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8i startup video 3D cover

8i startup video 3DAnother step forward in the field of 3D movies for the virtual reality. 8i, New Zealander startup based in Wellington, had the revolutionary idea to change the perspective of the cameras: while those who have so far developed virtual reality 3D viewers followed the perspective of an observer, recreating everything that can stand around, 8i has focused the cameras on the same subject, succeeding in creating a volumetric virtual version able to interact with the environment created by digital 3D viewers.

8i startup video 3D bisIn other words, they were able to translate into reality one of the technological dreams present in Star Wars. Accordin to the founders of the New Zelander startup (started in 2014), Linc Gasking, already founder of Countingdown.com (then bought by DreamWorks), and Eugene d’Eon, previously in Weta Digital and in Nvidia, you will be guaranteed to those who wear a virtual reality devices acomplete freedom of movementand to give him the illusion to be in a virtual space in company with another person with whom you can create a connection on an emotional level.

Since the technology developed by 8i, which it has already collected $ 14.8 million from investors such as Advancit Capital, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Dolby Family Ventures, Founders Fund Science, Freelands, Horizons Ventures, Inevitable Ventures, RRE Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Signia Ventures Partners ande Sound Ventures, will be usable with main devices of virtual reality and augmented reality it is foreseeable that may be integrated into new video games, web services or to provide unique perspectives of shooting a concert or a play. See for yourself what it is in this video.

If you liked it, you can see all avatars made to date by 8i in this videogallery. Then if you want to stay updated on the latest news of virtual worlds, virtual reality and augmented reality and in general technology and human creativity, you just have to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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Mangatar cover

Mangatar iconThe video game industry is in turmoil and could not be otherwise, now being close to the advent of the new virtual reality devices that just in videogame industry see one of their first and most promising market and since the mobile game and social games tend increasingly to merge and to be enriched with graphical possibilities is both narrative.

If the world is witnessing a resumption of the process of concentration, with Activision Blizzard (last year fifth in the worlwide sales ranking with a catalogue ranging from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty) wich just bought King Digital Entertainment (producer of the famous social game Candy Crush, tenth in last year’s sales ranking) for 5,9 billion dollars, in the attempt to overcome Microsoft, Sony an Electronic Arts and be able to connect to the second place behind the Chinese Tencent, between startups are pleased to note an Italian name, that of Salernitan Mangatar.

Mangatar MiraiThat of Mangatar is a story that was born in 2011 and turns into enterprise in March of the following year when the five founding members, Andrea Postiglione, Raffaele Gaito, Enrico Rossomando, Alfredo Postiglione and Michele Criscuolo decide to stop developing software for accountants and insurance, develop and bring online a generator avatar in manga style and launch a first social game, Mangatar Saga, which reached 60,000 active players worldwide.

In 2013 Mangatar grow further, with the launch of a second game, Dengen Chronicles, funded through dPixel (entering the Mangatar capital), combining the dynamics of the trading card game play online role-customizable, always in style manga. Here you get a glimpse of Dengen Chronicles.

What the future will bring to Mangatar? The Salerno startupper (who in the meantime have opened an office in Milan in addition to that of Salerno and started to develop a indie developers teams network for mid-core and casual games on mobile platforms and connected Tv, also thanks to the recent funding of 1.1 million euros obtained from Fi.R.A. and Invitalia) seem to want to become a gaming company in effect, promising the launch of a number of other titles (the goal is to get to launch a new game every six months).

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    Avatar sequel cover

    Avatar, the blockbuster diredted by James Cameron, will have three sequels (but it is not excluded that they may become even four), to the delight (so to speak) of Beijing, the first of which should be in theaters around the world in 2017, then it will be followed a year later by the other, so as to complete by 2019 the new trilogy. Avatar sequelWaiting to see how to continue the adventures of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) which although seemingly died in Avatar should, by various clues, be in the cast both of Avatar 2 and of Avatar 3, chatting on Twitter with Linden Lab staff Mondivirtuali discovered that there is a site where you can find that age your avatar shows. If you want to know how old seems your digital alter ego, not necessarily only the one you use in Second Life, go to How-Old.net and select a picture of your avatar (or yourself, if you prefer). Avatar how oldIn a few seconds you will know how many years shows, as in the case of Lukemary Slade which as you see seems to show 37 years, about ten less than its creator in RL. The interesting thing is that usually we tend to take off a few years compared to reality, so if television slims, as they say, Second Life and virtual worlds in general could make you look younger, had you ever thought? If you liked this article and want to stay informed about news concerning avatars, you just need to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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      Wizardoz Chrome Avatar cover

      As we announced, we begin to introduce you the works that participated in the 2015 edition of Edizioni Volando literary award. For the “variations” section was awarded Wizardoz Chrome, a girl from Milan author of the photographic collectionAvatar”. Wizardoz is a wellknown artist in Second Life both for her machinimas both for her virtual pictures, which we are certain will not fail to captivate youHere are some of the shots that you will find in Avatar: if you want to buy the whole collection you just go to Volando Island, in Second Life, and purchase it at the Edizioni Volando headquartier for the symbolic price of 100 linden dollars (at current exchange rates amounting to a little less than 4 euro cents).

      Wizardoz Chrome Avatar - Another Day
      Wizardoz Chrome Avatar – Another Day
      Wizardoz Chrome Avatar - Copper
      Wizardoz Chrome Avatar – Copper
      Wizardoz Chrome Avatar - Sirena
      Wizardoz Chrome Avatar – Sirena

      If you liked the pictures of Wiz can also follow her fanpage on Facebookwhile to continue to discover the works presented at the latest edition of the Edizioni Volando literary award you have just to follow Mondivirtuali.it, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li, as well as on Youtube).

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      Virtual Diversity

      The deadline of April 19 is approaching: this is the last day to join the contest Virtual Diversity (more informations here) organized by Koinup.com of Pieluigi Casolari in collaboration with Mondivirtuali.it, Museo del Metaverso of Rosanna Galvani (aka Roxelo Babenco), the virtual art gallery Diabolus Art Space, of Laszlo Oerdoegh (aka Velazquez Bonetto), 2Lifecast and Paolo Valente (aka Arco Rosca), founder of Uqbar Media Art Culture.

      Virtual diversity worksWhile waiting to interview here on Mondivirtuali.it pages the winner of the contest (best whishes to all), who will be announced April 26, we want to remember you that the competition, to which all Koinup.com members can participate until April, 19 with a single image that represents an avatar (self-portrait or portrait of another avatar) based on any virtual world, aims to show how virtual worlds are virtual ecosystem based on diversity, the uniqueness of each avatar, no matter if they are close to reality of their creators or fictional characters, but always mirror the creativity and personality of the real person that drives them.

      The top twenty finalists will display their works in an exhibition in Second Life at the Diabolus Art Space (where the inauguration will be broadcast live streaming at NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, during the presentation of the project 2Lifecast and of its members) and subsequent days in Craft at the Museo del Metaverso headquarter. If you still have not done, what do you wait to enter Virtual Diversity with your best picture of an avatar?

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      Point of no return MedeAthena

      The Sims 2 by EA Games was created as a simulation of real life and player’s task is to create a “sim” (or an avatar, ed) and accompany him throughout its life by establishing relationships with other local residents and trying ensure better standard of living possible through the acquisition of skills and, above all, the construction of a family to carry on from generation to generation. A first specification of the Sim’s Italian community is the use of a game predominantly “lonly” and offline to access a new online virtual world, such as role play The Point of No Return, launched in February 2009 on the forum Sims Style.

      The RPG issue was born in the minds of those who are known by the nicknames Kady, Magggg, MedeAthena, Mika_Chan and ViolentDoll; there are typical elements of role-playing games (pg, powers, challenge, with 5 sadistic Mistress who from time to time have fun in complicating the lives of special creatures through pg) along with others more “funny” that are expressed predominantly in chat. In fact is active an IRC channel in which each player can move his/her pg (character) or better pgs (since everyone can hold up to five pgs), and have them interact with others, creating dynamic and plots that lead the RPG the subtitle Returniful.

      The chat through a few simple rules, can overcome the lack of a true virtual world like Second Life in which to find each others: in the year were defined key aspects of the scenarios, essential for a coherent unfolding dynamics game, while the rest is given to the imagination of the individual player. The creatures are all “fantastic”, divided imaginary (and only partially physically) between Evil (vampires, ghosts, demons, drow, etc) and Good (elves, fairies, angels, etc). Most of the characters is invented from scratch or even is the second generation of RPG of the past now been completed, or inspired by other characters of myth, books or religions (we have between us Lilith, Belial, Lucifer, the Furies, the Tolkien Legolas and Arwen): there are no limits to the imagination of the player and the inspiration to move a character or another.

      A presentation card allows you to specify the main features of your creature, accompanied by photos taken by Sims. The forum is also the topic The Return Incidents for posts in the classic RPG style on the forum and topic The Return Memories where we can store and show who did not attend the chat we consider most interesting, or simply are important to us and we will not disperse through the maze of logs. There is also the topic summaries Lost in No Return, updated discontinuously but useful to offer a quick flashback  to those who has been absent for a while and want to pick up the thread. Then there are the daily weather updates (to prevent a player describing rain while another is talking about sunny day), two topics dedicated to pictures of characters and landscapes, small handbook to facilitate interactions. As for the artistic aspect, on Koinup.com exists a group dedicated to the Isle of Return and its people.

      Some might argue that it is simply a technological version of “playing with dolls”: well may be true, but I prefer to think of the relationship between us and our pgs as that between a writer and the characters of his/her book. We have created them, shaped not necessarily in our image and likeness, we have moved them, sometimes we had the impression that they were moving us, made us laugh like fools in front of a monitor or cry as calves, we gave them incredible suffering for which we got in return for the sleepless nights of guilt, we have high advanced, downtrodden and unloved.

      It’s nothing particularly “professional”, but in a year and 2 months The Point Of No Return has attracted something like at least 110 pgs and thirty players, more or less discontinuous but still “participating”, created absurd stories and even early patterns found in films or books published at later dates, but mainly has created a new concept of the virtual worlds, not purely visual and concrete in their entirety, but able to bind double-edged tool body (the game The Sims), the online network (chat) and intangible elements such as art and imagination of each individual player to create an environment that every player could describe in detail without ever having “seen” it.

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      Connie Sec cover

      Connie AridaConnie Arida (in Second Life, aka Connie Sec in Blue Mars) is the avatar of an Australian student girl (http://conniesec.blogspot.com) whom as artist chose to specialize in two main themes, that of glamorous images, whether it be portraits or landscapes, and that of sexy images and often is both a model and photographer for both types of her images.

      Glamour images of virtual worlds

      The images made by Connie starting from the graphic editor of virtual worlds like Second Life (mostly using Kirsten Shadowdraft) or Blue Mars, edited with a mix of programs like Gimp, PhotoDraw 2000, Picnik or Mystical, empowered with free plugins like Virtual Opticverve Photographer and Xero, as explained Connie herself on her pages on Koinup.com.

      Connie Arida

      With Connie avatars get real

      The selection of images presented on her stream on Koinup.com (more than 600, about half of the papers published on the web from Connie Sec) impresses with the consistently high quality and the ability to make “real” and “human” avatars portraits.

      Take the portrait of Baron Grayson or of Stephen Venkman or the self portrait Everytime I think of you, of over one year ago and compare it with recent Old Time Hollywood or Blind eand you will see that the  style certainly continue to refine but Connie’s style is in both cases at the top.Connie Sec gold

      Not just sexy images

      About sensuality, I believe that an image as Eurydice and the Underworld is worth a mention in history books of digital art. And what about the perfection of shots never pretentious as Kiss, The Gilded Cage, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me or I’m Waiting, where a clever play of light and shadows gives a naturalness and plasticity to the bodies portrayed that has few equals? But Connie Sec knows how to make sexy pictures without having to resort to naked: admire Take You Away (Faster) or I Scratch and you’ll see.

      Connie, as mentioned, don’t just use Second Life but also Blue Mars and is interesting to note how much images with the different graphical editor help Connie to carry out different styles, with more saturated colors and more contrast images in the second case, as in Life on Mars?

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        Pandora SL

        Pandora Magic SLAvatar, the blockbuster movie of James Cameron, has sparked the imagination of the residents of Second Life, so that have risen rapidly many locations inspired to Pandora and to the war between humans and Na’vi. Between national communities seems to be the more active the German, that with Pandora Magic devoted three sims to a role-playing game inspired by the events narrated by the movie. For the French, Infinity Sullivan, yet owner of a mall dedicated to Star Wars, has developed an entire island, Pegase, and a clan, those of Omatikaya, dedicated to a role-playing game based on stories described by Avatar.

        PegaseIn both cases, as more and more stores across Second Life, do not be surprised if once leaving the entry areas, set in both cases on a spaceship orbiting Pandora planet, you will be surrounded by blue avatars engaged to talk in a language incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with the language of the natives of the blue planet. If you like RPGs we suggest you to try both communities joining their respective groups and exploiting the flexibility of the avatars of Second Life and creativity of its residents to reconstruct as faithfully as possible the characters of the film.

        Have fun and this time, dual link to be followed for land in the two versions of Pandora who, together with all other lands and shops in Second Life dedicated to this subject, you can easily find even using the internal search engine in the metaverse simply by typing the keyword Pandora“.

        Teleport to Pandora Magic

        Teleport to Pegase