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    Casey Hudson goes to Microsoft

    Have you ever played Mass Effect? It is a game developed in 2007 by BioWare for Microsoft Xbox 360 and in 2008 by Demiurge Studios for the Microsoft Windows pc release (in 2012 came even the PlayStation3 version). Franchisee consists of three chapters and allows players to live the adventures of commander Shepard, a soldier that in […]

    Second Life: survey reveals surprising truth

    A survey recently published by blogger Canary Back has reignited the debate over what really do like Second Life users. The survey would give a “surprising” result in line by the way with a previous study of Gilbert, Gonzalez and Murphy of 2011: users of virtual worlds such as that of Linden Lab, which as known is aimed at […]

    Widerun raise funds to merge fitness and VR

    Merge gaming to fitness: the idea is not new, and perhaps you will remember that on we have already spoken of an app, InShape, developed by InWorldz Llc  to “keep in form” both your real body and your digital avatar. But now a startup from Trento (Italy), Widerun, decided to stat, from March 17, 2015, a crowdfunding […]

    10 Final Fantasy little secrets

    If you are fans of virtual worlds and videogames you should well know “Final Fantasy” and maybe you think to know everything about the famous saga (which inspired a digital animation movie of which has already spoken) created for Square (from 2003 Square Enix) by Hironobu Sakaguchi, probably the most famous Japanese video game […]

    Virtual reality or augmented reality?

    New announcements regarding virtual and augmented reality, both quite impressive. But so far the numbers are still much smaller, so the question is: which technology will have a mass adoption for first, if ever?

    3D goes mobile with LG

    LG Electronics announced the first fully 3D smartphone. It will let you see (and shot) 3D movies without the need to wear special glasses.

    Mark Kingdom is no more M Linden

    Judging ex-post, evidence of the weakness of Mark Kingdom (aka M Linden) was probably the decision to lay off 110 employees of Linden Lab a few weeks ago, actually eliminating the last year of work and recovering once again in question as what may be the fate of the Californian company that created and developed the virtual world […]

    EsseElle Movie Magazine is back

    EsseElle Movie Magazine is back on the kiosks of the metaverse (and on the Web) with its ninth issue and awaiting the celebration of the year, which will be celebrated with the next issue, editor in chief Sandra81 Fargis likes to shuffle her cards. The magazine, in fact, has a few now”traditional” appointments as the last but one episode of “The man who crossed the screen“, the first picture story “filmed” entirely in SL, or the advices of Italian SL mentor Biancaluce Robbiani for the newbies of the metaverse (in this case about a very topical in times of real crisissuch […]