Ford products.

        The multinational avatar “is based on Ford’s North American virtual workers, Jack and Jill, and now reflects the sizes and shapes of workers at assembly plants across the globe”. The first overseas assignments of the “global digital manikin” (as Ford define its avatars) are for new products planned for new assembly plants in China, the new Focus being assembled in Germany and the US, and the global Ranger being built in Thailand and South Africa.

        The new manikin helps Ford address quality issues before they occur in the real world and “soon it will be joined by Santos, a virtual model adapted from the Department of Defense’s soldier model” developed by Iowa University, still being tested in Ford laboratories  using Santos in a virtual worldto simulate better and safer working conditions at its production facilities. In short: the US producer’s avatars can be useful devices is to design better cars and more efficient plant “tailored” for men (real ones, not virtual ones).