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    SL2 users will come from Blocksworld

    Linden Lab discovered a second Second Life,  but it is not (yet) the “SL 2” of which everyone is talking about so much in these latest months but that will still take a year or two before to actually see the light. While waiting for the new generation of virtual worlds appear on the market Ebbe […]

    Linden Lab sold Desura

    The era of diversification that Rod Humble brought forward during his “reign” at Linden Lab is definitely over, after Versu, Creatoverse and dio had already been discontinued. With a press release widespread November 5th 2014, the developer of Second Life and Blocksworld (of which we have already spoken some times ago) announced the sale of Desura to […]

    Facebook buy Oculus Rift

    Virtual worlds again becoming a “hot” topic for investors? For sure in a few hours some announcements have shaken the field of virtual reality: if the former creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedale, raised 2.5 million dollars from True Venture for his new startup, High Fidelity of which we have already spoken, Luxottica signed a partnership with Google to “design, develop and deploy a new generation of glasses for Glass”. But the big shot […]

    Second Life restart with Cloud and Oculus Rift

    The decision to outsource the development of new products and services seems likely to be the hallmark of the strategy with which Linden Lab tries to turn the page: a few days ago it was announced the launch of SL Go OnLive, an announcement that seems to confirm, after the decision to discontinue the development of some products such as dio, Versu and Creatorverse, the decision to focus more […]

    Never again only Second Life

    Never again only Second Life for Linden Lab, which updates its official site and returns to hire: after over an year of waiting (since August 2011, when during SLCC11, Rod Humble, Ceo of the Californian company, announced that had been started the development of new products “external” and not connected with SL) came the announcement of the official launch of […]

    Virtual worlds still growing

    Virtual worlds continue to enjoy good health, at least those dedicated to the “teen” and in general for users under the age of 25 years, at the end of June had reached a total of over 972 million registered accounts,on a total of approximately 1.4 billion accounts for all the virtual worlds. A success that involves, according to numbers released by consulting firm Kzero (you can find them here), worlds like Poptropica (platform dedicated to 6-15 years old […]