Despite the evident disappointment of some producers, the interest for VR/AR technologies remains high and Apple is going to release an AR device by 2020...
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Despite a lot of content and falling prices, users still do not go crazy for virtual reality. CCP Games (Eve Online) recedes, where'd Sansar and High Fidelity end up?

DMG and Hasbro will open in Shanghai the first of a network of VR centers to offer immersive digital experiences based on the Transformers' universe.

Virtual reality and augmented reality market in the long term could reach or surpass the size of that of smartphone, entering in fields such as education and commerce.
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Minecraft is ready to launch Code Builder, to code inside the game, an Marketplace, to sell and buy content online.
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Icaros VR, a fitness equipment that use virtual reality technology to make exercises less boring, is getting good results.
Wolf - VR Hope

Uqido and WWF Research and Project for the FuoriSalone 2017 propose VR Hope, immersive virtual experience through which you'll belong to a flock of wolves.
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These are the 10 hardest Fintech jobs to fill in in the UK. Only the Brexit could put the sector in trouble in the next future.
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According to Gabe Newell (Steam), only 30 apps in 2016 sold over 250 thousand dollars, despite some success as Job Simulator
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Fans going on about it for a year: to play Sword Art Online in virtual reality. So far, however, just a marketing demo and a pilot VR experience were developed.

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Even Apple comes into play VR: Cupertino bought Faceshift, a Swiss startup that deals with “motion capture” to offer features and services that integrate and improve everyday life.