Minecraft Education Edition cover

Minecraft not just as a game but also as an educational tool:  MinecraftEdu, educational version of the Mojang game created by the Finnish indipendente...
Fabfree prudence rexroth cover

Fabolously Free in SL, or Fabfree in SL, the blog but even in world group and Flickr group created by Cherlindrea Lamont in September...
Miss Azul 2015 cover

Azul, Japanese virtual fashion brand created by Mami Jewell, is one of the best known and famous brand of Second Life, known for an...
Fashion SL cover

Always less talk, more and more facts, or if you prefer less texts and more pictures and videos. For everyone involved in the social...
love is in the air cover

We talk about sharing economy, network sharing and offline ideas can generate other ideas, of cultural contamination. Well, all this in Second Life is...
Belleza Dmca bis Cover

There are some unclear developments in the story of the complaint under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) against Belleza, famous brand of mesh avatas in Second Life.

Avatar designers and fashion content creators in general under spot in Second Life, where in recent months some skins and mesh bodies creators as WoWMeh...

If you remember some time ago I told you about Ydea, expressing my opinion on the work of Emy Burt, owner and designer of the brand, work that...
Ydea cover

There is a name that every fashionist in Second Life increasingly pronounce with admiration: Ydea. It's my fault if readers not have heard of it as they should have, because...

They have been in business since 2010, but few know about them in Italy: Kun Soup (skins designer in SL since 2009) and Niky Dorben (shapes designer and head of...

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virtual diversity

Double opening of the exhibition of the works created by the winner (Senban Babii) and the top twenty runners up of the contest Virtual Diversity...