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    Minecraft, safe as a castle

    With the latest release Minecraft is now safe as a castle. So let’s give a look to the 10 most beautiful castles ever built in Minecraft!

    Minecraft mod: what is it?

    Have you ever seen that fantastic buildings in Minecraft that the most skilled users are able to create, sometimes giving rise to a whole setting, a virtual world that reproduces scenarios and movies or novels set? To be able to recreate them over to you too much patience you have to be able to create […]

    Amazing Minecraft

    Minecraft never ceases to amaze. The famous sandbox game developed by Markus Persson (founder of Mojang) in 2011 and launched worldwide with such success that Mojang itself was then bought by Microsoft in 2014 for about 2.5 billion dollars, for a while, is the focus of the debate of many parents and teachers who wonder whether […]

    10 fantastic buildings in Minecraft

    Minecraft is one of the best selling videogame ever. wanna show you 10 fantastic buildings that Minecraft’s users realized in the years.

    CaptainSparklez, a youtuber who loves Minecraft

    In an old country like Italy to talk about “Youtuber” you are likely to be taken for visionaries, but that the future of cinema (either “live” either animated) should move more and more to the video social network that since 2006 is part of the group Google is now clear. Companies in every industry are interested […]

    Microsoft takes on Minecraft

    At the end of 2006, during the “media hype”, circulated the rumor of an interest of Google to buy Linden Lab and throw in the fascinating (but problematic, as it would be seen in the following years) virtual worlds sector. They were not revealed official figures though someone had shot: not less than 1.65 billion […]

    Microsoft a caccia di Minecraft

    A fine 2006, in pieno “hype mediatico”, era circolata la voce di un interesse di Google per rilevare Linden Lab e gettarsi nell’affascinante (ma problematico, come si sarebbe visto negli anni seguenti) settore dei mondi virtuali. Non erano emerse cifre ufficiali anche se qualcuno aveva sparato: non meno di 1,65 miliardi di dollari, ossia quanto […]

    With Blocksworld Linden Lab look at Minecraft

    Even Linden Lab felt “the Minecraft effect”: Californian firm, famous to have developed years ago Second Life, recently announced are focusing that means it cease development and support of products as dio, Versu and Creatorverse (which also contained interesting elements) to focus only, beside Second Life, on Desura (a community driven digital distribution service for gamers who use the PC as a gaming device on which you […]