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    The nature of Erzsebet

    It happens sometimes that you surf through social media sites like Deviantart, Flickr, Koinup or Pinterest and find interesting images, with their own recognizable style, and you want to know the author and discover that is a person extremely nice. It happened to me recently with a Bulgarian girl, Erzsebet Valeska, using Second Life as a tool […]

    New deals for the Italian web

    The world of Italian web is for some times under the spotlight: new start-ups try (and sometimes they succeed) to find lenders to develop innovative products and services, old start-ups change hands and hope for a raise, incumbent see new sharholders coming who bring with them fresh funds to further strengthen the company and its business models. It happens, for example, that Sator Capital, company which belongs to the merchant […]

    Chrysalis, free gifts for all

    You know: since I live in Italy in these latest months I was too busy in RL with work, family and taxes to log in Second Life or visit other virtual worlds even if I would have liked, so I decided to follow the latest news only through the Mondivirtuali group on Facebook or via graphic social networks like Pinterest, Flickr or Koinup instead […]

    Koinuppers on Bigoom

    It’s been about two and a half months since and gave birth to a partnership that has added features of e-commerce to online graphic community founded by Pierluigi Casolari and Edoardo Turelli, allowing all users to sell (or buy) high-resolution prints on photo paper of their digital images (and a little more than a month since it was […]

    Strawberry Singh and the social media

    Strawberry Singh is from the May 2007 one of the most active “resident” of the virtual world Second Life. Blogger, manager, photographer and “social media enthusiast” as she define herself, present in the main (photo) graphic online communities from Flickr (with almost 2,600 images), to Deviantar (650 images), up to Koinup (with a selection of about 300 shots), Strawberry has one […]

    Isabella Grace Baroque’s tales

    Sometimes it happens that a story disappears, only to reappear after a long time keeping intact its freshness. This is the case of the interview of Luciana Pinazzo dedicated to Isabella Grace Baroque, which we represent to you again together with a new set of images, three years after the first publication, in October 2009. Isabella Grace Baroque is an interesting character in herself: she is a vocalist […]

    Koinup goes e-commerce

    I had a hint a few weeks ago when commenting with Pierluigi Casolari, community co-founder in 2006 together with Edoardo Turelli, the decision of the US private equity company KKR to take control, for 150 million dollars, of Fotolia (microstock platformwith over 17 million digital images and videos, leading European online pictures bank that allow its users to sell their works at reasonable prices) we concluded that the future of the web is increasingly linked to the images (still or motion […]

    Alpha Auer: art takes lot of time

    A short abstract: like many I was “born” in Second Life some years ago, in 2008, and immediately I was lucky to discover, in addition to the game, that the virtual world of Linden Lab could serve as an ideal tool for new forms of artistic expression. Among the blogs I was following at the time (and still […]