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    What does Philip Rosedale wanna do?

    In the same moment when Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus Rift and Palmer Luckey explained that the move wasbelieved to be essential to make the viral virtual reality technology,destined to become in the next 10 years, according to the Oculus team, “ubiquitous, affordable, and transformative” starting from “a truly next-generation gaming experience”, there was a manwho a few years ago had used almost the same words […]

    Facebook buy Oculus Rift

    Virtual worlds again becoming a “hot” topic for investors? For sure in a few hours some announcements have shaken the field of virtual reality: if the former creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedale, raised 2.5 million dollars from True Venture for his new startup, High Fidelity of which we have already spoken, Luxottica signed a partnership with Google to “design, develop and deploy a new generation of glasses for Glass”. But the big shot […]

    Virtual worlds of new generation

    Virtual worlds, mere gaming platforms, wasting time, alterations of reality for alienated and depressed? Or even tools to make culture, to spread it, to create and test, to prove roads that the physical reality would prevent (in fashion, in architecture, why not in music or with experimental format of events and entertainment)? The “shared creative […]

    Sansar is open, VR Cult inaugurates its first exhibition

    Curiosity is great but the numbers (especially VR mode) remain small for Sansar, the new Linden Lab’s platform where Colpo Wrexler with VR Cult has already opened and exhibition space.

    Virtual reality: magic leap added 793 million dollars in new funding

    The announcement came on February 2: Magic Leap added 793.5 million dollars in a third funding round lead by Alibaba Group which involved also Google and Qualcomm, already shareholders of the startup, as well as Warner Bros, Fidelity Management and Research, Jp Morgan Investment Management, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, T. Rowe Price Associates and Wellington […]