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    Martin Beck’s super heroes

    Martin Back’s superheroes are portraits of common people in superheroe costumes, but express the idea that all of us can be superheroes.

    Antti Karppinen fantastic world

    Antti Karppinen has recreated a fantastic world with his portrait of super heroes and super villain, from Doctor Who to Ghostbuster.

    A passion for memes

    Do you like memes or not? In the internet and in virtual worlds like Second Life also, there are a lot of popular ones…

    Superheroes from virtual to real

    The world is full of movies, TV series, toons and comics dedicated to the world of “superheroes” (produced by Marvel, DC Comics or other smaller publishers rather than self-produced series maybe directly for the web as those distributed by ComiXology). That the“superheroes” theme intrigues and also attracts many artists is  equally true and is witnessed by […]

    Virtual worlds on stage from Modica to Salerno

    August is just finished and it is time to draw up a balance, especially regarding two events of which has yet spoken last year, Salerno in Fantasy and Modix. The first event (From August 29 to 31 at Parco dell’Irno), wich defines itself an “interactive convention interattiva about pop-fantasy culture” from The Lord of […]

    August, time to draw up balances

    Summer means vacation time but also for drawing up balances and that of can be said to be positive. We do not normally indulge in praise, but being able to present our project at the july Kublai Award in Rome (after running the risk of not even finish the presentation because of the amount of work we have to do […]