Video games are just entertainment or can even be an intersting sector in which to invest? According to Degroof Petercam AM experts you can bet on it, as long as you draw a distinction between gaming and gambling...
Minecraft Microsoft cover

If it was not for thecurrent head of gaming, Phil Spencer, maybe Microsoft would have never bought Minecraft. Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Don Mattrick...

News coming with the latest Sansar release, while to worthily celebrate Halloween Linden Lab launched two other contests for builders and avatar props creators
Linden Lab invests on Second Life cover

Ebbe Altberg dispells fears that Sansar opening could prelude an abandon of Second Life by its creator. Linden Lab, instead, announced a set of new investments.
Fnaf 6 cover

The famous american horror-games developer gives up too much pressure, but he pointed out: I don't leave the development of other projects related to the series, from movie to books, to a VR chapter
Vive Standalone cover

Vive Standalone is not the VR viewer Htc pre-announced last year, but a new product specifically designed for the chinese market. Still unknown the selling price.
Middle Earth cover

Fans of Tolkien, at the San Diego Comic Con was shown the new trailer of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, dedicated to Shelob, mother of the great spiders, after the first, launched at the beginning of July and dedicated to orcs.

At Cinecittà World season 2017 opens with 3 new virtual reality attractions: a labyrinth haunted by skeletons, the war of worlds in VR and a virtual cruise really moved.
Atari Box cover

Atari, the most famous video games brand of Seventies and Eighties, just announced of wanting to come back to produce a console.

With a lot of delay compared to the initial forecasts, Sansar, the new Linden Lab's virtual world, should open this summer for the first creatives.

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Virtual Diversity

Deadline is approaching for the Virtual Diversity contest, organized by,, Museo del Metaverso, Diabolus Art and 2Lifecast...
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