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    Minecraft mods, here is our top 20

    Minecraft mods: here are the 20 most interesting ones that any fans should know, with related links where to download them.

    Minecraft Education Edition is coming

    With Minecraft Educatino Microsoft want to have its popular sandbox game into school all over the world, thanks to better maps and multiplayer mode.

    Minecraft, Christmas gift in advance

    Christmas gift in advance for all the fans of Minecraft, the popular sand box game developed by Mojang in which players can create objects and landscape of every kind (we already reported some of the best months ago), even thanks to many mods. So far, the virtual world of Mojang saw the PC release a […]

    Even Minecraft will be in virtual reality

    Virtual reality: in theory it interesting to all and announcements of the upcoming launch of new VR versions for games and virtual worlds already on the market for years has been wasted. But something is not right yet: first of all have not yet been made official launch dates of the various 3D viewers, even […]

    Minecraft Story Mode is coming

    News are coming for fans of Minecraft: next Christmas season should see the release of Minecraft Story Mode, a new videogame born from the partnership between Mojang and TellTale Games, whose managers confirmed at Pax Prime held in late August in Australia that the game will be available for platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC […]

    Minecraft: Warner Bros chose the director for the movie

    Fans of Minecraft, hold fast: Warner Bros officially decided to produce a film based on the famous “sandbox game” created in 2009 from Markus “Notch” Persson‘s Mojang and since then sold in over 100 million copies before being acquired by Microsoft in 2014 for 2,5 billion dollars. To direct the film should be the creator […]

    Minecraft plus HoloLens means augmented reality

    The recent passage of Casey Hudson from Mass Effect to Microsoft  oversee the development of HoloLens and new games for Xbox had already made it clear how much Redmon company has taken seriously the challenge of virtual reality. But if anyone still had doubts, Microsoft took advantage of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2015 to present a preview of how […]

    Lego Worlds challenges Minecraft

    Given the success of Minecraft, famous “sandbox game” created by Markus Persson (founder of Mojang) in 2011 with already over 100 million whose creators have become billionaires by selling the same Mojang at Microsoft for about 2,5 billion dollars, it was inevitable: Lego, given also the strong success, last year, of The Lego Movie, makes […]