Must See

Must See

Bryn Oh what the orphans saw cover

Bryn Oh, Canadian artist for years active on the Linden Lab virtual reality platform, proposes a new artistic exhibition that deserves to be visited
Fnaf news Cawthon 2018 cover

A new book recently published, an upcoming video game and a new team for the long-awaited film about Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf). These are Scott Cawthon's news in 2018.

Started in 1998, Neaple's Comicon turned 20 years with 2018 edition, from April 28 to May 1st, with comics, videogames, cosplayer, wargames and much more

I had the chance to visit Ready Player One Aech's garage virtually rebuilt in Sansar using a virtual reality viewer. Here's what I discovered and my feelings.

Sword Art Online since 2012 is the best selling ligth novel series in Japan. After a videogame version, is soon to be launched a tv series (anime)...
minecraft story mode season 2 finale cover

For Minecraft Story Mode, episodic adventure games published by Telltate Games in partnership with Mojang, the second season finale is coming.
Sansar Star Wars cover

Star Wars The Last Jedi is on movie theaters all around the world, meanwhile on Sansar opened a virtual exhibition of Star Wars franchisee production pieces

Ghost in the Shell, which already inspired anime and live action movies, in Japan is now also a VR game experience, in the arena of VR Zone Shinjuku

After a lot of work, MDHR Studio get lucky thanks to CupHead, with over a million unit sold in a few days. So many reasons of interest, besides the graphics.
Halloween 2017 cover

From Secret Planet to Sansar, from High Fidelity to Second Life, Halloween rules: it's the holiday that seems the most valued by producers and users of virtual worlds and video games...

I più letti ultima settimana / Most read last 7 days launches a new contest for fans of graphics that use virtual worlds as an editor for their works: Virtual Diversity. Here how to apply.