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    Marina Bellini doesn’t give up

    Sic transeat gloria mundi, would say as Marina Bellini (aka Mexi Lane) told on her blog “with a simple letter, without an official explanation from the top, after three and a half years of work and in the moment of greatest success, on my project Musei 2.0 was brought to an end”, a project that can give international visibility to the logo “Musei di Roma Capitale” thanks to a sim in Second Life (Mic, heir of another […]


    Immersiva, the land created by Bryn Oh, is one of the most photographed sim of the entire Second Life (and if you visit it you will understand why). Just an advice: before landing at Immersiva, save the environment setting that Bryn herself  ( suggested to adopt from the page of the blog of Bettina Tizzy (Npirl), the result will […]

    Elle Thork, from flowers to factories

    I noticed recently that many of you after being featured on this column undertake further and publish even more beautiful images than those that impressed me at first. Even for this reason I want to point out some new names which I think bodes well and before to introduce you the graphic dreamer of the […]

    Rocker Faerie, a fairy of light

    There are artists who are striking for a particular applicant in their works. In the case of Rocker Faerie, aka the American musician Colemarie Soleil, as well as graphic and versatility that led the artist to create color or black and white images and machiminas using various virtual worlds as an editor, I was always curious […]

    Vero1324 puppets

    Wow, I took a couple of weeks off to finish some RL works and what are you doing? Exceeded 7 thousand images in the pool of Graphic Dreams and some old and new acquaintances posting spectacular images, form VladMad with Saint Mojo to Zhey with Princess in the snow, from Wise Sandalwood with OMG It’s raining boots to Chrystalship Rehula who goes around Anna’s Many Murder and takes pictures as […]