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    Online virtual games: is back

    Even online virtual games sometimes come back: born in 1998 thanks to Will Harvey (already founder of Imvu) and Jeffrey Ventrella (from 2005 to 2007 senior developer of Second Life, for which he invented inter alia the “flexy prims“, the FollowCam, the avatar customization and the user interface, Ventrella has also collaborated with The Internet Archive, […]

    Gioelececed, not just a virtual humanist

    Among the most elegant “graphic dreamers” pointed out by our very busy Luciana Pinazzo (come back Luciana, this site is waiting for you…) there is surely Gioelececed, aka Jinny Silvershade in Second Life, aka Giovanna Silvestri. contacted her for a short interview and she kindly agreed. Lukemary Slade: Giovanna, how was born your passion […]

    Ydea: business changed in SL

    If you remember some time ago I told you about Ydea, expressing my opinion on the work of Emy Burt, owner and designer of the brand, work that I find very complete in terms of offering, but perhaps lacking at the time of a “strong” theme that might characterize it when compared to other productions of accessories and clothing with […]

    Let me introduce Ydea

    There is a name that every fashionist in Second Life increasingly pronounce with admiration: Ydea. It’s my fault if readers not have heard of it as they should have, because I got to know Ydea, or better Emy Burt, its owner and designer, since its birth, since it was just an idea, with “i” not with “y”, in the mind of a very imaginative and creative friend. […]

    In memory of Squinternet Larnia

    So many people mobilized for Giulia Pelos, an Italian girl whom everybody in Second Life known with the nickname of Squinternet Larnia, designer and owner of the virtual fashion brand Donna Flora. Giulia a few years ago was diagnosed with a cancer, she had to reduce her presence in the Linden Lab‘s virtual world for treatment, but was lucky, the beast seemed to have […]

    SL10B, Second Life celebrate its first decade

    I have been asked to tell you about SL10B and definitely worth it, because it is not from all “gaming platforms”, as Linden Lab has always intended to be Second Life, pace of the users who have made it evolve filling it with contents well beyond the entertainment areas, even more so if the Ceo of the company that created it and keeps it online, while ensuring a continuous technological development (raise your hand if […]

    Two souls meeting

    It had to end on 30 April, but was extended until 11 May: so you still have time to visit the beautiful display of Paola Mills and Maloe Vensant that I had mentioned also on my blog. An exhibition, entitled “Two souls meeting”, of images that can recount emotions, from the most mild to the most intense, hosted in the Nitroglobus gallery (in Costa Blanca sim) of Dido Haas, sees that features works of the latter, […]

    Under an OcTree

    Knowing an artist albeit “virtually”, at a distance, always procure me emotions. Then, when the person is nice and helpful at least as far as technically prepared, is really a pleasure to talk about her as in this case. An exhibition, organized by Crystalship Rehula(artist and “graphic dreamer” I appreciate since a long time) in Second Life, virtual reality platform of Californian Linden Lab, entitled “Under an OcTree” in which they are presented some works of […]