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    Video games in VR mode: surveys disappointing

    As already happened for virtual worlds like Second Life, also in the case of video games in virtual reality (VR) mode, internet users show a low interest. Are prices to blame?

    Playstation VR is ready, try it in preview

    All is ready in Milan for the “test drive” of the Playstation VR, Satuday September 24 and Sunday September 25 2016, from 10.30 to 19.00, at the PlayStation Dome of Via Tortona 31. PlaystationVR is the new virtual reality platform developed by Sony for its PlayStation 4 console that allow the player to be directly […]

    No Man’s Skyes divides fans

    Awaited for years, No Man’s Skyes is finally on sale both in PlayStation 4 edition (adviced price of 71.99 euros, but on Amazon you can find for 64.8 euros) both in Pc edition (at 59.9 euros) from last 12 August, about one year after we talked on about the ambitious project of Hello Games. […]

    Pimax is developing high definition VR headset

    Chinese startup Little Pine Technology (Pimax), founed in 2014 by Weng Zhibin, after having announced last April a crowdfunding campaign to finance the development of its first high definition VR headset (the Pimax “π” 4K VR), raised tens of millions of “Pre-A series” round of financing by Ivy Capital Partners. Ivy Capital bets on Pimax’s […]

    Ubisoft presents Star Trek Bridge Crew VR

    Star Trek Bridge Crew VR, Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, Tom Clancy’s Recon Wildlands and, of course, Assassin’s Creed, but this time the movie, not another chapter of the video games franchisee. Ubisoft conference at Los Angeles’ ’E3, the most important video games fair in the world, ended a few hors ago and it has […]

    Virtual reality more and more speaks Chinese

    China wants to get in the lead early in the booming market of virtual reality and internet of things, so it doesn’t surprise that close to video games and technological gadgets are virtual reality and devices that allow to always be connected in the house and outside to capture the imagination at Computex Taipei, the […]

    Tech gadgets that change our life most

    Technology often change our life, but how much? Time ranked the 50 most influential technology gadgets of all times…

    Virtual reality, the opium of the people?

    The debate has been going on for years, declined from time to time depending on the emerging technology: offer a mass market experiences that were hitherto the prerogative of a small number of rich is a good or a bad thing? Already Second Life has given millions of users the opportunity to immerse themselves in […]