Must See

Must See

virtual photography for flickr cover

Flickr's Ceo, Don MacAskill, explained: virtual photographers are real photographers, virtual photography is not spam. The new terms of service will also apply to them.
Halloween Cosplay 2018 cover

Halloween's night it's an unmissable event for young and great cosplay fans. Which of the characters that we show you would like to play at your door?

This year’s festival in London showcased a bold range of pioneering VR content. Here are some of the best VR experiences from Raindance film festival 2018
tales for halloweenight in AR

For Halloween 2018, the Tales for a HalloweeNight vol. 4 is releasing a special augmented reality experience. But to unlock this AR gift you need to have a copy of 2018 NYCC version of the book

Shepard Fairey, American street artist known for being President Barack Obama "Hope" poster, launches the AR/VR release of "Damaged" his 2017 art exhibit around diverse Americans most affected by current policies and social issues.

The first episode of Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who was seen by a whopping 10.8 million viewers. It's the same record reached by 2005 reboot premiere...
Animatronic Caparezza cover

Among the stars of "Ti Fa Stare Bene" (it makes you feel better) video, title track of Italian rapper Caparezza Prisoner 709 album, is Otto: a Luna’s Puppets animatronic
sexy cosplay Rule 34 cover

You are fans of cosplay? Perhaps you should thank Rule 34 if the popularity of "sexy" characters is growing among cosplayers all over the world.
Bryn Oh what the orphans saw cover

Bryn Oh, Canadian artist for years active on the Linden Lab virtual reality platform, proposes a new artistic exhibition that deserves to be visited
Fnaf news Cawthon 2018 cover

A new book recently published, an upcoming video game and a new team for the long-awaited film about Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf). These are Scott Cawthon's news in 2018.

I più letti ultima settimana / Most read last 7 days launches a new contest for fans of graphics that use virtual worlds as an editor for their works: Virtual Diversity. Here how to apply.