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    Halloween: Secret Planet and other virtual worlds are ready

    From Secret Planet to Sansar, from High Fidelity to Second Life, Halloween rules: it’s the holiday that seems the most valued by producers and users of virtual worlds and video games…

    WebVR makes virtual reality accessible to all

    While the virtual reality hype seems entered a lull, the WebVR, designed to make the VR more accessible to everyone, continues to grow.

    Linden Lab still invests on Second Life

    Ebbe Altberg dispells fears that Sansar opening could prelude an abandon of Second Life by its creator. Linden Lab, instead, announced a set of new investments.

    Sergio Delacruz: Second Life changed my life

    Intrigued about the success achieved by the latest Sergio Delacruz‘s installation, Susan’s Diary, I visited Delacruz Park just one month after the opening of May 9, 2016 that you’ll see in this video. Not only I have found a still very crowded sim, but while I was taking photo of the run, an horror labyrinth […]

    Second Life: Skills Hak’s opinion

    The story involving Insilico, one of most famous sim of Second Life, has led many to wonder why Skills Hak, its creator, has been repeatedly banned from Linden Lab and what problems may have resulted in the virtual world. Skills Hak: I am a curious cat While about the specific causes there have never been […]

    Improbable wants to attract game developers

    Improbable, British startup which in March 2015 raised 20 million dollars from venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz to develop a platform (SpatialOS) that makes it possible to create virtual worlds on a large scale, returns to be talked about with the launch of the new Development Partner Program. Give the option for developers to use Spatial […]

    10 most read articles on in 2015

    Do you wanna know which were the 10 most read articles on in 2015? We please you right away, but first of all we wanna poin out as the international traffic on the site grew significantly last year, so that seven on ten most read articla on the site are in English vs three […]

    Mont St. Michel leaves Second Life

    Mont St. Michel leaves Second Life: if until a few years ago it was possible to choose between two different virtual reproductions of famous location, the one created by the France builder YadNi Monde, the other by the Japanese Moeka Kohime, as Mondivirtuali alreaty told you, in these days Linden Lab’s platform users will have […]