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    Sansar opens the beta, but it won’t be a boom right away

    Sansar is opening these days its beta creators, as expected. But there won’t be any boom, at least for now, due to minimal both technical both economic requirements.

    Linden Lab announces Sansar’s opening in Summer

    With a lot of delay compared to the initial forecasts, Sansar, the new Linden Lab’s virtual world, should open this summer for the first creatives.

    Virtual reality: waiting for Sansar, a preliminary assessment

    By next June there will be the opening of Sansar, the next virtual reality social platform of Linden Lab, but it’s already time for a preliminary assessment.

    Virtual worlds: High Fidelity vs Sansar

    What virtual worlds are for? An univocal answer has yet to be established, as the different visions of High Fidelity and of Sansar about it demonstrate.

    Project Sansar: how much will it cost to Linden Lab and its users?

    Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab’s (Second Life creator) Ceo, believes that the future of the reality virtual will depend on user generated virtual realities. That’s why the Californian corporate is massively investing on Project Sansar. Speaking at Collision, the event launched two years ago by the team already behind the Web Conference, held at New Orleans […]

    Project Sansar: Linden Lab opens the creator preview

    Virtual reality train seems on the point of leaving (prices and contents allowing) and Linden Lab tries to take it. In a note the Second Life creator and operator stated, April 25,2016, that “applications have opened for an upcoming “Creator Preview” for Project Sansar” and that “interested 3D content creators can now apply at”. […]

    Project Sansar, opening by end of 2016

    One thing clear right away: there are no substantial changes with respect to what already announced in May Ebbe Altberg, Ceo of Linden Lab, speaking at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference (SVVR) and at the time reported on the pages of Mondivirtuali. But, it is the recent announcement (last August 18) the invitation made […]

    Altberg presents Project Sansar

    Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab Ceo, is sure that the virtual reality will feature, as already happened with platforms like Second Life, user-generated content. Speaking at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference (SVVR) Altberg, short hair and black shirt Steve Jobs like, reiterated some points: . the new platform to which Linden Lab has been working for about a year […]