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    Htc presents Vive Standalone, designed for China

    Vive Standalone is not the VR viewer Htc pre-announced last year, but a new product specifically designed for the chinese market. Still unknown the selling price.

    Virtual reality, Credit Suisse has its says

    Virtual reality and augmented reality market in the long term could reach or surpass the size of that of smartphone, entering in fields such as education and commerce.

    Virtual reality, real flop?

    According to Gabe Newell (Steam), only 30 apps in 2016 sold over 250 thousand dollars, despite some success as Job Simulator

    Virtual reality: waiting for Sansar, a preliminary assessment

    By next June there will be the opening of Sansar, the next virtual reality social platform of Linden Lab, but it’s already time for a preliminary assessment.

    Virtual reality won’t be mass market for years

    There is much talk of virtual reality, virtual worlds and second lives, but despite all efforts it seems that the pioneering phase of similar technologies is bound to last for some (many?) years. It is not just a technology problem, although we’re probably still at a stage comparable to that experienced at the time of […]

    Unreal Engine adapts to virtual reality

    What is the biggest problem for a developer of videogames and movies in virtual reality format? Apart tell if there will be such a market to justify the investment in the training, equipment and software the problem is probably the need to get used to the new medium, checking each time the correct proportion of […]

    HTC Vive, pre-orders will start from February 29

    Virtual reality: many now know what it is, few have tried it for now, but 2016 could be a good year to spread this experience, on the one hand thanks to devices such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, on the other hands thanks to 3D viewers like those of Oculus VR and Valve, […]

    Oculus Rift won’t be mass market, for now

    As announced, Oculus Rift opened January 6, during Ces 2016 its pre-orders of the first consumer release of its 3D viewers, but at a price much higher than the expected 350-400 dollars: 599 dollars (although they include two games: Eve Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale), to which you risk having to add at least other 949 […]