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    Virtual worlds still unknown

    Virtual worlds remain unknown to the public, despite 15 years of Second Life commercial successes and millions of dollars raised for the development of new platforms such as High Fidelity and Sansar.

    Are virtual reality days already numbered?

    Despite a lot of content and falling prices, users still do not go crazy for virtual reality. CCP Games (Eve Online) recedes, where’d Sansar and High Fidelity end up?

    Halloween: Secret Planet and other virtual worlds are ready

    From Secret Planet to Sansar, from High Fidelity to Second Life, Halloween rules: it’s the holiday that seems the most valued by producers and users of virtual worlds and video games…

    Rosedale: not even Facebook can run 50 million servers

    According to Philip Rosedale, already founder of Second Life and now busy with High Fidelity, to connect 1 billion people in VR would take 50 million servers…

    Philip Rosedale is back in Second Life

    Sometimes they come back: “I‘m up early, hanging out in SL if anyone wants to come chat”. This short tweet was from Philip Rosedale. A Philip Rosedale tweet calls SL users This simple tweet published at 14:29 Italian time (6.29 in San Francisco) on 6 August last by the former co-founder of Second Life, or […]

    VRChat is the heir to Second Life

    VRChat is by far the most widely used virtual reality platform. Even so, it does collect just a fraction of the daily users of Second Life…

    Rosedale: I was wrong with Second Life

    Philip Rosedale continues to believe (and to try, with High Fidelity), but so far virtual worlds have failed to take hold in the mass market. Second Life in particular, still active but linked to a niche of just a million active users all over the world, has failed, as the same Rosedale told GeekWire site after […]

    Palmer Luckey on Time’s cover

    Virtual worlds fans and Second Life users should remember when on May 1, 2006, during the media hype that brought the world of Linden Lab on the pages of all newspapers, Businessweek put on its cover an avatar, that of Anshe Chung (aka Ailin Graef), labelled it as the “Rockfeller di Second Life”. It was […]