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    Patrizia Blessed debuts

    Moments of pure excitement for the debut the other night at Queen of the World of a young Italian designer in SL, Patrizia Blessed (aka Patrizia Nofi), in RL graphic designer with a past like musician with strong skills in Internet and new media (she is the owner, inter alia, of ArDiGraf). Patrizia is a character of those we like to call the hidden talents of Second Life. Besides being an excellent graphics, as those present at her debut were able to admire, as a designer of women’s clothing in SL (with a collection with textures and outfits totally original and created just for the occasion by Patrizia), Patrizia has long been president of (which is referred to the site […]

    Interview to Mimmi Boa

    I met another VIP visitor of Piazza Italia, the model Mimmi Boa, who in a break between a fashion show and another is coming to see me in the “workshop” of the new headquarters of Jen School & Fashion (of which I will be able to speak soon) with her SL husband, model Salvo Waydelich. I took the opportunity to […]

    Beware of Gallardo is a virus

    Warning by Niegi Korobase – Mon Jan 21 14:06:22 2008 Beware: if you receive in Second Life the request from someone who pretend his name was Mark Genesis Gallardo to join his friendlist, do not accept, since it is a virus. The news, given to us by Luciana Pinazzo who had received it in turn by Niegi Korobase, states that […]

    Growing in the fashion in SL

    There has been much talked about how Second Life, born and still thought of as a product forp lay by Linden Lab, has the potential to represent an evolutionary model of social networking websites in the direction of the famous “web 2.0” of which the same Philip Linden, former CTO of Real Networks before embarking on this adventure, now seems to have knowledge when he says that in addition to stability and the ability to easily be able to surf the internet “from withinthe world “, the priorities of Second Life are now connecting all of those in an online world that improves the human condition. To succeed, technological improvements […]