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    Ziamela Loon, designer for fun

    Continuing our exploration of the “planet fashion” that seems to have become one of the flags of the Italian community, proposing in this case one of the typical features of Italian creativity. Not always the path followed of is that the implementation in SL of a wealth of RL experiences as did our friend Bianca Foulon (aka Diana Eugeni). For other fellow designers in SL, in fact, fashion is and remains for now, above all a wonderful game, […]

    Growing in the fashion in SL

    There has been much talked about how Second Life, born and still thought of as a product forp lay by Linden Lab, has the potential to represent an evolutionary model of social networking websites in the direction of the famous “web 2.0” of which the same Philip Linden, former CTO of Real Networks before embarking on this adventure, now seems to have knowledge when he says that in addition to stability and the ability to easily be able to surf the internet “from withinthe world “, the priorities of Second Life are now connecting all of those in an online world that improves the human condition. To succeed, technological improvements […]

    Lu Coronet presents her guide to SL

    During last days kicked off the presentations tour of “Guida facile alla tua prima Second Life” an interesting manual published by Sperling & Kupfer in RL whose author is Lu Coronet, of whom we have already talked about. But who is Lu Coronet? On her blog she lets you know to have been born in SL in November […]

    Accor brings virtual butler in SL

    Accor Services joins Second Life and offers lindens to all, at the same time collecting opinions on the habits of the residents of the “new world” of Linden Lab presenting its brand and its services. It happened Thursday, thanks to a party organized at Wi Pie by the staff of the red ball company which was attended by your reporter. Accor has presented in SL, of course, not the famous ticket restaurant but a new service: […]

    The Cittadella by Maxes Loon

    La Cittadella is an Italian location in Second Life where you will find  not only the great mall and the possibility to rent shops, offices, flats and villas…Visit the land, which staff is directed by Maxes Loon, and have some fun: from camping for group members only (not to say about the supercamping, that every day […]

    Enel Park opened in SL

    Enelparke opened in Second Life, to show ho in real life Enel is developint its energy project and…

    Romeno remembers via d’Amelio

    The Italian community remembers in Second Life the sacrifice of judge Borsellino, killed by the mafia in Via d’Amerio…

    Gold rush in Second Life

    Second Life, the (virtual) gold rush started, but so far less Linden Lab and Anshe Chung there are a few winners. Who knows if they will ever be.