Must See

Must See

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Curiosity is great but the numbers (especially VR mode) remain small for Sansar, the new Linden Lab's platform where Colpo Wrexler with VR Cult has already opened and exhibition space.
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Fans of Tolkien, at the San Diego Comic Con was shown the new trailer of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, dedicated to Shelob, mother of the great spiders, after the first, launched at the beginning of July and dedicated to orcs.
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One of the first experiences that you can already try in Sansar, the new Linden Lab's virtual reality platform, is an ancient Egyptian tomb. These are our very first impressions.

Hohannes Stotter, South Tyrol artist famouse because of his bodypainting artworks, was able to recreate a fantastic virtual world: take a look!

At Cinecittà World season 2017 opens with 3 new virtual reality attractions: a labyrinth haunted by skeletons, the war of worlds in VR and a virtual cruise really moved.
Dee Dee Deepdene Cover

Since 2007 Dee Dee Deepdene create amazing images in Second Life, mostly devoted to her sexy avatar. Judge by yourself her work thanks to our gallery.
World of details cover

Melusina Parkin get back to show her virtual photos in Second Life, at Time Portal, with the exhibition A World of Details which I suggest you to go and see.
Long Journey cover

Long Journey is a location on Second Life realized by the builder Sun2idea which shows as your creativity doesn't require great spaces to be realized
Fnaf movie 2017 cover

After an year of break, the project regarding a movie drawn by Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf) video game seems to restart with Scott Cawthon more involved than ever.
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Illusion, Japanese video game developer came to be known in 2006 because of contentious RapeLay, presents VR Kanojo, a virtual girlfriend nearly whorey.

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Virtual diversity

The deadline of April 19 is approaching: this is the last day to join the contest Virtual Diversity (more informations here) organized by of Pieluigi Casolari in collaboration with...
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