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At Cinecittà World season 2017 opens with 3 new virtual reality attractions: a labyrinth haunted by skeletons, the war of worlds in VR and a virtual cruise really moved.
Atari Box cover

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Atari, the most famous video games brand of Seventies and Eighties, just announced of wanting to come back to produce a console.

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With a lot of delay compared to the initial forecasts, Sansar, the new Linden Lab's virtual world, should open this summer for the first creatives.

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DMG and Hasbro will open in Shanghai the first of a network of VR centers to offer immersive digital experiences based on the Transformers' universe.
Half Life 2 VR cover

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On Stream a modders group announced: “soon” it will be possible to play Half-Life 2 eand its two expansions even in VR, without additional costs.
Improbable SoftBank cover

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SoftBank is betting on virtual reality, leading a 502 million dollars funding round in the London-based startup Improbable Worlds.
Minecraft coding cover

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Minecraft is ready to launch Code Builder, to code inside the game, an Marketplace, to sell and buy content online.
Haptic VR cover

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To look, to hear, but even to touch: to capture players' imagination the new virtual reality games have to become increasingly more haptic too.
Makeblock technologtical toys - cover

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Incorporate always more engaging tech components in toys is one of 2017 top trends. It sounds great for Makeblock, startup which just raised 30 million dollars
Minecraft Pokemon cover

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Phoenix Project's team after two years and a half working succeeded in making a new Minecraft custom map devoted to Pokemons' world

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Facebook, Alphabet (the renaming of the holding company that controls Google), Sony, Microsoft: the list of global giants of the web and to consumer...
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