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    Unreal Engine adapts to virtual reality

    What is the biggest problem for a developer of videogames and movies in virtual reality format? Apart tell if there will be such a market to justify the investment in the training, equipment and software the problem is probably the need to get used to the new medium, checking each time the correct proportion of […]

    3D viewers: battle among Oculus, Sony, Microsoft and Valve

    Just over 12 months ago Facebook bought Oculus VR (the company that develops 3D visors Oculus Rift) for 2 billion dollars promising a ever increasing spread of contents related to virtual reality, but to see in stores the first “retail” release of the 3D visor developed by Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe (which will be based […]

    Utherverse renewed with Oculus Rift

    Utherverse (Red Light Center) announced that its platform will soon run also with Oculus Rift, so to have a genuine VR experience.

    Skylanders vs Disney Infinity

    Waiting for the Christmas season, the duel between Actvision and Disney is set to start again in the field of action figures for consoles…

    Conformism in Second Life – 2

    Lookatmy Back ends his talks about fashion, conformism and the virtual world of Second Life. Have a nice reading! Have you ever to enter an environment frequented by many avatars and, looking around, surprised to see how many twins and the twins are in? There are times, places or virtual communities in which many men […]

    EsseElle Movie Magazine is back

    EsseElle Movie Magazine is back on the kiosks of the metaverse (and on the Web) with its ninth issue and awaiting the celebration of the year, which will be celebrated with the next issue, editor in chief Sandra81 Fargis likes to shuffle her cards. The magazine, in fact, has a few now”traditional” appointments as the last but one episode of “The man who crossed the screen“, the first picture story “filmed” entirely in SL, or the advices of Italian SL mentor Biancaluce Robbiani for the newbies of the metaverse (in this case about a very topical in times of real crisissuch […]