Vivi vr cover

Vivi, virtual assistant looking like a flirtatious secretarty developed by iQiyi, received positive reviews, but threatened to strenghten sexist stereotypes

The owner of a Rolls Royce Ghost 2010, is going to sell the car asking about 117 thousand pounds, but he wants only Bitcoins. Would you buy?

Matt McMullen, founder of Abyss Creation (producer of RealDoll adult toys) launch RealBotix, robots with artificial intelligence.

Ghost in the Shell, which already inspired anime and live action movies, in Japan is now also a VR game experience, in the arena of VR Zone Shinjuku

Despite the evident disappointment of some producers, the interest for VR/AR technologies remains high and Apple is going to release an AR device by 2020...
virtual reality cover

Despite a lot of content and falling prices, users still do not go crazy for virtual reality. CCP Games (Eve Online) recedes, where'd Sansar and High Fidelity end up?

DMG and Hasbro will open in Shanghai the first of a network of VR centers to offer immersive digital experiences based on the Transformers' universe.

Virtual reality and augmented reality market in the long term could reach or surpass the size of that of smartphone, entering in fields such as education and commerce.
Minecraft coding cover

Minecraft is ready to launch Code Builder, to code inside the game, an Marketplace, to sell and buy content online.
Icaros VR cover

Icaros VR, a fitness equipment that use virtual reality technology to make exercises less boring, is getting good results.

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virtual diversity

Double opening of the exhibition of the works created by the winner (Senban Babii) and the top twenty runners up of the contest Virtual Diversity...