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    BMW Group get a VR / AR approach in its production system

    The BMW group production focuses increasingly on virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality applications. VR images, or artificially created images, are ever more realistic and hard to distinguish from real pictures, explains a press release of the German automaker, while in AR applications, illustrations complement real images. In production, these images are powerful tools in […]

    Virtual reality’s future according to Alvin Wang Graylin

    According to Alvin Wang Graylin in the next couple of years virtual reality will become a mass technology with applications from education to vertical industries, from movies to videogames.

    Playstation VR, Sony opens pre-orders

    Following Oculus Rift and Valve even Sony enters the arena of virtual reality:  PlayStation VR visor will be available at retail outlets from October, with a suggested price of $ 399 (549 Canadian dollars). By that date the more than 230 developers working for months to adapt to virtual reality dozens of video game titles […]