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    Virtual and augmented reality: even Apple comes into play

    Apple bought Faceshift, a Swiss startup that deals with “motion capture” to offer features and services that integrate and improve everyday life.

    Mangatar tries to change the rules of the game

    The video game industry is in turmoil and could not be otherwise, now being close to the advent of the new virtual reality devices that just in videogame industry see one of their first and most promising market and since the mobile game and social games tend increasingly to merge and to be enriched with […]

    Virtual reality and augmented reality: expectations and risks

    The the virtual reality sector is expected to grow: from 90 million dollars sales worldide in 2014 already this year should grow to $ 2.3 billion, and reached 3.8 billion in 2016, the 4.6 billion in 2017 and 5.2 billion in 2018 (hardware and software sales estimates from Even more important would be the […]

    High Fidelity works on avatars and contents

    High Fidelity, the new startup founded by Philip Rosedale, already cofounder of Linden Lab and Second Life “daddy”, continues in its experiments preparing for the arrival on the market of the first virtual reality devices in 2016. When you think of virtual reality you generally think of 3D visors as those of Oculus Rift or […]

    Virtual reality seems so real!

    The first reaction to a virtual reality experience vary from people to people, but there is always a sense of real quite impressive. Give a look by yourselves to those two videos.

    Will come first PlayStation VR or No Men’s Sky?

    Project Morpheus, wich meanwhile has a new name, PlayStation VR, in view of the commercial launch expected in early 2016, continues to be talked about for better or for worse. While it is growing the curiosity about the price (which should be in the order of “several hundreds” dollars) and the exact timing of marketing […]

    Project Sansar, opening by end of 2016

    One thing clear right away: there are no substantial changes with respect to what already announced in May Ebbe Altberg, Ceo of Linden Lab, speaking at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference (SVVR) and at the time reported on the pages of Mondivirtuali. But, it is the recent announcement (last August 18) the invitation made […]

    Do we live in a virtual universe?

    What if we all live in a greatt Matrix, a virtual universe, a Second Life so realistic that we  don’t need to fool our senses, to wear 3D visors as those of Oculus Rift? Il tema, ricorrente nei film di Hollywood, è da qualche tempo al centro anche di indagini scientifiche, alla base delle quali […]