dj marshmello on fortnite cover

Dj Marshmello, aka Christopher Comstock, American disc jockey and musician, held a concert on Fortnite Battle Royale followed by over 8 million people. The...

VRChat is by far the most widely used virtual reality platform. Even so, it does collect just a fraction of the daily users of Second Life...

Kingdom Hearts III is coming with some patches and a bundle with a dedicated edition of the PS4. From Christmas those who appreciate virtual reality also have an interactive video of 10 minutes available...

To pilot drones professionally in Italy you need to have a Remote pilot certificate (Rpc) or a pilot license, based on the weight of the drones themselves and the type of piloting...
realdoll stories cover

The success of dolls as RealDoll grows and are not only used for recreational activities for adults: some men and women choose them as life partners.
Pimax 8K VR cover

Pimax 8K and 5K Plus are coming to markets. Performance at the top of the range but not exactly cheap prices for Chinese VR viewers. Here are the technical specifications.
Sansar comedy live events

Sansar partnered with famous youtuber Steve Hofstetter to broadcast a new event series called “Comedy Gladiators: a Virtual Comedy Experience" so to try to monetize live events on VR platform.
Déraciné cover

Déraciné is the first virtual reality experience created by From Software, the studio behind notoriously punishing action role-playing games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But don't expect a Dark Souls in VR: it is not!