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    Startups and augmented reality, a winning mix

    Do you wanna know what the business where you make billions in the coming years? Virtual reality and augmented reality. Whether are 3D viewers like those of Oculus Rift or digital platform like Project Sansar that shortly Linden Lab will open to the first alpha testers, rather than glasses like the Google Glass (for now […]

    Palmer Luckey on Time’s cover

    Virtual worlds fans and Second Life users should remember when on May 1, 2006, during the media hype that brought the world of Linden Lab on the pages of all newspapers, Businessweek put on its cover an avatar, that of Anshe Chung (aka Ailin Graef), labelled it as the “Rockfeller di Second Life”. It was […]

    Sword Art Online now on Dvd Blue Ray

    Thanks to its success, light novel Sword Art Online is now available also in Dvd Blue Ray with the stories of Phantom Bullett

    Disney Infinity likes virtual reality

    Virtual reality is the trend of the moment, at least for the video game industry, and a giant like Disney group, for years in this field of virtual worlds with Club Penguin, could not stay out long and fact it seems that it will be the next “big name” to enter the field. But while it is not […]

    Minecraft plus HoloLens means augmented reality

    The recent passage of Casey Hudson from Mass Effect to Microsoft  oversee the development of HoloLens and new games for Xbox had already made it clear how much Redmon company has taken seriously the challenge of virtual reality. But if anyone still had doubts, Microsoft took advantage of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2015 to present a preview of how […]

    GoPro ready for virtual reality

    Even GoPro will enter in the virtual reality sector: the Ceo fo californian famous “wearable” wich in June 2014 debuted at Wall Street (at the moment the stock is around 57 dollars compared to24 dollars of the Ipo price), Nick Woodman, announced it in a conference organized by Re/Code site. Woodmann explained that GoPro wanna […]

    Oculus Rift bought Surreal Vision

    It ‘s been just over a year after the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook for 2 billion dollars and while we are waiting for the debut on the market of the first “retail” version of namesake 3D viewer, which should cost around 1,500 dollars, the company founded by Palmer Luckey (to whom Total Recall Technologies […]

    Altberg presents Project Sansar

    Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab Ceo, is sure that the virtual reality will feature, as already happened with platforms like Second Life, user-generated content. Speaking at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference (SVVR) Altberg, short hair and black shirt Steve Jobs like, reiterated some points: . the new platform to which Linden Lab has been working for about a year […]