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    Altberg presents Project Sansar

    Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab Ceo, is sure that the virtual reality will feature, as already happened with platforms like Second Life, user-generated content. Speaking at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference (SVVR) Altberg, short hair and black shirt Steve Jobs like, reiterated some points: . the new platform to which Linden Lab has been working for about a year […]

    E3 2019 best part was Redpill VR and Sensorium virtual nightclub

    As already said, virtual reality is not going to be a mass-market technology any soon if ever. This doesn’t mean that VR industry leaves anything intent. The proof comes from the E3 2019, as you can find out by reading this article, originally published on VRScout. Getting down and dirty on the show floor […]

    Dj Marshmello in concert on Fortnite

    Dj Marshmello, aka Christopher Comstock, American disc jockey and musician, held a concert on Fortnite Battle Royale followed by over 8 million people. The event, born from the collaboration between Comstock and Epic Games which then dedicated a character to the disk jockey in the famous videogame, was held in Pleasant Park square on February […]

    VRChat is the heir to Second Life

    VRChat is by far the most widely used virtual reality platform. Even so, it does collect just a fraction of the daily users of Second Life…

    Oculus Quest is coming next spring

    The new virtual reality viewer Oculus Quest will be portable like the Go but more performing, approaching, even as price, to the Rift. The compromise might please many users.

    Virtual worlds still unknown

    Virtual worlds remain unknown to the public, despite 15 years of Second Life commercial successes and millions of dollars raised for the development of new platforms such as High Fidelity and Sansar.

    Linden Labs brings eSports into virtual reality

    Goldman Sachs bets on eSport, while Linden Lab will develop on Sansar two virtual arenas for Outlaws and San Francisco Shock, two of Blizzard’s Overwatch League teams

    VR: Ces 2018, a few surprises but a lot of news

    There were no sensational surprises, but at Ces 2018 we saw a lot of updats for virtual and augmented reality gadgets. Here are the most interesting ones…